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  1. Re: Euro Champ 14 Thanks mate, lets make it a fun match for the fans. Though our fans might disagree, Im sure whoever takes rodrigo's place will do just fine.
  2. Re: Euro Champ 14 Sir, thank you Sir. May i have another Sir. Nah, its fair game. Rules are rules, and i shouldve been more careful not buying every youngster that could get a crap +1 or something
  3. Re: Euro Champ 14 Benfica progresses to the semi's after beating porto in a penalty shootout. With griezmann slipping and missing and musa missing aswell, in a very even match. It could have gone either way. Next up is chelsea.. Lets see how far we can get
  4. Re: Euro Champ 14 Not robben and ribery mate, matic Who you playin tonight, we'll be facing lyon. Need the points.. First placed got 12 points, 2 to 7 got ten. We are fifth, for now..
  5. Re: Euro Champ 14 Cash only mate
  6. Re: Euro Champ 14 Big transfer news: Matic joins Benfica!!
  7. Re: Euro Champ 14 Porto mate.
  8. Re: Euro Champ 14 Well done mate. We did beat psg in the cup though..
  9. Re: Hachim Mastour Seedorf made his debut at 16, so will mastour. He's still 15 though..
  10. Re: Euro Champ 14 Cant believe you forgot to change your starting XI! Playing your cup team totally took away the joy of winning
  11. Re: Haris Duljević-remember the name he isnt on db, is he
  12. Re: Euro Champ 14 Thanks mate, hope i will win the league /edit. Benfica will travel to Manchester to face City who are current div 2 leaders. Benfica will be lucky to even draw against a much higher rated City
  13. Re: Euro Champ 14 I know juventus played awfull, Im a long time supporter and i was hoping for a home final... Hope benfica will win the cup and let my players rise to 95/96
  14. Re: Euro Champ 14 Well.. This is what you get when you adjust your tactics to your opponent and not stick to your own game. Lost! Edit/ I wanted juventus to win. Forza Juve!!
  15. Re: Euro Champ 14 Tonight we will travel to Russia to face zenit in our second EC14 match. Zenit is an offensive force to be feared with players such as Mario Gomez, Rondon and Hulk. Its up to Aurier, Garay, Martins Indi and Lulic to stop them
  16. Re: Haris Duljević-remember the name How is haris doing? He got a +1 today
  17. Re: Euro Champ 14 Won our first home match 1-0. Got most of the ball but didn't score too much. Happy to get three points though
  18. Re: Euro Champ 14 Benfica will be facing Ajax in their first Euro Champ 14 match. Even though Ajax hasn't signed any new players, Benfica will face a tough side.
  19. Re: Euro Champ 14 Good luck everybody. Sad to report not all of my new signings will make their debut today. Brood, enjoy your time in Madrid. Wish i could leave the rain for a couple o days. MarkM, bilal is a great signing. Ill be back for him in the future )
  20. Re: Euro Champ 14 children! play nice!
  21. Re: Euro Champ 14 Im not one of those people either. Unfortunately Only got one 90 and one 91
  22. Re: Euro Champ 14 Benfica´s biggest signings Begovic Luiz Gustavo Aurier Lulic Drmic Immobile Batshuayi
  23. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread thanks alot mate, repped. Should I try to sign the players I got on loan: Silvio and Siqueira
  24. Re: Euro Champ 14 Good decission
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