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  1. Re: Viva Milan!

    Seems like you're doing a good job there mate... Since you have lots of money you could try and get a higher rated forward for your team. Since you do have young good prospects but you could use a 93+ striker, two of them would be great for your team.

    Getting Gilla seems the surest 93 of the strikers you're looking to get.

    Amauri is injured now and didn't score for 2 month now, kind of lost his form and i think he'll stay.

    Vagner Love does score a lot be he does it in Russia where the only player to get 93 that i know of is Arshavin and i don't think that SM is ready to raise him at the same level, maybe if they were still in the UEFA cup fixtures but now, i would say not likely..

    I would also swap Flamini + cash for another for another 93+ CM , i know they're hard to find, but with a good amount of cash next to Flamini you should have a fair chance.

    Good luck!

  2. Re: Pato vs Aguero

    If Aguero is to drop one than Rooney is to drop at least 2.

    And let me know how can you say the difference from being "in form" and "out of form" , is just 1 goal ?! Cause that's the difference from "in form" Pato and "out of form" Aguero..

    But the funny thing is that if Aguero scores a hat trick next match everyone will start beggin for a 95 :)))

    I didn't want to admit it but this forum starts to look like what it really is, a bunch of kids given their honest opinions on everything.. nothing wrong with that, but still just a bunch of kids.. you really can't expect many things to make sense here.

  3. Re: Sergio aguero

    Will he drop.

    Form has been patchy this season compared to last. Took him 3 months to get his first goal in 2009' date=' and was dropped by maradona for argentinas game against bolivia on wednesday.

    I know he is young but is he really 94?[/quote']

    He can't drop. Scoring 13 goals and assisting 6 is far from a bad performance, although not as good as last season, but you can't really blame him since the entire Atletico aren't doing so good lately.

    And not playing in the game against Bolivia last Wednesday really can't be considered a bad thing... there are lots of Argentineans who wish they wouldn't have played that game... after all he did score a fine goal and assisted another in their saturday game with Argentina.

  4. Re: Higuain???

    As someone suggested before should I swap Lavezzi+Cash for Higuain?

    Definetly! Lavezzi has almost no chance of rising now at Napoli as they are really poor this season and from how things are standing they won't even play in Uefa cup next season, and he only scored 7 goals, far from the form he was last season. I didn't know you had him in your team, would've suggested the swap from the begining.

    Good luck!

  5. Re: Higuain???

    There is so much hype about this player that I don't want to miss out on him but is it worth me signing him for 17 Million when I already have: Nasri' date='Gourcuff,Robben,Anelka,Kanoute and Huntelaar?


    Should I sign Chiellini for 21 Million because CB is my weakest in depth position beacuse I only have: Gallas.Chivu and Westermann.

    I can only sign one of these.


    Replies won't go unoticed;)

    Since you can only afford one of them the choice is clear: Chiellini.

    He'll hit 93 in a few time and he'll have a larger impact on your team since he'll start in your team whether you're playing 3 at the back or change your tactic and play 4 defenders, since he's CB/LB and can use him on the sides with Westermann.

    Higuain would be a good buy too, but he won't start in your team anyway since you have Anelka and Kanoute( BTW don't swap him for Higuain, he's being great this season and will keep his 94 for a long time). Also Higuain faces some competition now since Huntelaar arrived and been scoring goals like crazy.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Old post' date=' but anyway. I think the Villarreal site contains Champs League stats as well? Anyway, Guardian now has the same as the Villarreal site (goal wise) so probably then it was updating 'cause they take 24 hours to do it. I would just like to point out that Guardian 99% of the time is correct IMO. In Guardian we trust. ;)[/quote']

    I can't believe you're still thinking of this debate... :)

    Ok to clear it once and for all...

    Villarreal's site does not contain Champs League stats as well...

    There have been 28 stages in La Liga so far, right?

    Let's take for example Diego Lopez (GK) who started all the games for Villarreal in La Liga. His stats on Villarreal’s site are exactly 28 games played out of 28 stages in La Liga, so they don't include the 7 games started/played in Champs League so far. Now i'm sure you'll agree that this will apply on all Villarreal's players not only for the GK ( CL games not being included in stats).

    So Cazorla has also 28 games played out of 28 stages in La Liga, on Villarreal's site, but on The Guardian he is listed with only 24 starts and 3 subs, which only totals 27 games which as you can see is inaccurate. However on eurosport site http://eurosport.yahoo.com/football/villareal-cf/squad.html he is listed with 28 games played 26 of which being starts, which makes more sense when comparing with the stats on the team's official site.

    Now i'm sure that there are loads of errors on eurosport's site as well but i just proved you an error on The Guardian's site and you can't deny that there must be many other errors out there which makes you're 99% accuracy seem a little Sci-Fi...

    You can trust whoever you want, i only trust the team's official site, it involves a lot more work when searching details about players but it's the safest way not to get wrong.

    GL and HF!

  7. Re: Italian rating predictions (continued)

    Chivu Has had Only 14 Starts & 2 Sub Appearences In All Competitions This Season.

