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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings Still no increase for Yaya Toure ?! I thought he was going to rise without any doubt...
  2. Re: Luis Fabiano The worst rating change ? you must be joking
  3. Re: TomOwen's Italian Rating Changes-Full Report Chivu has a shoulder injury and he will have to suffer an operation because of that. He should have made that operation almost 2 month ago, but Inter officials told him to delay it as much as he can because they had many injuries at their team, specially at the back line. But the operation must be made and there is a great chance that he will make it after Seria A season end's which means he will miss the EURO's. So for now he will stay but he will eventually decrease after he makes that operation which will keep him from the field for about 4 month.
  4. Re: Benzema Overrated Yeah it's true that was his worst season, although started well but there is no player in this world who has not experienced a bad season, or a quite long bad form. Also i remember , Maradona being tested positive in the same way as Mutu was and no one would rate him lower for that as we all know his skills and value so it should be the same for him too, as he proved his class already.
  5. Re: Really strange results !! OK after tonight's results I'm thinking seriously to give my team to another user and stop playing on this site again. There is no fun here anymore, every time i log in i get annoyed, i don't know what they did to the match engine but there really can be no joy in playing this game anymore. My tonight's cup game ( after a series of unrealistic results ) : I play 5-3-2 with normal tactics, fast tempo and counter attack, with rating average of 91 . All my players are 100% match fit except my left win back at 85%. Great morale for everybody. My opposition , plays 3-4-1-2 , with attacking mentality, down both flanks , fast tempo, offside , target man and playmaker , with rating average of 89, none of his players at full match fitness apart from the GK, the rest are around 85 or so. The game: From the first minute, one of his middle players gets a red card, so he played the entire game 3-3-1-2 against 5-3-2 ( sweeper ). The result 4-2 for him! So i lost against a 10 man, much lower fitness per total, lower average rated team with 4-2 at home. Now you tell me how entertaining and fun is that ? I play this game to relax, but in the last 5 weeks i only get upset after i log in on SM, this is more like a joke of a football manager game that it pretends to be. Why should i continue playing this annoying game ? That's a question that went a few times thru my head this week.
  6. Re: Benzema Overrated What?? Do you even watch Ligue 1 games ? Clearly you have no idea about french football' date=' and i'm surprized that no one has contradicted you ( i would expect that from the english fans but not from the others ). How can you compare SPL with french football, there is no comparison at all. SPL only has Celtic and Rangers, if you would know just a little bit of french football you would've known that quality teams in french ligue 1 are Marseille, Bordeaux, Nancy , Monaco apart from Lyon. Paris SG used to be a strong side also but they now are in danger to be relagated and that's a [b']80 million budget team[/b]. How many 80 million budget teams are there in the SPL ? None? In Ligue 1 they invest great amount of money in football and if you're only talking from SM ratings it's clearly that you have no idea about french football. To even compare SPL with Ligue 1 it's a joke, but to say that SPL is better it's beyond laughable. This comparison can only be made by an english,scotish,irish,welsh fan and would be regarded as bad joke on any other forum ( without a 80% english majority ).
  7. Slim_bk13


    Re: Transfers Same problem in my setup too. And i bet that tonight's results will be submited tomorrow, if we're lucky.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Wrong. An AM can only play to his full potential in a AM position ( which is in front of the center midfielders), the only players that can play anywhere in the midfield are "M", the highest rated is Simone Barone (90). I played Ashavin and Montenegro in midfield positions and got an average of 7 , then played them in their correct position and got an average of 8.30 . He would play worse than a 90 rated left wing, so you should find a LM or a W for that position.
  9. Ok so far i have played 3-5-2 and worked great for me but my last 10 games or so have been poor so i'm changing the tactic. Here is my new 3-4-1-2 formation : -----------------------(Gk) Ceni---------------------- -----(CB)A.Friedrich----(CB)Dunne----(CB)Naldo-------- (RM)L.Gonzalez---(CM)Y.Toure---(CM)Veron---(W)Simao -----------------------(F/AM)Mutu-------------------- ---------------(F)S.Aguero-----(CF)L.Fabiano---------- 1. I'm using "attacking through the middle", and i want to know if it's ok tu use Mutu as a playmaker ? 2. I'm always wondering ,as i'm using attacking tactics, if "v. attacking mentality" would be a good option or i should just stick to the "attacking mentality" . Thanks in advance for your help !
  10. Re: Millzy's English Premier League Rating Changes
  11. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread You can't seriously compare Berbatov with Mutu ?!? Mutu plays more as an attacking mid or wide as a wing in a 4-3-3 formation which Prandeli usualy use, and he's not only there to score goals ( which Berbatov role as a CF is ) he's there as a playmaker, i can't remember the last match when Mutu made a bad performance but you can find plenty of those at Berbatov ( no where near an increase ) .
  12. Re: benzema or aguero Aguero has skills that no other player posses . Benzema is a quality striker but Aguero will be there with the likes of Zidane, a world best player trophy holder in a few years time .
  13. Re: Manchester United Rating Changes Oh, i get it , in your vision of this forum i must be invited by you before i post , right ? Sorry i wasn't on the field like you, to have more rights as you have to post here , i only watched the game ... What a pitiful post again , like that remark of yours combined with that deleted post. Get your head out of your arse ; your on a forum and you have to accept other people opinions even if they aren't the same with yours! LE: I'm no friend of Melbguy.
  14. Re: Manchester United Rating Changes And that would be you After that deleted post of yours the above remark is really pitiful
  15. Re: Blatant Player Bias Hey, if you want to see over-rated players look at the entire England national team, one of the best rated teams in the world and look at the way the're playing and at their results. If you want to see a over-rated player just choose one , anyone from their squad .
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My 20 M bid for Pato was accepted a few moments ago. Now my worry is that the deal will not go through as my chairman values him at 6.5 M . My first bid was 15 M for him , but he counter-offered with a swap for Simao Sabrosa so i counter-offered with this 20 M bid , which got accepted . Is this a good deal ? and most important , will it go through ?
  17. Re: Joe's Dutch Player Ratings Forecast
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