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    Baseball Furie reacted to fraser mcinnes in Rep points???   
    Re: Rep points???
    user has a history of red cards and violent behaviour -999999
    user has a habit of scoring own goals and putting his team in trouble -50
    user is too inconsistent and not a team player -10
    user hasn't established himself in the first team squad yet 0
    user is a handy alternative to have off the bench 10
    user is beginning to become a first team regular 50
    user is now a starter for the first team and is respected by his teammates 150
    user is now a consistently good performer for his team 250
    user is a vital cog of the team and has gained his teammates respect 350
    user is the main player for set pieces in the team and welcomes the added responsibility 450
    user is the teams captain and penalty taker. trusted by all his teammates 550
    user has progressed to become an important player in his national team as well as his club side 650
    user has been the target of numerous multi-million pound transfer bids such is his high profile in football 1000
    user is widely recognised as one of the best players in the world at this time 1500
    user has gained the title of legend not only for his team but for his country as well 2000
    just a quick go at it. i'm sure we can do better though...
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    Re: Gold Championship 7

    I'm Counting On Molineux Lot.

    Ipswich travel the long distance from Tractor Territory to the mists of the West Midlands tonight.
    New boy Dario Passoni will start tonight behind James Beattie and Dean Ashton in the Center of midfield. Beattie and Ashton, whom both grabbed goals in their debut games will partner up again for tonights game at the Molineux.

    Ipswich need a win today to get there Campaign off to a good start with already a draw under their belt against Stoke City. Manager Sam Wainwright claimed: "It will be tough tonight out there, but I've asked the lads to put on their best feet and get out there and stuff them 4 or 5-0 and from what i've seen in training, their capable of it because their fitness levels are absolutely stunning for lads of their age."

    According to Ipswich assistant manager Gianfranco Zola, Westerlo Left Back Nico Van Kerckhoven is expected to join Ipswich Town within the next 48 hours. Assitant Manager Gianfranco Zola claimed: "We are expected to complete the signing of Van Kerckhoven within the next couple days with Nico taking a medical tommorow morning."
    AEK Athens have still not replyed to Ipswich Manager Sam Wainwright, with his proposed bid for defender Raymond Victoria for around £2,000,000. Ipswich Spokesman Nigel Spackman told SMSport: "The interest in Raymond hasn't had a response in a while. We have spoke with his agent about the move and his agent seems tempted aswell as the player, but upon not hearing from AEK, we may be forced to withdraw the bid."
    Reports say Darren Currie could be on his way out of the club. Suggestions show Lokomotiv Moscow made an initial bid for the player followed by a bid by Blackpool. Reserves coach Dennis Wise said: "Darren has been looking at iinitial bids and was keen on the move to Lokomotiv, but the manager withdrew the bid."
    Ipswich Town player Wolverhampton Wanderers in a Youth league match last night where Ipswich turned out 4-1 winners. Niguez Aaron bagged a Hat Trick with George Boyd adding to the collection before the 90th minute. Wainwright's Youth manager Kerry Dixon said: "We were already looking towards putting Aaron into the first team and i'm sure this will give the Gaffer a better look on Aaron and hope he does make the team."

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    Re: Gold Championship 7
    Serie A Match Preview's

