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  1. Re: The Official NBA Thread How did Lillard not make the team,Durant and Westbrook barely play and still get in ,Lillard's been the third best player this year for me after Curry and Harden,LBJ is in 4th and is now back to his best,I'd take Lillard over CP3,Westbrook,Duncan,Cousins,Durant based on this year,Lillard has been clutch in at least three games this year,he destroyed San Antonio and are third in the west,what more does he need to do?
  2. Re: The Official NBA Thread Ain't been on here for a while ,some great off season moves obviously with LeBron going back home to Cleveland,however I fancy the Bulls to come out the east,Pau,Taj,Nikola and Joakim in the PF and C positions,I know everyone will be on about D Rose but it's that frontcourt rotation that seems lethal to me,either way I still see the Spurs coming out the west,espically now Westbrook and Durant are out for a while. Also looking forward to seeing how the Warriors do under Kerr and the Clippers now they don't have any of that Sterling stuff hanging over them in the pl
  3. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Well it's been all change at Ipswich so far,I've took a punt on a few players who have joined much bigger clubs and are lower rated,either normally works out that they rise and you have a good prospect or you sell them on when you realise they don't feature. Still one signing in particular has pleased me so far. Santiago ARIAS has completed his move to Ipswich Town from Hartlepool United for £6,000,000. Regular for PSV and Colombia,been linked to Manchester United quite strongly a few months ago and at 85 will rise next year if his a regular
  4. Re: The Official NBA Thread I think Bosh is holding it all up personally,I thought the Heat's plan was for Bosh to take the money and get Melo but not it looks like his going back to New York,if Bosh leaves then would LeBron come back? I'm not so sure.
  5. Re: The Official NBA Thread So Indiana basically get rid of Danny Granger for Evan Turner who they probably won't even resign as he'll get more money from elsewhere and then he signs for there arch rivals at 2 years for $4.2 million,that's got to sting. I think Riley's got a few more of these types of moves in him as I can see him only signing Wade up to a short team deal or taking a bigger than reported discount for a longer term deal,also I'm not entirely sure why everyone's buying into LeBron wanting the max,just because there was report doesn't necessarily mean it's true,basically this w
  6. Re: The Official NBA Thread I knew the Spurs would win haha ,so happy for the whole team after last year's travesty,just an awesome way to bounce back,if Manu played like this last year they'd have won back to back championships,but that shows the genius of Pop as he looked done to me yet came back and looked like his old self this year. As for the Lebron/Heat questions,it's entirely up to him but for me he should either stay in Miami or try and persuade Carmelo to go to Phoenix for less money with him as they could sign both free agents as far as I'm aware,a team with them two,Dragic (who's
  7. Re: The Official NBA Thread
  8. Re: The Official NBA Thread Three NBA Games back to back,Bloody love christmas
  9. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Best player- Luis Suarez Young Player- Aaron Ramsey Best Signing- Loic Remy Biggest Flop- Roberto Soldado Best team to watch- Man City Worst sides to watch- West Ham Surprise Package - Hull City Biggest underachievers - West Ham Manager Of The Season- Mauricio Pochettino Best Match- Man City 6 - 3 Arsenal Team of the season-Everton Krul Coleman - Lovren - Mertesacker - Shaw Yaya Toure - Ramsey - Barkley Suarez - Rooney - Aguero My own biased opinion
  10. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Whilst been a Newcastle fan I keep a close on the baggies as I've got uncles and cousins who support them as there from that way,I'd actually say the highlighted point was the complete opposite as to what was the problem,a perfect example of that was Shane Long who was brilliant against Villa and then only two games later he was dropped,he constantly chopped and changed the forwards for no real reason,Anelka who I thought would be a fantastic signing has barely featured,Long has played well but needs a goalscorer alongside him,Vydra and Anichebe haven't
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