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  1. Re: The Random Thread Not going to lie. I still can't see the tomato. Has anybody seen this yet? It could've been put up already but I've only just come back. If so I apologise. http://vimeo.com/92846254
  2. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Nah. To be honest I've been a strict career mode player on FIFA 14 as nobody was ever playing so I got bored playing on my own. I could do I suppose but I'd rather get into playing again first before wasting coinage.
  3. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread As a DM I'm 76. I've always been a striker in previous FIFA's but every man and his dog want to be strikers these days even if they aren't good at being a striker. You?
  4. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Tell me about it. Or own goal idiots. I had it last night. I played CDM and absolutely bossed this midget ST and I must've tackled him around 10 times during the match I was half expecting a private message saying he'd fornicated my mum or something. Love playing clubs, hate playing online team play.
  5. Re: FIFA 14 Official Thread Hey guys just out of interest does anybody play Pro clubs on the PS4? I play the online team play but to be fair it should be called "online follow the ball around the pitch play".
  6. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) 3 of my favourite songs right now. eFrH-WXs-yI 8tv-e9DJqK4 WEmqMD-DBk0
  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread I haven't rated him since he joined way back yesteryear. To me Matic or Luiz do a better job and I just think he's a waste of wages. The next Makelele he was meant to be. I think Makelele at his age now could still play better than what Mikel can.
  8. Re: Any metalheads on the forum? IF YOU'RE A METAL FAN YOU'LL ENJOY THIS SONG HyTzHotDeNs If you're not a fan of Maiden, then you are not worthy.
  9. Re: Any metalheads on the forum? I have to say I think Mastodon's Hunter Album blitz's their others out of the water. wBIDmUoTYqQ vlI6MmguswM Two of my favourite bands right now
  10. Re: Right now i'm listening to... (no football themed songs) Great band not heard them in a while though. Loved Welcome Home and A Favour House Atlantic uJbrTgUL0Dk For Black Ops II!
  11. Re: New setup- Battle Of The Tribes WOAH WOAH WOAH KIRBS. Where's my invite?
  12. Re: Fifa 13 sm team well I'm usually on every weeknight between 5-11pm BST. EDIT: are you Thepotters mate?
  13. Re: Fifa 13 sm team it appears the team never play :/ or always play at early morning times which I can't do
  14. Re: Fifa 13 sm team Whenever mate my rating is 78 :/
  15. Re: Fifa 13 sm team Add me anyway MercuryTalons
  16. Re: Grand theft auto V :eek: watched it twice through. Looks outstanding :eek:
  17. Re: Family Guy Online trying to think of a Family Guy based username right now.
  18. Re: Fifa 13 sm team Oi oi is anyone still interested in this? I was a Club player on FIFA 12 and had an impressive scoring rate and assist rate I play ST, RW, CB, WB?
  19. Re: DAiS Genesis [DAiS Invitationals] That made me chuckle.
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