    Palermo Vs Parma -
    Palermo's new signing Ricardo Nunez will look to add to his debut game goal last week with another tonight, although this time it will hopefully inspire the team to victory after losing 4-3 previously.
    Parma will look new signings tonight after there 3-1 loss against Torino last week. Parma are contender's for relegation and tonight's doesnt look like it will provide any suprises.
    Prediction - Palermo 2-0 Parma
    Torino Vs Sampdoria -
    Torino will look to build on last week's success against Parma, but face tough opposition Sampdoria in tonight's fixture. New signing Dario Simic will bolster the defence and hope to get off to a winning start at his new club.
    Sampdoria have shown that they are hoping for a top 5 finish this year after manager Oscar Finn pulled off a great draw against Roma just one week ago. No new signings this week as Oscar looks to build on what he has.
    Prediction Torino 1-3 Sampdoria
    Roma Vs Livorno -
    Dan's Roma have parted with fan favourite Mancini during the week but have welcomed Trezeguet to partner Totti for tonights match in attack. Roma had a 1-1 draw with Sampdoria last week where as Livorno shocked Juve in a 2-1 win and Dan will be taking no risk's tonight.
    Livorno have now found themselves a new manager in Vibeke Putte and will hope he can continue the giant killing's of Juve last week at Roma tonight. Still no replacement for Amelia though as he will be facing his old club tonight.
    Prediction Roma 3-0 Livorno
    Juventus Vs Inter -
    The game of the evening in Serie A is Juve Vs Inter. Juve boss Antony will hope to please the board by bouncing back from his team's 2-1 defeat to Livorno last week. New signings Gabriel Milito and Salihamidzic will hope to help their team into winning ways.
    Inter have still not made to many big signings this season, after veteran Ayala became Inter's biggest signing so far. Inter won 1-0 last week and will hope to use Livorno's tactics to overcome Juve tonight.
    Prediction Juventus 2-2 Inter
    Geona Vs Atalanta -
    Still unmanaged Geona will hope to attract a new manager tonight with a win over Atalanta who were thrashed 6-2 by Milan last week.
    Atalanta should look to bounce back from a terrible performance against Milan in their previous fixture. New signing Fatih will hope to make an impact.
    Prediction Geona 0-0 Atalanta
    Milan Vs Empoli -
    A transfer mad Milan will hope to continue on there terrific performance against Atalanta last week with another win tonight and hope to gain an advantage over rivals in the league.
    Empoli who were victims to Tony's Udinese last week will hope to scrounge points from a well performing Milan tonight.
    Prediction Milan 3-0 Empoli
    Udinese Vs Fiorentina -
    Another big fixture tonight see's Udinese host Fiorentina. Tony's Udinese who have raided the transfer market so far this season will hope to out play a Fiorentina tonight who are currently 2nd in the league.
    Fiorentina have still not made any moves in the transfer market so far and even without the likes of Luca Toni in attack, will look to score highly again after a 3-1 win last week over Reggina.
    Prediction Udinese 1-1 Fiorentina
    Reggina Vs Catania -
    A battle of the unmanaged tonight see's Reggina play host to Catania.
    Reggina will look to attract a manager with their 1st win of the season tonight after a 3-1 loss to Fiorentina
    Catania will soon have a manager if they continue with their winning ways again after their 1-0 win over Siena last week.
    Prediction Reggina 0-2 Catania
    Siena Vs Cagliari -
    Another battle of unmanaged teams tonight see's Siena hopeing to please fans with a win tonight over a team who are in dispair after losing top player Suazo to Inter earlier in the window.
    Cagliari have money to spend and this is how they are trying to bring in a new boss as they hope to win tonight in a game that looks like it has 'boring' written all over it!
    Prediction Siena 0-0 Cagliari
    Lazio Vs Napoli -
    Lazio boss Sir Matt Busby will hope another win tonight will please the fans after selling fan favourite Ledesma to Juventus last week and is now forcing key player Rocchi out of the club.
    Napoli have spent wisely so far this season and another win tonight will please the fan's greatly. Napoli came into this season as relegation contenders and a shock win tonight will probably see them become mid table contenders.
    Prediction Lazio 2-2 Napoli
    Bit shaby reports but not too much to comment on in Serie A just yet!
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    Re: Gold Championship 7

    Ipswich Town have invested in 18 new signings this season, costing just under £14,000,000. However the Yocal outfit are still trying to offload some of there unwanted talent, with such players as Dean Bowditch and Darren Currie already falling of the Tractor of Favouritism.
    This week Ipswich have expressed interest in more players. A deal was trying to be decided by Everton and Ipswich for the Contract of Allesandro Pistone, but talks fell through after the Everton manager upped the price. Sam Wainwright claimed: "He upped the bid to 5 million, which i'm not willing to pay, he might aswell stand in front of me and say 'stand and deliver'." Everton Manager Bryan No idea had this to say: "If he doesn't want Pistone, then thats his problem, i never liked him anyway, he drank his tea funny."
    Ipswich and Everton have also started negotiation talks with Goodison veteran Alan Stubbs. The initial bid at the moment stands at around £750,000.

