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  1. Re: New player positions! While I find the new player position notation a reasonable update, I would just very much like to know what in the hell is the point of changing a player (i.e., Gonzalo Castro, Ignazio Abate, Rafael) from D®, M® to D, DM, M® if you an't even put the player in the DM positions? Seriously, I can see the potential of the new notation, but it feels like SM views the change as merely cosmetic rather than helpful in making player positions more realistic. And with regards to those players who have qualms about Gareth Bale being played on the right wing, then don't play him there if you think he's not supposed to; a manager chooses where to put a player and no one else. I had Riccardo Montolivo play CB a couple of times and was pleasantly surprised to see that he put in a couple of decent performances in a position where the indicator was red. The point is, bale has the capability of playing on the right, as he has shown on multiple occasions during last season, and I can't see why some people can't accept him playing there.
  2. Re: Player Fitness The fitness projection is so you can choose a ready match fit squad for the next game without logging in before the match to check their fitness. It's very helpful.
  3. Re: Player Fitness The match fitness displayed in the tactics page displays the fitness of the players on the day of the next match itself. Like if a player has 80% fitness on the squad page and the next match is 2 days later, the match fitness shown on the tactics page is around 90% or above.
  4. Re: Numbers i very much agree with this post and all other threads advocating the addition of squad numbers. It would make the game more appealing because there's an added sense of control over your club, and the idea of assigning squad numbers is a great way of doing so. It's a customization option that doesn't really require too much change in the game's engine and quite simply is something that i think most if not all of the SM managers want. Been waiting for it for quite some time now, but sadly, i've been resigned to listing my squad numbers on my phone's note pad just for when this feature (hopefully soon) comes out.
  5. Re: liccle suggestions.. All excellent ideas. I agree with the newspaper suggestion because right now, none of the gameworlds i'm in even post articles, so it becomes more of a wasted feature in SM. Hopefully, all of this would be implemented as i believe it will definitely improve the SM experience. Might i suggest that you repost your suggestions in the Minor Improvements thread?
  6. Re: Graphics Request Thread If anyone has the time, i was just wondering if i could get a sig done for my Liverpool squad in EC 6910. It doesn't have to be too fancy, just 3 players, Daniele De Rossi, Mesut Ozil, and Adriano, in Liverpool shirts, with the name of the game world and a background of Anfield. And there could be a first XI squad list on the bottom border that says the following: 1. Valdes 2. Johnson 21. Adriano 14. Mascherano 3. Thiago Silva 4. De Rossi 10. Ozil 31. Schweinsteiger 20. Higuain 33. Gomez 7. Robinho Thanks in advance!
  7. Re: NEW Custom Gameworld: Football Legends I think Lev Yashin deserves a higher rating than 96, probably 98 or 99, as he is considered to be the greatest goalkeeper of the past century, and he has also innovated the playstyle of a keeper since his time, such as starting the trend of punching the ball away if there was no chance of catching it, goalkeeper sweeping, etc. Plus he's saved 150 penalties, which is obviously more than any other keeper in history.
  8. Re: NEW Custom Gameworld: Football Legends Might i suggest that the ages of those still-active legends be adjusted so that their ages would have the same age differences in real life, i.e. Clint Dempsey, who is only a year younger than Landon Donovan, yet Donovan is two years younger than Dempsey in the database. It would improve the experience of having a group of still-active legends in your squad because it would be like they were playing together in their younger years.
  9. Re: NEW Custom Gameworld: Football Legends I do believe Cruyff should be a 99. His play style revolutionized the game and his legendary skill speaks for itself. I was looking for the other De boer as well, and Jorge Campos, the Mexican Gk/Fwd. Campos was a unique player, and I think he deserves his place as a legend, not just because of his role as an excellent emergency striker, but also because he was a very skilled goalkeeper despite his apparent height 'disadvantage'. Also, props to the guys who worked on the database because they didn't overlook my countryman, Paulinho Alcantara, The Net Breaker. )
  10. Re: Assists and Goals It doesn't annoy me at all; that's the reason i made him take set pieces in the first place. I was pointing out the flaw, same with you. Simple.
  11. Imo, SM should credit assists in the match reports, because it would be better to see who assisted who, and because the system has a flaw. In my Tottenham squad, my GK, Claudio Bravo, takes all my set pieces, so I was overjoyed to see that he provided 4 assists. But when i checked the match commentary, none of the goals my players scored came from set pieces at all. Their goals required the provider to be in the final third of the pitch, and obviously, a keeper wouldn't run all the way up to do a job that 10 other players could do. Same goes for another previous game of mine where Bravo gave 3 assists; none from set pieces. SM should really take a look at this and rethink the goals-assists system. It would make the experience much more enjoyable. On a side note, Bravo also scored a goal for me, but it didn't come from a set piece either.
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