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  1. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Anyone else noticed that players who have just risen have not had their values increased. I'd like to flog youth risers (Matip, Reinartz, Schmitz etc) so I can buy Italian and Spanish risers but they are still at their value before the rises. Hope this is fixed soon.
  2. Re: Navas, £20m? It would still be unwise to sell him. You may or may not have noticed but things such as long term injuries and sendings off occur in football. Now it may seem unlikely but I guarantee if you sell him you'll play a match or consecutive matches sometime soon and find Robben injured, Xavi will get sent off and David Villa will get that horrendous life threatening stubbed toe which will rule him out for all of 4 weeks!! Higuain will be moved up front, Iniesta plays midfield and Navas becomes a starter.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 31 discussion/match report's Werder Bremen celebrate Clean Sweep!! They are dancing on the streets of Werder tonight as Bremen completed a clean sweep of all available honours. A 1-0 win over Atletico Madrid in the Champs Cup Final followed earlier wins in the Charity Shield, German Shield, German Cup and German Division 1. All that remains is a win in next seasons Super Cup to complete the full set.
  4. Re: Outbid by bigger club!!!!!! I'd like to point out that my original post was for two instances where this happened on the same day and I only highlighted one. I was also outbid for a 90 rated striker (who would have become my second best striker), again bidding my chairmans maximum and was outbid by a bigger club who boasted 94, 93 and a younger 90 rated striker so effectively the player we bid on became his 4th choice striker. These are not isolated incidents either as this type of thing happens consistently. It was just that both happened at once and i kinda snapped - the straws that broke the camels back as it were - and had to have my say. I have still managed to improve my teams. Not a lot and the gap between my teams and the big clubs is ever widening to the point that if I play them in Champs Cup or whatever, they put out their reserves and STILL have a stronger side out that I have with my first team. When do you ever see Barcelona putting out their reserve side for a last 16 of the Champions League first leg tie? Never. As far as I am concerned I have had enough. This is a problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.
  5. Re: Outbid by bigger club!!!!!! Ok lets explain it in its most basic form. Club A (myself) has a midfield of 12 first team players, two of whom are rated 90 or over, the rest rated 87/88/89. Club B (big club) has a midfield of 14 first team players, eight of whom are 90 or over, 4 of those 93 or over. A player is in an unmanaged club, 89 rated 21 years old and the 7 day waiting period is over. Because of his age he would be Club A's 3rd best midfielder but a lowly 9th= for Club B. I bid the maximum allowed of £20.4 million and am outbid by Club B bidding £21.5 million. If the 200% of the players value to the team had been in place, I would have been able to bid £23.1 million to Club B's £17.6 million. Smaller clubs than mines could have outbid even me but of course they'd have to have the available transfer funds. Therefore the bigger club DID outbid me for a player they don't really need. I'm sure he'll get the odd sub appearance and cup appearance tho. What you think is already in place clearly isn't. And just to re-emphasise my point, within 24 hours the owner of Club B had arranged a part exchange of an 89 rated midfielder and an 88 rated midfielder for another 90 rated midfielder. Imagine my surprise. I am not surprised you disagree with some of the points I am making. If what I suggested was implemented it would surely have a negative effect on your own ability to build the impressive squads you already have in place. Alongside player concerns beggining to develop, you would not only have trouble holding onto the impressive youth squads you have, by being forced to sell some of them before they reached their true potential, but you would find it a lot more difficult to acquire other players from clubs despite having mega millions gained from selling youth risers. However, I can only see positives were this to be introduced. Smaller clubs would be able to outbid the mega-rich clubs for any gems available in unmanaged clubs. For those mega-rich clubs, money would therefore become more valuable than players as they will have more difficulty getting the players and stockpiling them. The gap between the huge clubs and smaller clubs would stop getting bigger and bigger and maybe eventually Spartak Moscow would stop winning everything in GC 1.
  6. Re: Outbid by bigger club!!!!!! Whilst I appreciate you taking the time to analyse the posts to date I don't think you are grasping my point at all. While player concerns has been introduced it is not dealing with player hogging one iota. These bigger clubs are buying these players because they can bid more for them. They will then use this player plus an aging but still highly rated player from their squad to part exchange for a variety of younger players that they want. All they have to do is wait on the transfer ban ending, a mere two months. I've had players in teams who haven't seen the bench on my teams never mind actually play and after four months they are only at level one concern. No matter how much player concerns are speeded up there is no way a player bought is gonna have a level 5 concern by the time his transfer ban is up, ever. So here is my suggestion. Continue with the chairman capping transfer bids but they have to be more realistic in regard to the value of that player to the team. If the bidding clubs chairman values a player at say £10 million then cap it so that club cannot bid more than 200% of that value i.e £20 million. A smaller clubs chairman may value the player at £15 million so that club could bid £30 million. In my opinion this'd stop bigger clubs buying players just because they can, with no intention of ever playing them, and using them as currency once their transfer ban is up. It could also bring about a more realistic transfer market, and increase the value of money as if you look at ANY transfer market in ANY GC nobody sells top players for cash- they are ALL P/E. And guess who is going to get those top rated P/E players in the future. Yup, the big clubs who are stockpiling players because they have higher revenue streams.
