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  1. @Kev They do not show up in my history . And i Looked everywhere. If would appreciate if you could help out.
  2. Hi @Kev Thank you but I no longer see those GWs in my tabs.
  3. Back in 2012 and 2015 I had a gameworld I created, used and, I guess, left for one reason or another. I'd like to know if it's possible to enter back into a custom gameworld as I have lost the Game IDs. I know where it is. I am currently logged into the profile whose history shows its existence... but now sure how to proceed. Can anyone help? Maybe SM Devs -- please? :-)
  4. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Jesus ... has no ever heard of AD BLOCKER?? I mean seriously. I use it ALL the time. For SM, the ads screen appears like 2 seconds and viola. Done.
  5. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? NO. DON'T REPORT A BUG. Why? They won't respond. I've had a bug opened since Feb 22... and no one from SM has replied.
  6. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? Ignoring ze troll
  7. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? Here's realism for you: injury-prone stars. I got Ronaldo (98) and in the first game he gets injured for... 7 weeks. I love you SoccerManager Oh.... and this. I played against an unmanaged Greece
  8. Re: League Cup and League Shield Help.. anyone? My league shield has no fixtures while my league cup does.
  9. Re: Custom Game World: New Features Creating custom game world was one of the biggest pains in the neck ever. it's 2013 and SM is STILL using reloads? They need to use AJAX. First of all, when selected teams for each division of the league. You need to do some things. 1. Sort teams by continent, then by country within said continent and then by leagues and teams. Make everything alphabetical so it's easier to search. 2. There's no need to reload. It's 2013. We use AJAX now. Instead of reloading the page EVERYTIME to show the drop-down box AND then ADDING the club to the slot? No. It should be one smooth action 3. Possibly just adding a search for team and then adding to slot would be easier than drop down or as a notehr adddition. Those are my suggestions.
  10. Hello, I 've been keeping an eye on this fellow in the K-League. REcently, he won KLeague MVP and broke most goals in season record in S. Korea. Won golden boot twice in a row and Best FW in KLeague XI. Do you think his rating will go up? Also... he seems to be very clincal for me. He always seems to get either a goal or an assist.
  11. I can't find that in the help topic so I was wondering. How are those filled up? My league cup is filled but no information for the league shield. My world has 5 divs with 16 teams that play 30 league matches a season... help?
  12. Re: SMFA Cup and Shield - how to qualify? Help? Anyone?
  13. Re: SMFA Cup and Shield - how to qualify? OK, let's say I have a custome world... 5 divisions.. 16 teams ... 30 games each. How much will I need? and let's say I'm in Div 5... I go to Div 1... can I go from competeting in SMFA Shield to SMFA Cup?
  14. How do teams get put in the SMFA Cup and Shield? What is the criteria required to enter?
  15. Re: How about making a realistic game engine ? I don't know guys... my realstic game engine looks pretty legit to me.
  16. Re: Add/Remove Unmanaged Clubs from Custom Game Worlds Of course, with this... you would have to add/remove divisions accordingly... but what do you guys think?
  17. I forgot to put some great teams to my custom world and I'd rather not leave that gameworld and go start a new one because it's be a hassle. I was hoping that at the end of every season, you'd have the option (as game admin) to be able to add new clubs (IF you remove unmanaged clubs)... It would be great. What do you think?
  18. I hate lumping all of my players in the full squad... Make a reserve squad to put players who aren't ready to play full games. Would be really nice and easier to organize...
  19. Re: "This bid has collapsed as the SMFA has blocked the deal." What a bummer.... thanks.
  20. My brother is trying to buy off me Diego Lugano worth 8.8m at least and at most 23m. He puts in a bid for 12m and its blocked. Why? It's not over 23m... help?
  21. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread The newspaper view is always at 0. The newspaper needs more characters than just 2000.
  22. Re: I did not know CPUs could fix matches! But seriously Yeah, I know now about the formations. Ha. Thanks.
  23. Re: I did not know CPUs could fix matches! But seriously It couldn't have been physical condition because it was a FRIENDLY. Anyway' date=' here's what I used: [img']http://i.imgur.com/2mr29.png[/img]
  24. I see that you can win against a better team and earn 5 points. How does SoccerManager determine if your team is better than the team your facing or vice-versa? Thanks.
  25. I see on Average Manager Points parts of profile that it's as high as 6.0. I thought you could only earn as much as 3 points per win. How does this Manager Points sytem work?
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