    Chivu has

    13 appearences in Serie A ( only 1 as a sub )

    2 appearences in Coppa Italia ( 1 as a sub )

    2 appearences in Champions League


    Thats 17 appearences, and only due to injury he hasn't played more than that since he is preffered by Mourinho to start ahead of his other teammates who play in the same position. Keeping this in mind i would say that 93/92 is more likely than 92.

  8. Re: Ezequiel Garay

    garay is a great defense' date=' on the future, yes, but this season, he is injuried and now isnt on the "Match day squad" of Racing Santander, and deserves to have 90 now.

    I would not be surprised if he is on "Match day squad" on RealMadrid[/quote']

    That's nonsense! I saw him play against Valencia last sunday and also in there 5-0 win against Numancia the other week. His back from injury for a long time now, so you better check the things you say and stop misleading people on the forum.

  9. Re: Ezequiel Garay

    Ibisevic will miss the rest of the season through injury' date=' yet you expect him too keep his 88 rating when the Bundesliga starts next season? :confused:[/quote']

    Yeah i expect him to keep his rating if he gets back from injury and shows good perfomance in a few games by then.

    Let me ask you a question now, how many games did Van Nisterlrooy missed and how many rating points did he dropped in the last rating changes? Even now people say that it's arguable that he'll drop a point, and you're trying to tell me that Garay will drop to 90 because of missing a few games due to injury, when he returned for some time now and is back playing the same football he did before ?

  10. Re: Ezequiel Garay

    Ezequiel GARAY - Racing Santander

    Season Stats

    Starts - 18 out of a possible 28.

    Subs - 0

    Season Minutes - 1565 (2nd most minuted defender behind Ivan Marcano)

    Goals - 1

    Yellows/Reds - 3/1

    Overall' date=' those stats, playing for a mid-tabled Spanish side would warrant a 90 rating, although, ive seen him play a few times and he is solid at the back and one of the best CB's ive seen out of the Prem, hence being why i rate him so highly.

    He is on loan from Santander from Real Madrid for the remainder of the season, and i doubt that being extended in the summer as for one, he would make the cut at Real Madrid already, and he can learn from Cannavaro/Salgado. And i feel he would of wanted more minutes at Santander.

    I think Soccermanager will be harsh and drop him too a 90, which will be a shame as Garay is a future 92+ for definite, but basing on his future playing time, he could easily be a 94.[/quote']

    He won't drop. The games he missed were due to injury, and now that he is back there's no reason for him to decrease since he'll start all Racing games untill the spanish changes.

  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Thats where you get your stats from then? I would rather trust the site I use http://touchline.onthespot.co.uk/guardian/StatsCentre.asp?Lang=0&CTID=6&CPID=10&pStr=Team_Stats&TEID=323... always accurate for me. B)

    I do use the guardian' date=' but for me it's one of the most inaccurate sites. Trust me i do watch almost all La Liga matches and most of the stats on the guardian have nothing to do with the reallity.

    I only use the Guardian for leagues from Argentina and Brazil, which are also out of date or just inaccurate.

    Edit: You can also double check with the team's official site... [url']http://www.villarrealcf.es/[/url]

    This way you can find out by yourself which site is more accurate.. only problem is that you need to understand spanish for this one..

  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Mine are just league stats. While yours are all games I think? Probably ESPN ones?

    Edit - I don't think he will rise to 93 as he hasn't been on the form he has while getting his 92. Although I guess Rossi could have a shot at 92 as well...

    You guess wrong. They are only league stats, not from espn.

    He played in all league matches for Villarreal, and i happen to watch all of them.

    He has a chance for 93.

  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Rossi - 19 games' date=' 12 goals - Rise to 91

    Carloza - 23 games, 7 goals - Stay at 92[/quote']

    In fact Cazorla ( not Carloza ) has 8 goals and 5 assists in 28 games, just scored one goal and created another in last night match against Bilbao.

    He has a chance to 93, speacilly if Villarreal makes a good run in the CL quarter-finals.

  14. Re: Spanish Ratings

    dont think yaya will rise - i think he shares a fair amount of playing time with keita and they'll both probably stay on 92 but marquez should definitely rise IMO - back to his best form when he was a 94

    Yaya shares a fair amount of playing time with Keita ?!Well let's see...

    Yaya played 1596 minutes for Barca in the league

    Keita played 978 minutes for Barca, so Toure for 93 and Keita sit at 92.

  15. Re: Who will rise/drop?

    That De rossi dropping is complete nonsene mate, so don't worry about it.

    Veloso maybe could be in danger... but anyhow you have a really strong team with almost all positions covered.

    However i don't see any secondary GK, maybe you have one anyway but if not you should grab one soon.

    Also it looks like you could use another striker, in case one of them suffers a long time injury.

  16. Re: Gnégnéri Yaya Toure

    He played 19 times in the league, 17 of which were starts, scoring 2 goals and 1 assist.

    Also played 5 times in champions league and 5 times in the spanish cup.

    Keita played 18 times in the league, only 11 of which were starts.

    If any is going to rise to 93, it's gonna be Toure.

  17. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    NO' date='DON'T DO THE DEAL! You can't lose Dzagoev. He's very talented player and this deal wont go through if you accept it coz Fabiano current rating is higher than Gilardino[/quote']

    Yeah that's what i was thinking... my chairman values Fabiano at 14M and Gila at 12... hope Fabiano wont go down in the next rating changes...

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