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  1. Re: The Official NBA Thread How did Lillard not make the team,Durant and Westbrook barely play and still get in ,Lillard's been the third best player this year for me after Curry and Harden,LBJ is in 4th and is now back to his best,I'd take Lillard over CP3,Westbrook,Duncan,Cousins,Durant based on this year,Lillard has been clutch in at least three games this year,he destroyed San Antonio and are third in the west,what more does he need to do?
  2. Re: The Official NBA Thread Ain't been on here for a while ,some great off season moves obviously with LeBron going back home to Cleveland,however I fancy the Bulls to come out the east,Pau,Taj,Nikola and Joakim in the PF and C positions,I know everyone will be on about D Rose but it's that frontcourt rotation that seems lethal to me,either way I still see the Spurs coming out the west,espically now Westbrook and Durant are out for a while. Also looking forward to seeing how the Warriors do under Kerr and the Clippers now they don't have any of that Sterling stuff hanging over them in the playoffs,I think the east is locked up already so I'm looking forward to seeing if anyone can beat OKC before they get to the finals tbh as that's the interesting part of it all to me.
  3. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Missed the first sixty minutes but was pleased with the half an hour I did get to watch,Perez and Aarons look like they can cause people problems at this level and hopefully there two squad players Pardew will actually use as he does have a habit of freezing people out of the side. Still happy with the performance,can tell Cabella has a bit of class to him as well,just got more intelligence than anyone else on the pitch for us today,once he gets to full fitness I'm sure he'll be fantastic for us,overall a game against Man City is always going to be tough and we were missing De Jong and Tiote which will be a big plus next week for when they come back for Villa,first game I'll be going to in a while so I can't wait for it .
  4. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Ain't posted on here in ages ,first of all RIP to Liam Sweeney and John Alder,it's people like them that make Newcastle what it is in the first place,they'll be sorely missed. Now onto team matters,first of all what a superb transfer window we've had so far,I'd be really happy with it if Ferrerya comes in,I've always liked Riviere since his Toulouse days and at the start of the last season with Monaco he was superb,sure he went of the boil but there's enough talent there to suggest his £5 Million price tag is more than justified. I'm also extremely happy that we've got in an experienced creative player in De Jong,we need a more steady attacking influence as most of our attacking players all seem flair players who either seem to be superb or flatter to decieve,yet to completely contradict myself that's what excites me about Cabella,his definitely the player I've been most excited about us signing since Cabaye,just such a beautiful player to watch who I think is starting to his peak as a footballer,it might take him a while to adjust to the strength of the game but once he does he could be a player who his sold on for massive money (I know that's a negative mindset but it's bound to happen.) I'm not really bothered about Colback and I can see him been a rotation player sooner than later,I've liked the look of Perez but it's only pre season and I can't imagine he'll play that much anyway,and of course what I think is the best bit for last,I've got no idea why Arsenal wanted Debuchy and why they paid £12 Million for him,his not been the player I thought he'd be when we signed him after EURO 2012,I certainly don't think he was someone I thought we'd get £12 million for before the window started so I was very happy with that deal,I also liked the look of Janmaat in the world cup and his done well at Feyenoord but we'll see how it goes yet. This is what kind of annoys me about Ashley yet I admire at the same time,I'm pretty sure we'll finish top ten again now this season and yet he won't have spent a penny of money in terms of transfer fees for the best part of three years,considering we made a profit of £9.9 Million before the extra TV money kicked in how much money will he be making now?. I can't see us signing anyone after Ferrerya and I definitely hope we don't sign Remy and I think Ferrerya has ended any possibility of that happening,We'll try and sell Ben Arfa before the window's out and we might get a crazy bid for someone before the transfer window's out and replace them but I think were pretty much done,credit to Lee Charnley our new Managing Director as his certainly done his job quickly and effectively in this window. I hope we line up with this team against Man City Krul Janmaat Colo Yanga Haidara Tiote Sissoko Cabella De Jong Gouffran Riviere I'm certainly looking forward to the new season .
  5. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Well it's been all change at Ipswich so far,I've took a punt on a few players who have joined much bigger clubs and are lower rated,either normally works out that they rise and you have a good prospect or you sell them on when you realise they don't feature. Still one signing in particular has pleased me so far. Santiago ARIAS has completed his move to Ipswich Town from Hartlepool United for £6,000,000. Regular for PSV and Colombia,been linked to Manchester United quite strongly a few months ago and at 85 will rise next year if his a regular at PSV or moves elsewhere. This team with the except of Zieler is really quite poor,reminds me a lot of when I took over Notts County years ago,still I'll save some money as there's some good players on external market at the moment,I'll be signing a few more over the coming days and seeing what I can do internally as well. Just feels nice to be back in the setup and enjoying it once again in all honesty.
  6. Re: The Official NBA Thread I think Bosh is holding it all up personally,I thought the Heat's plan was for Bosh to take the money and get Melo but not it looks like his going back to New York,if Bosh leaves then would LeBron come back? I'm not so sure.
