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  1. hello my idea is that near the logo of each club would appear stars or trophys icons.. [the number depends on the times that club was champion of a league under the current manager of its..] that idea will add interst and fear in the rivals of that club. sorry for my bad english
  2. Re: update israeli league ok... thank you both very much !
  3. Re: update israeli league thank you mate! one last question: in the update card i sould write the players grades? or the admins write it by themselves
  4. ;)hey, the israeli league is extended to 16 teams instead of 12. thats mean about 4 new teams. i saw that just now the game admins have finished the update of "hapoel petah tikva",a team that had been promoted last year. i think it mean you need help, i can give you all the information needed, i just want to play with my favourite team [that by the way have been promoted through the 1st position]
  5. Idk why i have to write so many times the same question... I just wanna play my favourite team. Where can i contact the guys that charges on adding new clubs? I can give them all the needed info. Please answer/
  6. yanso

    so sorry..

    that i opened a new thread but i cant reply to my own thread.. i wanted to say to the guy that helped first of all thank u... and that i cant find the "support ticket" can anyone show me where do i write the club details?[for ones who dsnt know what im talking about see my last thread] thats it. thank u.
  7. hello im aint new in this game but still i like to play it... here comes the "but" i dont have a team recently cause i think i play with all of them and there is nothing more exciting than to play with the team that u love aint it true? but my team is not in this game because its in the 2nd league in israel at the time,YET the team promised the.. idk how to say it lol! hmm the opposite of relegation.. well i can give all info about the team and help you with it. pls think about it?
  8. can you please give me suggetions how to boost my players moral?
  9. "Chairman has offered the job to a manager." how? to who? who is the cairman can u xplane it to me?
  10. Re: chairman interupt are you serious? i cant loan that players?! well what other options do i have? i dont want to see him in my club and i cant sell him either cause he recently bought.. why should i suffer for other managers decisions and mistakes before me:confused:
  11. hello my friend and i r playing this game. im about to loan him one of my players when suddnly this came up:"The chairman of Rangers will not loan out this player so the bid has not been submitted" what should i do? and how can i get rid of this? please help quickly
  12. i can see that you started to develop the israeli league but you are kind of stuck. you create hapoel petah tikva with only one player..and its taking way too long. the other issue is that i want to play with my favourte team which is curntly playing in the 2nd league. i have already sent out a letter to the owners or what ever..but they didnt answer me. thats too bad i really want to help
  13. Re: HELP YOU-israeli league thank you both:)
  14. Re: HELP YOU-israeli league up! please responed
  15. hello im an israeli user and i got to say that the israeli league in this site is way off.. i mean you got to update it. and i can help you. but "in return" i want you to add my favourite team that now in the 2nd israeli league but very big team called :hapoel haifa please let me help you improve the site. yaniv.
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