    Stubbs...Wanted man
    Ipswich have also been chasing Navdeep Sandhu's AEK Athens player Raymond Victoria for a fee around £2,000,000. Navdeep said: "We are in talks with Ipswich on a possible transfer but i cannot tell you anymore than that at the moment because that is all we have for the moment."
    Aswell as Athens and Everton, Ipswich are also chasing VfB Stuttgart defender Silvio Meißner. Meißner is currently for sale around the £1,000,000. Wainwright claimed: "Meißner would be a great addition at the back to link with Hunel and would be his ideal partner in the back 4."

    Next Fixture
    Wolves are up next and Wainwright recons they can defeat the outfit from the Molineux saying: "they are a strong team but Dean and James performing well last week and i hope they can do it again."
    Predicted Score:
    Wolves 1-2 Ipswich

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    Baseball Furie reacted to Dexterbrazil in Memorable Quotes you remember on SM   
    Re: Memorable Quotes you remember on SM
    Some nice guy: Where do you live?
    Yuri: Brazil...
    Some nice guy: AH! In the jungle?
    Yuri: Yes, as most brazilians do.
    Guy: Kwl, do you have a computer at your house?
    Yuri: No... we can't bring them to the top of the trees, they're too heavy, so we leave them on our backyard. You know, just like you do with your brain..
    Ahh...the lovely chatroom, so many good moments..
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    Baseball Furie reacted to тσм_мғϲ in Gold Championship 7   
    Re: Gold Championship 7
    Hello and here is a run through of the main english happenings from Matchday 1 of Gold Championship 7. From Arsenal to Bristol, Henry to Mcleod you'll know first here!
    So we'll start off at Saint Jame's Park where fellow forumer Danny Williams and his New Newcastle meet up against Leigh's Chelsea. We'll hand you over to the match analysers.
    Newcastle Utd 0-0 Chelsea - HT
    No Goalscorers
    Newcastle Utd 3-1 Chelsea - FT
    Referee: Miguel Costa
    Match Attendence: (52,187)
    A game with a poor first half only ended with a fireworks display of goals in the last 45 minuits. Its a day for debuts for either side, this could only mean goals and huge dramatic action.
    NUFC Scorers:
    Chelsea Scorers:
    Michael Ballack (82)

    Mark Viduka (50)
    Kieron Dyer (55)
    Mark Viduka (83)
    MOM: Michael Owen
    Next we'll see how another great Forum Derby got on at the Riverside Stadium where Tom Greenfield and Bryan Adamson meet up as managers, not for the first time in their lives, Gold Championship Analysers report:
    Middlesbrough 2 - 3 Everton
    Referee: Franco Milanese
    Attendence: (34,337)
    This game was a game with alot of reasons for a classic, Forum Derby, Spectacular signings from either teams, evenly matched recently years on Real Life football too.
    MFC Scorers:
    EFC Scorers:
    Michael Arteta (2), Andy johnson (64,89)

    Aiyegbini Yakubu ( 43)
    George Boateng ( 48)
    Next we'll go to the South Coast where its Ledgend Neller's New Liverpool who are known to be chasing the title this season seriously, Portsmouth stand first in their way, Gold Championship Analysers report:
    Portsmouth 3-1 Liverpool
    Referee: Paulo Miguel
    Attendence: 19,770
    Portsmouth provided the world with a shock when they finalized a win against Neller's Liverpool. Is this really affordable if they want to win the title?
    Pompey Scorers:
    LFC Scorers:
    J.Mascherano (4)

    Cacho (12),(23)
    D.Traore (50)
    Another ledgend known as Cally Linfield nowerdays takes his new Fulham up against Manchester City at the City of Manchester Stadium. We Report:
    Manchester City 2-0 Fulham
    Referee: Juan Riviera
    Attendence: 47,394
    City produced another amazing and probably most enthatic shock the GC7 will ever see for a while. Cally just lost concentration here or a genuine defeat?!
    City Scorers:
    FFC Scorers:
    No Scorer:

    Tavano (66)
    Marioni (79)
    Other Premiership Scores:
    Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Bolton Wanderes
    Arsenal 2-1 Blackburn
    Wigan 2-0 Aston Villa
    West Ham Utd 3-1 Manchester Utd.
    Reading 2-0 Sunderland
    Birmingham 1-1 Derby County
    A game with 4 goals in total shared equally 2 each to give each team 1 point in the final outcome. Sam wainwright may be dissapointed after signign some rather good names in the last week.
    Score of the week comes from The Withdean Stadium as Brighton hammerd Gold Championship Newcommers Dagenahm & Redbridge 12 goals to nothing!
    Well thats our show this week, hope you enjoyed it, be back next time for more drama and shocks we hope

