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  1. Re: The only way is up So, here's my latest and last update: After almost 3 years in charge of the club, it is with great sadness that I have to announce the end of my Oxford United campaign. Involuntarily, I have to add, the reason being that the Game World became deserted after the founder suddenly left in August. As I'm not a Gold member (and never will be since it is contrary to my understanding of what this game should be about), I had no other option but to watch my once so successful endeavour vaporise. The campaign lasted 8 seasons altogether, and not only had I achieved my initial
  2. Re: U20 World Cup I must say that nobody expected the fantastic overall performance by the Hungarian team in the tournament, it makes all the fans really proud After an appaling start into the group stage, the team caught up incredibly for the games against South Africa and the UAE to win their group. After that, two real thrillers followed, giving spectators everything that makes football worth watching: extra time, penalties, superb passes, great tackles and terrific goals. The blossoming understanding Koman and Németh share on the pitch, which decided the quarter-final against Italy, has
  3. Re: U20 World Cup A very disappointing performance from Hungary yesterday in their 0-3 defeat against Honduras who had the upper hand in every aspect of the game. Physically weak, terrible passing, total lack of creativity, and most noticeably: no passion at any second of the game. With this kind of attitude, the likes of Németh, Gulácsi and Koman might as well pack their bags now for they will have no chance in their remaining two games despite high hopes put on them beforehand. I just hope they get a well deserved kick in their smart buttocks in order to get their act together for the ne
  4. Re: U20 World Cup Let me contribute then with some information about the Hungarian squad... Goalkeepers: Péter Gulácsi (Liverpool FC) Ádám Kovácsik (Reggina Calcio) Balázs Megyeri (Ferencváros) Roland Kunsági (Budapest Honvéd) Defenders: András Debreceni (Budapest Honvéd) Zsolt Korcsmár (Újpest) Ádám Présinger (Videoton) János Szabó (Paks) Adrián Szekeres (MTK Budapest) Péter Varga (Manchester City) Bence Zámbó (Győri ETO) Tamás Kádár (Newcastle United) Midfielders: Zoltán Búrány (DVTK) Ádám Dudás (Győri ETO) Norbert Heffer (Pápa) Vladimir Koman (AS Bari) Ádám Simon (Hala
  5. Re: young dm József Varga of Debrecen, 21 yrs old rated 75, 3 goals in the CL qualification so far, quite talented. Bound to rise to around 82.
  6. Re: Jozsef Varga No doubt Varga is the hottest prospect in the DVSC team. Aggressive, good passing, excellent shot for a DM. Will surely receive a call for the NT as we are lacking good DM's at the moment (Hertha's Dárdai is getting old, Vadócz lacking minutes at Osasuna, and Ádám Vass not managing to get Koeman's attention). I guarantee you guys a move to a W-European side at the end of this season, potentially already in the winter, depending on how he performs in the CL group stage. (Jesus Christ, did I just say "CL group stage" in connection with a Hungarian team? Unbelievable, would
  7. Re: Cabbytoodles List Of 90+ Rated Droppers. Part 2. First of all this is a great idea for a thread, well done. Just an addition, those who still have Sagnol, get rid of him ASAP as he has announced his retirement. I would add Thiago Neves to that list as well, has hardly played for HSV this season and I expect him to drop from 90 to 89.
  8. Re: Zozo's German Ratings Forecast Right, here we go with the Bundesliga 2 ratings, some nice risers in there. (I reckoned it makes no sense to revive the separate Bundesliga2 thread as not too many people seem to interested in the 2nd German division. But here it comes anyway.) Risers only, as usual, from top to bottom of table. BUNDESLIGA 2 Mainz Total number of matches played by this team this season: 19 (17 Bundesliga2 + 2 DFB Cup) = 1710 minutes Dimo WACHE 35/G/83 Oldie but goldie – all matches and minutes for the leaders of Liga2. 19 starts, 1710 minutes, increase to 84 Niko BUNG
  9. Re: Vedad Ibisevic Exactly my point.
  10. Re: full-backs who will rise Subotic, Hummels, Henrique, Marcellis, Pique, Santacroce are some of the CB's that come to my mind right now.
  11. Re: Vedad Ibisevic 87 would be outrageous, with the amount of goals he scored in club and NT and Hoffenheim's position. 88 as minimum with a good chance to hit 89. His injury should not affect this rating in any way as the spring season has not yet started in Germany. Anyways very sad news to read but the tear of the cruciate knee ligamen has not yet been confirmed by Hoffenheim's doctors. Let's hope for the best until the exact diagnosis is received along with his expected recovery time.
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