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  1. Re: Néstor Vicente VIDRIO Any news on Vidrio? I have him for some time now and i'm thinking of letting him go.
  2. Re: Goalkeepers' Ratings Predictions How about FREY? Is 92 the highest he can get ?
  3. Ok this is my first suggestion, so i hope i'll do it right... Well we all know about the SMFA player awards after a season is completed ( player of the year and Golden boot ). I only heard of it last season when one of my strikers won the Golden boot, which really didn't mean anything... Problem is that this award only manifests by sending a message in your inbox and that's it, doesn't really matter for anything. My suggestion is that a message like the one mentioned above should be sent to all the teams in the respective division (" Arsenal's striker Van Persie won the the Golden Boot award with 24 goals ! " or something), this way the award will have a meaning as it might attract other managers to buy your striker, and help you get a good deal for him that will help your team in the next season. Or you can keep him and wait for the right time to sell him, or not sell him , more like in real life. And this could be used in all the divisons where i bet it would be of much help for the managers of small teams, if they get one of this awards for one of their players, his value could increase and really help their team by selling him for a good deal, or by just keeping him in their teams. Thanks! PS- Maybe something like a small value increase could be used , like a +500K to the player value, for each SMFA award received, but this could be complicated... Only just by sending the SMFA message to all the managers could proove to be a great improvement.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm getting GUARDADO for ALEX souza + 11 M, i'm thinking it's pretty good deal, is it ?
  5. Re: Wayne Rooney is overated! Yeah Rooney is so great, so full of talent that there are so many clubs interested in him and willing to spend all their money on him... hmm which are those ? None ?!? Yeah, nobody wants Rooney in real life, cause in real life his rating isn't made by an english football site and everybody knows his overrated ! So no point of arguing here, make him a 99 why should we care, cause in real life nobody would choose Rooney instead of Aguero, Benzema and many others of their age.
  6. Re: Clemente LUIS FABIANO Yeah, really proves you're a little intrigued kid who has Luis Fabiano in at least on of his teams, probably paid a quite large transfer fee for him and now he didn't rise ... what to do ? Make a thread and send a ticket !! Yeah i've seen it all before... There are lots of other greatly under-rated strikers on the database, i'm sure there are loads of managers who has them in their teams and hoping for a right rating change, yet they don't make threads for each of them and send support tickets. Grow up,will you ?!
  7. Re: sergio aguerowa Jesus.. can't even spell his name, how can you expect him to find a thread about him, unless someone else named him "aguerowa" or "agueros" ...
  8. Re: Maicon and Balottelli for Lahm? His chances to reach 95 are about 0.01% ,94 sure he does have a very good chance. I would take the deal.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks, Theo will be then!
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Who would you choose between Andrés GUARDADO and Theo WALCOTT. None would be a starter for my team, as i only need a back-up, as i already have Maxi and Simao for my usual team and Schweinsteiger- Cazorla for the cup games. But if one of them gets injured i would be in trouble. Thanks
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I made an offer For Ibrahimovic of MUTU + LUCIO + some cash. Do you think it's a good deal, i ussualy play 3 CB's at the back, Lucio along Bruno Alves and Squillaci and i could replace him with Chiellini, who i understand is about to rise in a the next few weeks. Other fowards i have , Aguero, Luis Fabiano , Pato and Adriano.Thanks Edit: Nevermind that, the manager said that he will only accept money for Ibra , will i be so lucky ? i definetly hope so
  12. Re: Spanish Ratings No disrespect Philippe Nguyen, but worst predictions seen in long time ...
  13. Re: Lucio for Chivu ? Merci frate, cacam-as in forumu' lor
  14. Re: Lucio for Chivu ? Anyone ? the offer just got accepted.
  15. Who would you choose? I've got Lucio and been offered cash for him but i countered with Chivu, i'm not sure though that i want to do the deal. Lucio is already 94 and nobody can threat his place at Bayern while Chivu is 93 and lots of players are fighting for his position. Not that much age difference, one is 30 the other 28 ... I need opinions, thanks !
  16. Re: OMG! Arghh! This Game Doesn't Make Sense!
  17. Re: OMG! Arghh! This Game Doesn't Make Sense!
  18. Re: OMG! Arghh! This Game Doesn't Make Sense!
  19. Re: OMG! Arghh! This Game Doesn't Make Sense! Well there are things that i don't understand either, such as a manager who is on top in division 2, plays 3-4-2-1 with the 1 being a DM ( Sergey GURENKO 36 old, 89 rated ) for 2 straight games, the first one he won 3-0 GURENKO receiving an 8 , and the second one last night he won with 1-0, goal scored by GURENKO who also was the man of the match . Explain that please !!!! A DM playing as a CF and being the man of the match !!! edit: forgot to mention that he received only a 9 last match, incredibly he can't get a 10
  20. Re: Chiellini deal Thanks, i have pretty good team so i'm only trying to improve a few positions, but i can't do that with money alone so i need some P/E too. Thanks again.
  21. Re: Chiellini deal Nobody ?!?
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