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    Re: Memorable Quotes you remember on SM
    Originally posted by Waseman
    What are you talking about cheating is good.I'm talking about match-fixing.
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    Re: Glory Supporters
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    Re: Weather!!
    Weather's been a bit of a Liquorice Allsorts here in Bristol today, one minute the sun's out, the next minute we get a heavy burst of rain! Outside my house, whenever it rains hard, we get a huge puddle outside the gate which wouldn't look too bad as a replacement for a lake
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    Baseball Furie got a reaction from Shelbourne FC in Memorable Quotes you remember on SM   
    theres a lot of fantastic Quotes i remember on the forum, chatroom and the game etc.
    i just thought it'd be nice to go over them again
    "My Cat Just F.a.r.t.e.d and it Stinks!"
    Said by Fraser McInnes months and months ago.
    Me: "What Did you get for your Birthday?"
    Lee: "A couple of Pies and a Piepod."
    Alan Neller (Senior) :gave me something to do while calming down over all my teams losses tonight.
    Fraser: yeah right. you're not fooling anyone you know. top of the league in world4 div2. 100% record so far. i'm on to you.
    have to keep an eye on the nellers they're sneaky!
    Perry: The most exciting thing that happened at Villa Park last season was when Doug Ellis scratched his arse!
    Cally: and Martin O'Neill fell out.
    anyone else got any memorable quotes?
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    Re: Gold Championship 7

    Evolution at Mestalla; An ambitious signal of intent:

    New Valencia manager Ash Thompson addressed the media earlier today for the first time since taking over at Estadio Mestalla. Speaking on SMRadio, the Englishman braved a barrage of angry Valencia supporters upset that Thompson has ‘forced’ a collection of homegrown talents and fan favorites to leave the Spanish giants over the course of the last seven days. It’s Thompson’s first week in the hot seat at Mestalla but he already finds himself under vast pressure. Several Valencia fans vented their frustration during a live radio phone in declaring their disgust that David Villa (Barcelona), David Silva (Benfica), Rodriguez Vicente (Barcelona), Sanchez Joaquin (Milan), Roberto Angulo (Internazionale), Carlos Marchena (Milan) and the legendary Roberto Ayala (Internazionale) would be plying their trade away from the Costa del Azaharbased club.

    A fond farewell; David Villa headlines the Valencia exodus.

    Thompson explained to listeners that the club was in a state of evolution and asked for patience from the Valencia faithful. The young manager boldly expressed his determination to break Real Madrids & Barcelona’s stranglehold on the La Liga title and stated that major surgery was required at the club to enable him to do that. Stamping his authority on the club, Thompson has brought four players into the club this week; Ronaldinho (Barcelona), Andrea Pirlo (Milan), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Internazionale) and Sabrosa Simao (Benfica).
    All four players made their Valencia debuts last night in Valencia’s 3-0 victory in a friendly against Sir Bobo’s Benfica.

    Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho excites under pressure Thompson.

    Thompson briefly spoke to SMNews shortly after the phone in; “I’m absolutely delighted to be here at Valencia, its been a busy week and I can understand that a proportion of our fans are sad to see the back of so many of their favorite players but sacrifices needed to be made to take the club forward.”
    “I’m sure that the fans will get behind the new lads and show them the same level of support, we have managed to secure four world class talents this week, we will be moving to a fantastic stadium in a couple of seasons time and we are going into this seasons La Liga with a real chance of competing with Barca and Real… our fans have a lot to be positive about and as a club, we all need to be unified and moving in the right direction.”
    “We have one of the most talented squads in the world and we will be adding it to, we will particularly be looking to add some youngsters to the squad who will undoubtedly become Valencia stars in the coming years. I want us to play football the way that the game is supposed to be played and this weeks ‘flair’ signings… particularly Ronaldinho and Simao, will get the fans both excited & proud again.”
    Thompson refused to comment when asked if further players would be leaving Mestalla. Montana Jorge Lopez, Cerra, Antonio Amarilla and Antonio Gavilan are said to be available and club sources have stated that Emiliano Moretti, David Albelda and David Navarro may be leaving the club in the coming days in exchange deals.

