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  1. Re: Viva Milan! Seems like you're doing a good job there mate... Since you have lots of money you could try and get a higher rated forward for your team. Since you do have young good prospects but you could use a 93+ striker, two of them would be great for your team. Getting Gilla seems the surest 93 of the strikers you're looking to get. Amauri is injured now and didn't score for 2 month now, kind of lost his form and i think he'll stay. Vagner Love does score a lot be he does it in Russia where the only player to get 93 that i know of is Arshavin and i don't think that SM is ready to r
  2. Re: Pato vs Aguero If Aguero is to drop one than Rooney is to drop at least 2. And let me know how can you say the difference from being "in form" and "out of form" , is just 1 goal ?! Cause that's the difference from "in form" Pato and "out of form" Aguero.. But the funny thing is that if Aguero scores a hat trick next match everyone will start beggin for a 95 )) I didn't want to admit it but this forum starts to look like what it really is, a bunch of kids given their honest opinions on everything.. nothing wrong with that, but still just a bunch of kids.. you really can't expect many th
  3. Re: Sergio aguero You must be talking about Forlan here, if you did watch at least 3 Atletico games.
  4. Re: Higuain??? Definetly! Lavezzi has almost no chance of rising now at Napoli as they are really poor this season and from how things are standing they won't even play in Uefa cup next season, and he only scored 7 goals, far from the form he was last season. I didn't know you had him in your team, would've suggested the swap from the begining. Good luck!
  5. Re: Higuain??? Since you can only afford one of them the choice is clear: Chiellini. He'll hit 93 in a few time and he'll have a larger impact on your team since he'll start in your team whether you're playing 3 at the back or change your tactic and play 4 defenders, since he's CB/LB and can use him on the sides with Westermann. Higuain would be a good buy too, but he won't start in your team anyway since you have Anelka and Kanoute( BTW don't swap him for Higuain, he's being great this season and will keep his 94 for a long time). Also Higuain faces some competition now since Huntelaar
  6. Re: Top ten players to own before rating changes There's no chance in hell that Ibra will go down.
  7. Re: Italian rating predictions (continued) Chivu has 13 appearences in Serie A ( only 1 as a sub ) 2 appearences in Coppa Italia ( 1 as a sub ) 2 appearences in Champions League --------------------------------------------- Thats 17 appearences, and only due to injury he hasn't played more than that since he is preffered by Mourinho to start ahead of his other teammates who play in the same position. Keeping this in mind i would say that 93/92 is more likely than 92.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I do use the guardian' date=' but for me it's one of the most inaccurate sites. Trust me i do watch almost all La Liga matches and most of the stats on the guardian have nothing to do with the reallity. I only use the Guardian for leagues from Argentina and Brazil, which are also out of date or just inaccurate. Edit: You can also double check with the team's official site... [url']http://www.villarrealcf.es/[/url] This way you can find out by yourself which site is more accurate.. only problem is that you need to understand spanish for this one..
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Here you could try and use this site for stats http://eurosport.yahoo.com/football/villareal-cf/ not all of them are accurate, but the ones from Premier League and La Liga are, at least untill now...
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