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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks, I'll wait until the premier league review happens. Fingers crossed for a +2 for Michu.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have too many central midfielders and I'm starting to have problems with concerns, who should I get rid of from the below? Victor Wanyama 87 Pedro Obiang 86 Marco Verratti 87 Lucas Fernando 87 Perez Michu 87 Also, with the money I raise from this sale I'd like to get a winger between 85-88 who will rise - any ideas? Please bare in mind I am in a competitive gameworld so most of the big names will be taken. Thanks!
  3. Re: Oscar Cardozo I've had this guy shortlisted for a while and the manager has just offered me him for 10m. I think I should take him - advice? Is he a safe 90? Thanks in advance!
  4. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 I think he will stay at 89. It will be harsh if he drops and generous is he rises... Expect a position addition to CM though (currently only left sided).
  5. Re: Carles Planas - Spain U19 LB He is available in my competitive gameworld. Is he worth picking up? Only played twice for Barcelona so far this season...
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks All! I'll sell Biglia.
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have too many CM, which one of the below should I sell? Pedro Obiang 86 Marco Verratti 87 Lucas Fernando 87 Victor Wanyama 87 Lucas Biglia 89 Thanks!
  8. Re: The Squad Advice Thread Thanks Duncan and Hyina.
  9. Re: Big Team, No Idea Try and trade up on Pato and Podolski. I think both are in danger of a rating drop over the next year. Who else is available around the same rating?
  10. Re: The Squad Advice Thread Thanks for your help. You are right, Biglia is indeed 89 (typo!). I think I'll sell Doris and Ramis. Any suggestions for an 80-83 rated GK who is due to rise as a replacement for Doris. Ramis will be tough to replace but I will try and get a mid 80s player... again, any suggestions for an 85ish CB on the up? EDIT: Wollscheid is available for 5.9m - yes/no? Tymoshuk wont drop in the near future will he? I'd like to keep him as he's my highest rated player. Is there no chance for a rise for Holt or Di Santo? That's what I've been holding out for as they are c
  11. Re: The Squad Advice Thread Hi All, I'm in a competitive GW and I need to raise some cash to make some moves. Who should I sell from my team below? Is there anyone who wont be rising in the future and I can cash in on? Thanks! Goalkeepers Tim Krul 88 Joris Delle 83 Defenders Angelo Ogbonna 87 Jesus Juan 86 Lorenzo Melgarejo 83 Anatoliy Tymoschuk 90 Ivan Ramis 88 Victor Wanyama 87 Kurt Zouma 85 Theodor Gebre Selassie 86 Midfielders Lucas Biglia 85 Marco Verratti 87 Lucas Fernando 87 Pedro Obiang 86 Demba Ba 89 Victor Moses 86 Romain Alessandrini 85 Adam Lallana 84 Thomas
  12. He's a free agent in my gameworld. Is he worth picking up at 84? Is he in for a +1?
  13. Re: pirlo to 94 !!!! Deserved. The best Italian player. Absolute quality regardless of his age. Just wish I'd signed him in any of my gameworlds.
  14. Re: Micah Richards or Phil Jones Phil Jones. He will be picked more for both club and country.
  15. Re: Pirlo It will be an injustice if he isn't increased at the next update despite his age, he should be at 94.
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