  7. Re: Outbid by bigger club!!!!!! Here is my suggestion: Now I'm all for youth development and some of the bigger clubs have huge numbers of youths either out on loan or in youth development programmes. Clubs can bid whatever they like for any player aged 21 and under as they will be considered youths, players for the future. Anyone over 21 years of age will be deemed a first team player, and bigger clubs who's first team average is higher than an available player will have a lower chairmans cap to buy said player than a team who's first team average is the same, and considerably lower if the first team average of the buying club is less. This is irrespective of the transfer funds available. This would certainly make the game more realistic and further stop player hogging, which altho "players concerns" is supposedly tackling, isn't exactly making much of an impact. I personally don't see how something like this couldn't be implemented. I AM in the right thread here. This is suggestions and improvements isn't it? SM are trying to make this game more realistic aren't they? Mr Adamski was quick to jump on my original post but has been strangely quiet of late. Surely he doesn't player hog? Perhaps he has clubs who have mega-millions through buying and selling youth risers and is against my idea. I just think it would level the playing field for your average SM player who wants to improve his mid-table side but can't cos he keeps getting outbid by the rich clubs for players they don't actually need and I'm sure others do too, particularily in GC's.
  8. Re: Outbid by bigger club!!!!!! Well cheers for considering my viewpoint that it is totally unrealistic. Ok, I may have exaggerated with the 40-50 89+ rated players but even 30+ is a joke when you look at real life clubs on the database and i can name plenty of clubs with 30 89 rated players. I can just see multi-millionaire Mr. Roman Abramovich of Chelski endorsing a bid of £25 million for an 89 rated midfielder which his team clearly doesn't need. I thought the whole point of SM game development was to make this game as realistic as they can. Oh, and sell some players to raise money? You are having a laugh. Cash means nothing in this game unless you have players, as a managed team wants part exchange to let anyone go usually. If I can't buy players from the unmanaged teams my team stagnates. I had £33 million in the transfer kitty and was after an £11m player. I bid £20.4 million to be outbid by a European Giant who don't need the player bidding £22m. Its kinda like Real Madrid buying Leon Osman just because they can. He'll never play but might be useful to part exchange in a few months. Becuase big clubs do that in real life all the time - buy half decent players just because they can to part exchange later on.........NOT! It needs sorted out.
  9. Re: Outbid by bigger club!!!!!! I'm not interested in how much cash the clubs have. The whole point in a chairman capping transfer bids has to be based on the players value to that team. If their first team average is 92 or 93 and the player available is 89 their top transfer bid should be capped low regardless of the transfer funds available. If my first team average is 88 I should be able to bid far more for that player than they can, regardless of how much money I have. Big teams will always have Champs Cup games, go further in domestic cups etc so will usually have more funds available but if they are allowed to use that to snap up every available half decent player the smaller clubs don't have a chance. For example Man Utd in real life has a decent sized first team, maybe 30 players. Big teams on SM in Gold Championships can have 40-50 89 rated or above players in their squad because of this chairmans capping rubbish if they have plenty of cash. Totally unrealistic and totally unfair. Basically a joke.
  10. Having just waited the 7 day waiting period for two players from different clubs, I finally had the chance to put in bids for both players. I bid the maximum my chairman would let me bid based on, I assumed, the players value to my team. So not only was I cheesed off to learn that I was outbid on both players, but that I was outbid by BIGGER clubs. Both were allowed by their respective chairmen to bid higher amounts than my chairman would allow despite their value to those teams being significantly less. Surely the whole point of chairmen capping your bid should be based on those players value to your team. Its difficult enough to get a good team in a Gold Championship but becomes a bit of a joke when those same good teams can outbid you and snap up all the available good players. What chance do you have when they can outbid you? SM need to do something about this sharpish. Those players will barely get a game for the teams who bought them and both would have been regulars in my team. Its nothing short of a joke!
  11. Re: 10... Overrated 90 and above players Was interested in this thread when I saw the name but so far only two names on the list, neither of whom are overrated IMO and neither of whom will drop when they are next re-rated. True, Clichy hasn't regained his form since his injury but with Arsenal challenging for both EPL and CL a drop is highly unlikely. The same can be said for Schweinsteiger and even more incredibly he has been linked with a summer move to Chelsea. I can only assume Abramovich read this thread, hoped the prediction of a drop on SM came true and thought he could buy him on the cheap. Maybe he's not as rich as we all thought........
