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  1. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help)
  2. Re: Club AI slight concern.... i have been a member of sm for over two years and a gold member for 1 and a half. i have 13 teams overall. now 12 of them i manage with around 30-40 players (mixture of high,med and low rated players) however my concern is my Barcelona.... this was the second team i ever got on sm and have been managing this team for just under 2 years, i manage this team differently to my others, i have gone for the star studded team, im not going to bore you with who but after two years of saving cash, buying cheap risers, and negotiating tough deals with other managers i have managed to aquire an amazing team, and to be honest im quite proud of it. it took two years work to make it the way it is and to keep it afloat i need to keep buying players that will rise in order to pay the wages. i have no problem with that after all its my own fault for collecting all these stars. however it does mean that i have a first team of 50-60 players and a youth team of also around 50-60 players. so are my two years of work about to go down the drain? i can understand why this is a good idea and i do believe it could be good longterm for so many game worlds. however im sure im prob not the only one in this position and i dont want it to happen as i will lose a team that took two years of hard work to build. also what would the rating be for players to believe they are good enougth for the first team?? 88? 90? 5 ratings below your top player?
  3. Re: player contracts ? absolutly!!! one of the best tips for any new or current members in the game is get any soon to be high rising players on a nice long contract before their ratings change!!! you will save literally thousands of pounds!!
  4. Re: player contracts ? is there a way to see how much a players wage will be before you offer them a contract? just wondered because when i recently had to renew sergio ramos's contract it shot from 40,000 a week to just over 100,000 a week (5 year contract) which was a bit of a shock. im not sure there is (might be missing something). this could be a good minor addition to the game as a team might not be able to afford big pay rises to certain players for a long contract. also just out of interest, for those of you who have messi, ronaldo, kaka ect what are their weekly wages?
  5. Re: Gold Championship Game World Economies two days ago chairman invested just over seven million, yesterday he took back 32 million. leaving just over 5 in the bank. cant buy players with that, dont have the players in my squad for any decent part exchanges any other manager might be interested in. guess thats game over and stuck at the bottom of the league or maybe middle of the table if im lucky for the next 5/6 seasons. great.... thanks sm. tempted to quit, might battle it out for the next while but dont seem that interested in my gold clubs anymore. struggled to sign any improvements to my squad before, defenitly wont be able to now. i feel they should have got rid of part exchanges for a while to help the cash prob.
  6. Re: Mario Balotelli way to high im afraid !!! however you are not barking up the wrong tree so to speak, he has been talked about alot on this forum over the last year or so and if you check what people have been writing about him then yes there is a possible shout at a 91/92 rating. just not this upcoming changes, maybe another year maybe more of playing first team football for inter and yes your prediction could come true. looks like a great player thou doesnt he!! glad i have him for a couple of teams. i have never really been that great at predicting rating changes but other threads have him down for rising by 1 maybe 2 this time if i recall correctly. could be wrong thou, i have been before.
  7. Re: players that score De Natale seems to score quite a few every season for one of my teams Benzema as well consistently for another in a third team of mine frei scored 26 in one season and recieved the smfa player of the year award! not bad for a someone whos rating is suposedly on the slide. outscored both my other strikers (93 +92 rated)
  8. Re: A good RM that will rise to 90 or 90+ according to some scouts and threads on this forum Maggio who plays for Napoli could be in line for a rise to 91 from 90.
  9. Re: Sell Lewandowski for 8 million? with all that talent in your squad you def dont need him anymore, a good cash maker so take the guys money it sounds like a good offer.
  10. Re: End of season money and transfers off the top of my head normally you will recieve the cash in the next couple of days after the season, then a few more for the chairmans input and the new season is normally about a week and a half after the last season finished, give or take a few days this info should be right.
  11. Re: 3-4-1-2 what positions are they ? not to throw a spanner in the works or anything but i actually play RB-----CB-----LB in this system. its worked great for me with two league and three cup wins in four seasons. so im not sure if it makes that much of a difference
  12. Re: Einstein Riddle- Try it! phew that took a fair while to get that, not sure if im right thou:o i will pm you so i dont ruin it for others if i am right.
  13. Re: SM crashing its happening again today, forum is fine but as soon as i try to log into some of my teams... bang !! everything closes down
  14. Re: SM crashing i also had this problem for a couple of hours this morning, seems fine now thou. strange....
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