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  1. Re: Game World News Feed - updated it should be like it was before,at the bottom and with normal icons.Just return all the previous features. And news articles should return improved with some added features eg comment. Then we dont need this new newsfeed if we have comment option in the previous newspapers section.Whoever wants to comment can open that particular news item and comment.It will not create any sort of problem and will make things better. Old newspaper back and also a comment option and rest the layout and design remains same.
  2. Re: Game World News Feed - updated Im not able to open comment dialog box to be able to write. It shows a dialog box and is written "Write your comment" but actually when i click there,its unclickable.Not able to to go into dialog box where i can write.And other is news feed and messages scroll problem. If all solved it will be a great thing and SM community will grow faster.Will be fun
  3. Re: Game World News Feed - updated Please add send button as im not able to add a comment or write an article on my cell.Cant even go into comment box to be able to write.I use SM on the go so it will be a huge dissapointment . And im not even able to scroll newsfeed or so.
  4. Re: Game World News Feed - updated Not able to use it on my tab and cell.Dont know what but it seems useless unless it works on all platforms. Useless change.Either make it work on all platforms or bring back the old news section which ws much better.many dnt like thing.Thumbs down for SM.
  5. Re: Gameworld News Feed not able to use it on tab and phone as well.can't comment neither post anything.. its rubbish unless it works for all platforms
  6. Re: Player concerns system 19 out if 24? Really? Thats way too much i think.
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