    Nou Mestalla - All change at Valencia. Valencia will be moving into their new stadium in 2009.

    Edu (VFB Stuttgart), Miguel Hugo Viana (Reading), Mario Regueiro (Gimnastic), Franceso Tavano (Manchester City), Miguel Pallardo (Sheffield United), Niguez Aaron (Ipswich), Javi Guerra (Free), Vicente Romero (Free) and Juan Mora (Free) have all also been deemed surplus to requirements and been shown the exit door at Valencia this week.
    Valencia go into tonight’s home game as clear favorites taking on relegation contenders Almería.

    Likely lineup:
    G: Canizares
    RB: Miguel
    LB: Del Horno
    CB: Albiol
    CB: Moretti
    CM/DM: Albelda ©
    CM/DM: Pirlo
    LAM/W: Ronaldino
    RAM/W: Simao
    CF: Ibrahimozic
    CF: Morientes
    Good luck to everyone!
    (Ran out of time to do a forum newcomer post, apologise and will get around to it after the games!)

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    Re: Gold Championship 7
    Col mate how much you want for Micah Richards?
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    Re: Rep points???
    Here is some more info:
    Register Date Factor
    For every 365 days, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
    Post Count Factor
    For every 1000 posts, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
    Reputation Point Factor
    For every 100 points of reputation, users gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
    So, for instance, I have a rep power of 7. This is built up from me having less than 6000 posts (5000-5999 gives me 5 points of reputation altering power) plus me having joined the forum just over 2 years ago (730-1094 days gives me 2 points of reputation altering power). So when I give a positive response to a post i add 7 rep points to the user in question.
    I currently have 12 rep points. This is 10 as we all start with, plus 2 points from the users who have given me positive comments twice (both had a rep altering power of 1, as opposed to my 7 as above).
    When I reach 50 rep points, the message you get when hovering over the green rep icon will change.
    Minimum Post Count
    How many posts must a user have before his reputation hits count on others? - 50
    Minimum Reputation Count
    How much reputation must a user have before his reputation hits count on others? - 10
    Daily Reputation Clicks Limit
    How many reputation clicks can a user give over each 24 hour period? Administrators are exempt from this limit. -20
    Reputation User Spread
    How many different users must you give reputation to before you can hit the same person again? Administrators are exempt from this limit. -10Hopefully that speaks for itself. Hitting just refers to the act of giving reputation, not violence.
    I can change any of the numbers above, just give me good reason to and I shall.
    As for why and when you should leave feedback, it is really down to you. I would suggest just giving positive feedback if you agree with what has been said or think the user has made a good point, or just feel it is a high quality post.
    I would leave negative sparingly and only if you disagree/think they have made a poor case, and refrain from leaving any if you are not really bothered. It should NOT be used to grade people on whether they have posted in the right place etc.
    I can delete feedback and I believe people should be able to see the feedback they have received, so if any is left unjustly it can be removed. If people are offensive with negative feedback they won't be leaving more once I hear of it.
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    Re: The Leamington Invitational Official Thread
    Glory showed their fans that they mean business this season. Pushing for promotion and 5 points clear of Forest Green.

    Perth's Bobby Despotovski didn't hang around, after two minutes into the game as Despotovski curled a wonder ball into the net from 25 yards out. Perth didn't slow down either, 10 minutes later Stan Lazaridis thumped a shot from 20 yards out under the keeper. 4 minutes later Glory went 3 up with a stunning diving header from Bobby Despotovski earnt him his second goal and Perth's third. Just under half an hour later, Archie Thompson, the divisions top scorer gets on the end of a wonder cross by Despotovski which earned Thompson his 13th goal of the season. 3 Minutes later, Jamie Harwell Slammed a stunning volley into the top of the net from 40 yards out and is a contender for goal of the season no doubt.
    Half time: 5-0
    Second half was a complete stalemate until 10 minutes before the end where Mark Boyd who was clearly offside, gave Southport a consolation goal. Referee after the game admitted looking at the VT's that he made a mistake and Boyd was offside.
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