  7. Re: The Official NBA Thread So Indiana basically get rid of Danny Granger for Evan Turner who they probably won't even resign as he'll get more money from elsewhere and then he signs for there arch rivals at 2 years for $4.2 million,that's got to sting. I think Riley's got a few more of these types of moves in him as I can see him only signing Wade up to a short team deal or taking a bigger than reported discount for a longer term deal,also I'm not entirely sure why everyone's buying into LeBron wanting the max,just because there was report doesn't necessarily mean it's true,basically this whole Franchise is on his shoulders though,if he comes back so does Bosh on a smaller deal which he already said he was willing to take a paycut to do,if they could do somehow create another $3 Million in cap space to add another player to Mcroberts,Granger and Napier that would be scary. Even if Bosh does go back on his word and decide to leave for a max contract there in an enviable position with been able to go out and try and add Pau Gasol,it'll be interesting to see what they do with the point guard position as well,I'd imagine though for Danny Granger to have taken that deal that the big three will be coming back which I've always thought would happen,unless LeBron goes Cleveland it'll hurt his legacy too much to move elsewhere.
  8. Re: The Official NBA Thread I knew the Spurs would win haha ,so happy for the whole team after last year's travesty,just an awesome way to bounce back,if Manu played like this last year they'd have won back to back championships,but that shows the genius of Pop as he looked done to me yet came back and looked like his old self this year. As for the Lebron/Heat questions,it's entirely up to him but for me he should either stay in Miami or try and persuade Carmelo to go to Phoenix for less money with him as they could sign both free agents as far as I'm aware,a team with them two,Dragic (who's much better than Kyrie) and Bledsoe seems like a great option to me even though it hasn't been talked about much. And if the Warriors do get Kevin Love then they'll get to the Western Conference finals if they don't run into the Spurs,I'd trade Iggy instead of Klay but I doubt the Timberwolves would accept that.
  9. Re: The Official NBA Thread
  10. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Looks like Atletico is disbanding already,Tiago looks like joining Diego Costa to go to Chelsea and now David Villa is supposed to be joining New York FC,I hope they have some money to spend with all of that and the miracle of last season but they have massive amounts of debt anyway. I can imagine Saul Niguez and Oliver Torres competing to take Tiago's place,Villa will be a massive relief of the wage bill and Costa was always going to leave anyway,just hope it doesn't go to badly wrong as last season was the best season from a club side ever in my opinion.
  11. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread 17 year old Adam Armstrong is on the bench,hope he gets to come on and best of luck to him tonight,Cisse isn't even on the subs bench so it wouldn't surprise me if he left before the end of January too.
  12. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Quite frankly whilst I'd like to wish Cabaye the best of luck at PSG I don't think I'm as bothered as most people that his going,were getting more than a fair value for him IMO at £20 Million,we'll have six months to get used to playing without him and not be anywhere near a relegation scrap and we can hopefully use the money on a striker,I see we've got De Jong on loan but I've never rated him and doubt he'll be any good but you never know. Although to be honest maybe I'm still bitter,but I'm glad his going because he refused to wear the shirt six months ago which is the worst thing you can do as a professional footballer IMO,it also annoyed me because at the time I felt he done nothing to warrant a move and yet he kicked up a fuss,now I'm more than happy to admit on this seasons form he deserves his move to PSG. We've also got three very good midfielders in Sissoko,Anita and Tiote which will still dominate most teams in the league,I'd like to see Sissoko have a free rein to get forward now which he had when he first arrived to the club,I've always rated Bigirimana as well and I'll hope he will get more of a look in now until the end of the season. Overall with the money involved and the timing of the deal it makes the most sense to me to sell him now than at any other time.
