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  1. afternoon all, firstly thanx for one of the best active threads in the forum. secondly once you've bought some of these youngsters what do you actually plan on doing with them. wait for a rise then sell, or do you wait even longer before selling

  2. Morning all, i need a serious manager who will take over AS Saint-Etienne as my sister club. In short,  im the minnow club and can only buy players off St etienne. with over 100 million in the bank we can get some serious transfers and loans completed in time, but without a manager i can do nothing. so, if your serious please apply to the game owner.

  3. Thanxs to SM iv got a free game world, trouble is it needs 8 managers minimum to get it activated.

    my plan was to have a team full of youths and watch them rise, that will leave all the expensive ones available for you lot. just need 8 managers to get it up and running!!



    cheers all



    Lincolnshire Youth Game World ID: 255022

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