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  1. Re: Wayne Rooney (With Poll)
  2. Re: Rooney For Aguero Well if you would've been offered that deal in the real world... any club would take it with their eyes closed... But since we're playing on SM, you better not, Rooney will keep his 96 even if he stops scoring for 8 months, because of his workrate, pace you see... he puts so much effort struggling to be a world class striker that he... oh hell,i'm sure there are dozens of users who will explain it to you, as i don't have a clue why... But one thing is sure, DON'T SELL HIM!
  3. Re: Best young midfielders choice... I can only go for one of them and will have to involve Veloso moving the other way.
  4. Re: Best young midfielders choice... Well none of them will make it to the first team and will be mostly used on cup games, so i'm interested in the one that will rise the most, not necessarily the fastest. Thanks
  5. I have MIGUEL VELOSO in my team, 22 years old 91 rated DM, i'm sure the majority of the users knows him well. I noticed his stats aren't that good for Sporting and was thinking that he could face a drop and his future stop seeming so bright. So i was thinking of trading him for one of this other midfielders: John Obi Mikel - 21 years old, 91 rated CM/DM Marek Hamsik - 21 years old, 90 rated CM Sulley Ali Muntari - 24 years old, 91 rated CM Which do you think would be the best option from the one's above, or would it be better to keep Veloso ? Thanks!
  6. Re: Wayne Rooney (With Poll)
  7. Re: Wayne Rooney (With Poll) I don't want to argue on Rooney's rating because it's pointless since this is a british site... I would only say that if this game was made by the italiens, spanish, french, germans , brazilians or whatever, Rooney would be rated 94 and the majority of the users wouldn't see anything wrong with that as they don't do here.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have the opportunity to buy Giovinco for around 10 M. He would only be kept as a prospect, wouldn't appear in any of my starting line-ups unless he reaches 90. Would you do it ?
  9. Re: Player's position in new tactic... Will try that, i have a friendly tonight so i'll play both Aguero and Diego for the first half and then change to Vucinic - Higuain in the second half... hopefully will see which combination suits the formation better. Thanks
  10. I know there was a thread about player's position in different formation but i can't find it anywhere.. should have been "sticky"-ed... OK, so since the new tactics and engine "improvement" the formation and tactics that i used doesn't work for me anymore so change is needed it, therefore i decided to go with the 3-2-2-2-1 formation. Here's my team: Goalkeepers: FREY, Sebastien 92 STEKELENBURG, Maarten 91 (loaned out) ROMERO, Sergio 87 Defenders LUCIO, Ferreira 94 SQUILLACI, Sébastien 92 BRUNO ALVES, Eduardo 92 CHIELLINI, Giorgio 92 GARAY, Ezequiel 91 GAMBERINI, Alessandro 91 SKRTEL, Martin 91 ( loaned out ) *Also Henrique and Marcellis (to young for first team) loaned out Midfielders TOULALAN, Jeremy 93 YAYA TOURE, Gnégnéri 92 MIGUEL VELOSO, Luís 91 DE ROSSI, Daniele 94 DE JONG, Nigel 91 DIEGO, Ribas 94 HERNANES, Anderson 90 ( loaned out ) GOURCUFF, Yoann 89 ( "considered" as loaned out ) Wide Midfielders MAXI RODRIGUEZ, Pablo 93 SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian 92 SIMAO, Sabrosa 93 SANTI CAZORLA, González 92 GUARDADO, Andrés ( loaned out ) *Also some other to young for first team midfielders loaned out or to youth squad Forwards AGUERO, Sergio 94 LUIS FABIANO, Clemente 93 VUCINIC, Mirko 91 HIGUAIN, Gonzalo 90 PATO, Alexandre 90 ( loaned out ) I decided to line the following 3-2-2-2-1 for the next match: ---------------------Frey------------------- ----Bruno Alves------Lucio--------Chiellini--- -------------Toulalan-----De Rossi----------- -Maxi---------------------------------Simao- -------------Diego--------Aguero------------ -----------------Luis Fabiano---------------- I guess the positions are right, except the last 2 from the formation, Aguero and Diego, where i don't know what kind ofplayer would play better, a F or a AM... From what i guess Aguero should play ok there but i don't know about Diego.. he's AM/CM...