  13. Re: The Official NBA Thread Three NBA Games back to back,Bloody love christmas
  14. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Best player- Luis Suarez Young Player- Aaron Ramsey Best Signing- Loic Remy Biggest Flop- Roberto Soldado Best team to watch- Man City Worst sides to watch- West Ham Surprise Package - Hull City Biggest underachievers - West Ham Manager Of The Season- Mauricio Pochettino Best Match- Man City 6 - 3 Arsenal Team of the season-Everton Krul Coleman - Lovren - Mertesacker - Shaw Yaya Toure - Ramsey - Barkley Suarez - Rooney - Aguero My own biased opinion
  15. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread This post might seem slightly out of context to the rest of the thread but I haven't really got round to posting on here much this season . First of all I'm delighted to see how it's going aside from the Sunderland game,but that was down to the Poyet factor as his always done well against us a player and a manager. Anyway whilst I may have posted it on here or elsewhere I said whilst it was only one signing the addition of Remy will make us a different team and it has,he only normally needs one or two chances to kill a game off and it makes so much better as a result (Southampton aside ),also I'm delighted with how Gouffran has been playing and his been our player of the season so far for me although I've always been a big fan of his his probably my favorite player in the team at this moment,I'd also like to give a special mention to Debuchy who I thought was awful last year,but seems to have settled down and become the full back I watched play for Lille and France at EURO 2012. Yet despite all of that I have to say the biggest reason playing wise is having a fully fit Tiote back in the team makes me so much more confident defensively and gives us the licence to attack for other players like Cabaye,Sissoko and Gouffran,it's been tough after his brilliant first season with back to back AFCON,constant suspensions although that's his own fault and injuries but his finally back to his best form,like this he is one of the best defensive midfielders in the league as he covers the ground superbly,can intercept and tackle and has good distribution over a short range passing. However I need to eat some massive humble pie ,for the first team since his took charge I'm actually start to be impressed with Pardew,I do believe at the end of last season we should have sacked him and if he wasn't on a stupid eight year deal that Ashley would have done,but I wiped the slate clean and judged him solely of this season and his done well. His finally playing players in form and not picking his favourites (JONAS),this can be seen by Gouffran been a regular in the team and now becoming a key fixture whilst Ben Arfa is on the bench as he should be,another example is Williamson who has been terrific for us this season and should be given a run in the team until he shows otherwise,I also must give him credit for changing the way we play at times to freshen it up and realizing that,for example bringing in Shola for the Chelsea game kickstarted our four game winning streak IMO,then changing the way we played for the Man United game helped us win that game as well,we've now getting genuine competition for places in Yanga Mbiwa,Anita and Ben Arfa who have played well but yet can't get in the team. Also this week has put into perspective for me that I don't see the point in sacking him,his been here three years and quite frankly I'm just grateful for some stability around the football club,In an ideal world I'd have a new owner who'd be prepared to be invest a bit more in the club,have JFK nowhere near the club and get a manager I consider to be better than Pardew in charge of the club,but quite frankly based of this season his done nothing to be consider worthy of even contemplating the thought of getting the sack,infact I hope we can rack up some more points over the christmas period so we can put the league to the one side and focus on the FA Cup as aside I think we are due a good cup run and don't have Brighton in the 3rd round . Overall I'm happy with the way it's gone,we've got a good side which is never been in doubt and now in my view is been managed well,of course that could always change,but frankly I'm just happy to watch and enjoy the rest of the season without any real worries.
  16. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Whilst been a Newcastle fan I keep a close on the baggies as I've got uncles and cousins who support them as there from that way,I'd actually say the highlighted point was the complete opposite as to what was the problem,a perfect example of that was Shane Long who was brilliant against Villa and then only two games later he was dropped,he constantly chopped and changed the forwards for no real reason,Anelka who I thought would be a fantastic signing has barely featured,Long has played well but needs a goalscorer alongside him,Vydra and Anichebe haven't been given enough time to get a chance to form a partnership with Long and Beharino is used sporadically as well. Certainly going forward I like this WBA team in all honesty,Amalfitano,Sinclair,Sessegnon,Mulumbu,Yacob,Brunt and Morrison should also be more than capable of creating chances for that frontline,I don't really like or rate the defence but in all honesty that hasn't been the problem so I can't criticise that too much. Given the outlay on forwards in the summer I can understand the sacking,I'd love to see them go for Solskjaer but maybe a return for Di Matteo is more likely?
  17. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Well I haven't had an awful lot of time to post on here this season but I have to say Sunderland aside I'm happy with how the season's gone,the football is much better to watch and were finally playing like the side were capable of at times,whilst Tottenham is a tough game were more free scoring than there at this moment in time so we might get something out of that game,then we have two winnable home games in Crystal Palace and West Brom,hopefully if we can get 7 points out of the 9 we'll be in a fantastic position and we can just enjoy the season from them on in. So nice to have not any real relegation fears to worry about ,also this is the best header I've ever seen. sOvbN6LL2x8
  18. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread I'm delighted were one of the clubs taking the lead in this,hopefully more will follow down the same path,kudos to Swansea and WBA as well,delighted as I'll probably go to both fixtures as well . http://www.nufc.co.uk/articles/20131017/magpies-announce-reciprocal-ticket-price-offer_2281670_3498468?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  19. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Unless something amazing happens to him JMM will win easily,his a class above Bradley IMO,his the best boxer of his generation aside from Mayweather and Bradley didn't really beat Pacquaio despite what the judges said,as for Bradley I've seen very little to suggest any hype or reason to see why he is ready for a fight like this,it's more a lack of credible challengers to me and given his unbeaten and has a victory over Pacquaio it's a great fight for Marquez to take,seems very similar to when people were hyping Canelo up against Mayweather with very little to back it up. I always feel Marquez has been underrated massively by most people until his last victory,his outfought Pacquaio for four fights and his only blemish is against Mayweather and let's face it who hasn't been outclassed by him?. Marquez by KO for me.
  20. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Would he not have to been on the DFL list to move to Wolfsburg at this stage?
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