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  1. Re: Battledome ** < bump > **
  2. Re: Fabio Borini TEAM NEWS: CHELSEA V QUEENS PARK RANGERS Posted on: Wed 23 Sep 2009 Yury Zhirkov, Sam Hutchinson and Fabio Borini all make full debuts. Zhirkov will play left-back in a defence that sees Paulo Ferreira return from injury on the right with 20-year-old Hutchinson alongside Branislav Ivanovic in the centre. Joe Cole is captain for the night and will be at the front of an experienced midfield diamond while up front Borini partners Salomon Kalou. New signing Nemanja Matic is on the bench, the 21-year-old midfielder having overcome injury that has delayed his introduction, and
  3. Re: Fabio Borini Well you wont be able to ignore him for long SM..............
  4. Re: Fabio Borini Has Borini been added yet? hopefully he gets some more game time tonight!
  5. Re: Mexican Risers (2009) Nice thread:) Any ideas on Arturo Ledesma? Riser? Is he playing much? I need some young Mexican defenders who are going to rise for my Club America side I dont have much money so any help will be good! Thanks in Advance!
  6. Re: What realistic starting XI would you like to see your team line up with next seas GK] CECH RB] BOSINGWA LB] A COLE CB] TERRY CB] ALEX LM] ZHIRKOV RM] RIBERY CM] LAMPARD CM] ESSIEN FW] DROGBA FW] ANELKA We just need more out wide, everything else is fine.
  7. Re: Swap Huntelaar For Pato? I would say No:cool:
  8. Re: Signature Design Feedback Both are an improvement on the first attempt so well done for that. As for the hoop render it's still not quite working why not try looking for a lightning brush effect? you should be able to find one on deviant art. I think that would work really well with the background just use a soft white with the lightning brush, lower the opacity and brush until your happy with the outcome:) Looking forward to Version4:cool:
  9. Re: Signature Design Feedback I tend to agree with .Selena. If you really wanted to use the hoop and to be honest the current placement has a negative impact on the overall feel of the sig:eek: Instead of placing it there perhaps it would have been better placed wrapped around the txt:rolleyes:. Redo the sig with the hoop wrapped around the text and one without the hoop all together' date=' so two new versions please and let's see what feedback you get. Let's not forget that when you post a signature asking for feedback you should expect both [b']NEGATIVE[/b] and POSITIVE feedback if yo
  10. Re: Almunia for England? Biased??? and your not?? Ha Ha what a joke. You pick through a post making points on some sections whilst ignoring others suggest you read them properly as some of your points where covered in the original post and required no elaboration. For some unknown reason you are being deliberatly argumentative so there is no point in continuing you are also in such a rush and haze to post little makes any sense let alone retains any relevance... Ashley Cole?? Last post from me as I am not going to agree with you in fact I could not disagree any more. Some results you did
  11. Re: Signature Design Feedback I new I had read it somewhere... 470px X 120px is the max http://forum.soccermanager.com/showpost.php?p=437417&postcount=1
  12. Re: Signature Design Feedback Have the rules changed with regards to Sig sizes?? Nice Sigs espically Nics just to big.
  13. Re: Almunia for England? I would:rolleyes:. In fact I would rather he didnt save it and we lost and he never got in the squad again. And as for the done it before and the pork and cheese done it with deco and Italy have an argie in there side bla bla TWO WRONGS DONT MAKE A RIGHT and just because it has been done before does not mean we have to accept it again. There should be some form of Blood lineage something to trace your heritage at least three Generations...but agree it is complicated and yes I realise this would rule out a lot of players but... so what they aint won nothing for us!
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