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  1. Riferimento: Re: new joined member Not happy know its the wrong thread but cant read italian as my english game has know turned into italian and cant understand a thing please can u help not happy this is a joke dont pay good money 4 this 2 happen
  2. Riferimento: Re: new joined member Hi baggers here know this is wrong thread but im plying in english but all of a sudden im playing in italian and cant understand a thing please help
  3. Re: SM Credits See people getting excited about free credits why:confused: 2 free credits a day whats the point is that meant 2 get people more interested if its not broken why fix it.
  4. Re: SM Credits i had none then thought i would buy months gold by mobile ended up with 289 credits not a enough to buy(300) gold just like the govenment get robbed left right n centre:confused:
  5. Re: SM Credits Dont think they will work out.Brought 1 gold month and ended up with 289 credit so now have 2 by it again 2 make up 300 so costs me 4 pound by mobile why:confused:
  6. Baggers


    Hi whats with the new payment system.now costs me twice as much by mobile 4 a months gold management why:confused:
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