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  1. Re: Really strange results !! All my players morale is at "superb" , mostly of his are at "superb" also, except 3 players with "good" , one with "okay" and another with "adequate" . But from my experience , morale has really no effect on players performance.
  2. Re: Really strange results !! It's not about which teams av. rating is higher, playing players out of positions will affect your team really hard and badly and it has always been this way. If it would ony happend with me i would say bad luck, but in 3 matches this season he has 2 wins and 1 draw playing his team like that, and i'm sure that this can't be right !
  3. Ok last night i had a match against Juventus, he played the following team : 4-4-2 Gordon Grygera , C. Zanetti , Andrade , Chiellini Camoranesi , Tiago , Nedved , Messi Iaquinta , Del Piero Av Rating: 91 As you can see he played 2 players out of position Cristiano Zanetti and Messi . His tactics were : Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Direct Attacking Style: Through the Middle Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Used Target Man: Del Piero I played : 3-5-2 Rogerio Ceni A. Friedrich , Naldo , R. Dunne Poulsen L. Gonzalez , Y. Toure , J. Veron , S. Sabrosa Mutu , Luis Fabiano Av. Rating: 92 My tactics were: Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Direct Attacking Style: Mixed Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Used Counterattack Used Tight Marking Used Playmaker : L. Gonzalez Used Target Man : Mutu As you can see all my players are in correct positions and the resulst was 0-0 It happens you can say, sometimes you get strange results, but problem is that with that team he beat Lyon and Sao Paolo. Ok Sao Paulo was a weak side but Lyon was a 91 rated ( almost 92 ) with every player in its correct position which drew against me 2 games before. How can he have 2 wins and 1 draw this season , playing his team like that ? I mean come on, Messi is a F/AM , he plays him as a LM and C.Zanetti a CM/DM, he plays him as a CB. Nedved shouldn't be doing so good also as CM when he is a LM/CM. What is going on here ?!?
  4. Re: Adil RAMI I already sold him , bought him as a money spinner also ... now i regret it , i should have kept him
  5. Re: warrens guide to master tactics!!! Yes it's very useful mate, rep from me for your effort. Need some help myself here , can i play 4-5-1 ( with DM ) formation instead of 5-4-1 with the same tactics that Keith Fitz used and get the same results, i usualy play 3-5-2 with attacking tactics but i will meet a stronger side away and i need to make a change in my team.
  6. Re: Gabriel torje Well, first of all you need to know that the press in Romania is very rude and they don't care if they put pressure on players with their articles, even on young ones as Torje, so most of the times they are exaggerating or talking nonsense without giving a da*n that the players are affected by this. His manager is new, only 3 games so far at Dinamo, and the first 2 were failures as Dinamo draw in both of them and today he earned his first victory, ending the game in 10 men with Torje in for the full 90 min, so when he said that Torje is not what he expected he may have tried to put some of the blame for his failure on him . I think Torje will be alright at Dinamo, he just needs some time to adapt , and it's difficult for him to do this with managers coming and going so fast at the team.
  7. Re: 3-5-2 and its sucess Bad idea. Totti is a F/AM, he will play poorly as a CM. Totti and Eto'o in , Fred and Keane out .
  8. Re: Romanian Ratings Bogdan Stancu is indeed quality player and should have rised by 3. He is showing some good performance for our youth national team and he is one of the reasons why Unirea Urziceni is doing so good this season. But Romanian football being so under-rated it was to be expected . Ceahlaul, where Daniel Barna is playing is one of the weakest teams in Liga 1, if not the weakest. They will probably be relegating this season, they should have relegated last season after finishing in relagation position but the team which had to promote didn't had the standards for a Liga 1 team ( stupid reason, i know ). This may be a reason for him not rising to high, this and the fact that Liga 1 is greatly under-rated.
  9. Re: TomOwen's German Rating Changes-Full Report Isn't Marcelinho a 91 ? You posted him as a 92 and that he will remain a 92.
  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is Ayala worth 12 M and David James (the other manager has only a 89 rated GK about the same age)? I only have 91 rated defenders such as Naldo,Garay or Dunne and i thought Ayala would be a big plus in my defence, but Zaragoza are near relegation this season and he will be 35 soon. Let me know your thoughts.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'm looking to buy Juan from Roma as i need a good CB, but i'm worried as i sow that he hasn't many games for Roma this season, maybe he was injured but if he is under performing, that would be a bad deal. What do you think, is he worth it?
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi, I'm looking for a striker, and my options are : Kuranyi (92) 26 Liedson (91) 30 Rossi G (90) 21 He would be my 5th, after Mutu , Aguero, Luis Fabiano and Luis Garcia Fernandez. So please tell me who would you buy in my place.
  13. Re: TomOwen's German Rating Changes-Full Report Don't know about you but in my setup Van Bommel is already rated 92.
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is Veron worth buying ? He's cheap and rated 92, but i'm affraid he'll drop during this rating changes.
  15. Re: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru & Uruguay. Can anyone tell me the rating predictions for Juan Veron and Denis German ? I want to buy Veron as he's 92 rated but i'm affraid he'll go down as it seems to high for a Estudiantes player. I have Denis German but i see no increase for him and several Independiente players were reviewed, so i think i'll sell him and buy Jo . Thanks
  16. Re: How does substitutions help? I read all your posts, thanks for your help, i think i got it
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