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Mate i don't think you're that good at math.. cause it doesn't makes sense and you used this kind of "description of the deal" before... What you wrote there suggests that some one offered you for all your Maxi, Cannavaro and Akinfeev 40 Million which cannot happen... Maybe you were thinking of saying that someone offered you for Maxi 40 M, Cannavaro and Akinfeev, which would mean Maxi = Cannavaro + Akinfeev + 40 M , which would be a good deal with little hope of going through.
  12. Re: Problem with New Tactics? Same thing happened to me last night.. Viatri was suspended so i replaced him with Gutierrez in my "match day squad", also without changing any other match instructions.. so as my side was losing in the 75th minute Viatri came in although he was suspended and even though my squad lost 2:0 Viatri was considered the "man of the match" and got an 8.. )))))
  13. Re: New Arsenal team - almost unlimited potential for signings - help! I said future 97, not that he'll get 97 in the next rating changes, in fact if you look above your post you'll see that i said no rating change for him this season, but if you can't read that's not my problem. He'll get 97 and will do that easely, it's just a matter of time. He's only 20 and needs some maturity in his game and a move to bigger club, unless Atletico develops into one. Have you ever thought Torres could get a 97 while he was at Atletico? Of course not, but now 97 is just 1 rating point away.
  14. Re: New Arsenal team - almost unlimited potential for signings - help!
  15. Re: New Arsenal team - almost unlimited potential for signings - help! Sorry.. i thought you said that only Messi and Ronaldinho were taken from the world class players, that's why i mentiond eto'o to you, thought you missed him.. So no it's not worth trading fabregas for Aguero as you only have 2 really good CM's and one AM. Depending on the system you'ld be playing, i'd say that you really are covered, if you managed to get Ribery.. and Robben would be a good buy for the other wing. What i suggest you to get is a good DM in case you'ld want to change your tactic, and the best choice would be Marcos Senna, he's 94 and really cheap, about 8-9 million. Also if you only have Forlan, Van Persie and Arshavin as strikers you could think of getting another cheap one as cover and for your cup games, in case you sold Bendtner as i think you would've mentioned Adebayor if you'ld still have him... so if you still have the cash or Bendner, you could try and get Higuain..
  16. Re: New Arsenal team - almost unlimited potential for signings - help! Well this season no, but future 97 for sure. Go for Eto'o for now, and try swaping some players for Aguero too.
  17. Re: New Arsenal team - almost unlimited potential for signings - help! Aguero and Ribery should be on the head of your list.
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Would it be a good idea to trade GAMBERINI for WESTERMANN ? If Gamberini has a good chance of hitting 92, i would not.. in fact i'm thinking of exchanging him only because i had to renew his contract and now his the best paid player in my team, costs me even more than Aguero.. that's silly, i don't know why they implemented this ridicoulos feature.. they could've made their contracts to increase with 5, maybe 10% when you renew it, not 50%!!! Anyway.. what would you do ?
  19. Re: Andres Iniesta: 96 at last? Sparky i must disagree with you.. Spain is not and never has been the best national team in the world.. They won the Euro's yes, but that doesn't make them the best in the world, aren't you forgetting two of the most important if not the most important national teams in the world.. Argentina and Brazil ? Their number 1 ranking in the fifa charts doesn’t tell the entire story, as the two above mentioned national teams cannot participate to the euros and they were the ones holding number 1 and 2 rankings before it. If Spain manages to hold on to its ranking after the world cup than yes, they're the best but until then, they're only the best in europe, not in the world. Ohh and it would be nice to see a Brazil-Spain match at the world cup to see Iniesta - Diego face to face .
  20. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction Great thread and your predictions seem to be spot on, amazingly unbiased although i see you're a Real fan. I would only disagree regarding on Yaya Toure, i think he'll rise to 93, the only midfielder with more game time and making better impression than him is Xavi, and his from another "class". Rep for you mate.
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... What do you think about VELOSO + LULINHA for MIKEL then ? I'm thinking that VELOSO may drop so i want to sell him for another midfield.
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Please help, i don't know what to do.. should i buy John Obi MIKEL for Luís MIGUEL VELOSO and Mario BALOTELLI ? Thanks!
  23. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is MUTU + LUCHO to much for VAN DER VAART ? My other forwards are Aguero,Higuain,Pato and Luis Fabiano and Van der vaart would replace Lucho in the midle. Thanks
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