  12. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 I'm currently looking for a good defender and good GK for my Hartlepool team and had earmarked Benedict Howedes as a probable riser to 89 and Neuer as possible 91. But I see you don't even have Howedes down as a possible riser altho you do have Neuer. Wondered if there is any reason for this since Howedes have been an almost ever present this season. You have Mats Hummels down for a +1 to 88 for Dortmund altho hes played less games and Dortmund are further off the pace than Schalke. I already have Matip and Schmitz so can only buy one more Schalke player this season and can't decide between Howedes or Neuer but if you tell me there is NO CHANCE of Howedes rising then I'll buy Neuer.
  13. Re: Player Concerns It will. I have a 100 player squad with a good few youths having had rises. I had around 20 youths demanding wage increases and I gave them all the increases - my wage bill is over £2 million a turn now so I'll lose £1m+ home games and £1.5m+ away games. It all mounts up. Will have to sell players eventually.
  14. Re: Player Concerns I understand that point of it - eventually the player will have to offer wage increases or sell the players. Increased wages means the manager will eventually go into debt and be forced to sell players just to make ends meet. Refusal to meet wage demands means the players will eventually go onto transfer market independant of the managers wishes. Squad numbers will hve to be reduced in the long run. The transfer thing is really bugging me now. I listed a big portion of my squad beggining of last week when their bans ran out and sold around half. Bought a good few risers with the cash. I still have a quarter my squad sitting on the transfer list and have had no bids since last saturday. Its an English Championship so I'd expect one or two bids a day as there are plenty of big external clubs. Nothing for almost 6 days now sucks. It corresponds with this player concern thing really starting in most setups so its clearly is the cause as external transfer bids were pretty regular before.
  15. Re: Player Concerns Now 5 days and counting without a single transfer bid on any player in this setups transfer list. A bit cheesed off now as I'm gonna miss the Portuguese risers and if this continues gonna miss the Italian and Spanish ones too.
  16. Re: Player Concerns I share Biscuits problems. I am finding 75-80 rated youths concerned over the lack of games. My reserve team average is 91 so they aren't even going to get to shine the boots of my reserve team I'm waiting to see just how concerned they get. I've also encountered another problem tho. In an EC I am playing I have around 15 youth risers on the transfer list which I am waiting to sell so I can buy reinforcements. I have had a few player concerns in this EC but no bids for 3 days. Now people might say just wait and you'll get bids. No my problem is there has been no bid for anyone in this EC's entire transfer list for the last 3 days since this player concern thing has kicked in. And in the 11 clubs I own I've only had one bid in any setup despite having over 50 players listed throughout. Clearly the widespread implementation of thos player concern thing is affecting the transfer bids from external clubs.
  17. Re: Blocked deals? I am having similar problems. I made a bid for Pablo Hernandez. It was rejected but the guy bid Pablo Hernandez plus cash for Royston Drenthe I accepted but the SMFA blocked the deal. I have no idea why. I don't know the guy. It also happened in another setup when I was selling a youth. Man City, owned by a guy who comes from Belgium, kept bidding about a million more than external clubs were offering but when I accepted the SMFA blocked that deal too. Whats going on?
  18. Re: club messages Forbes didn't rise today, maybe tomorrow - they hardly done any changes and didn't get much further than the Hearts team. If you click on squad your green bits come up the side so you can see transfer list etc but its kinda pointless without the club messages - I can't even remember who I'm bidding for and don't know if I have any counter offers for bids or anything. Hope they get it fixed soon.
  19. Re: How to Avoid Chairman Rejection Its pretty much obsolete now.
  20. Re: GK help I don't like that deal. Everyone seems to be tipping Asenjo for a rise to 89 but I can't see it. Atletico have been pants this season, are in the relegation zone in Spain and have big financial troubles so likely to sell a player or players in the January transfer window. I can see them climbing out of the bottom 3 but they'll toil to get top half of the table. Asenjo is more likely to stay come the Spanish ratings. Wouldn't surprise me if David De Gea got a few more games. I'd have kept Doni or swapped him for someone else.
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'd say Bruno Alves will stay at 92. He should get a 93 but probably won't. You should def buy Pique first. I'd bet my left leg he gets a 92 come the Spanish ratings. I'd have bet my right leg but I lost it saying Misimovic was a certainty to get 91. So if Pique doesn't get a 92 it'll be the last time I argue about ratings cos I won't have a leg to stand on.... Cheap way to get legless tho.
  22. Re: In need of a striker in for a rise Soares Welliton 89 - 90 Scoring goals for fun for Spartak Moscow (20 goals this season) If you are in a World Championship Spartak are an external club so if no-one has him you could swap unwanted players for him.
  23. Re: Need a Rising keeper from 89 I've noticed in a lot of setups Cedric Carrasso seems to be available. He's 88 rated but is now Bordeaux's No 1 keeper and they aren't doing too badly being top in France and in last 16 of CL. Rise to 89 shortly with 90 a probability by the end of the season.
  24. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Its a possibility altho I may just like really short haircuts and have some blue dye......... TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!!!
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