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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 how much will nastajic go up by
  2. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 no up rating for schmelzer or subotic is crazy they have both been class for 3 years, schurrle going up is a joke aswell, for me hes over rated at 91 hes not even the best player at leverkusen, cant wait for the english and spanish changes lol
  3. Re: Neymar neymar defo deserves a 91 he would walk into most teams in europe, the 1 that shocked me was lucas to 90 he hasnt done much to deserve that, hes mostly a sub for brazil, hes very greedy for every good move that comes off theres alot that dont, hes obv a huge talent but hes being rated on that hype not consistant performances
  4. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions does damiao deserve a 90 rating? in great form forthe past 2 years inthe league top scorer in olympics and hes defo better than alot of other forwards that re ated higher
  5. i cant believe this kid has just signed for monaco in league 2 for 16 million euro, i would have thought river plate would have held on to there biggest talent for years with them getting promotion aswell. imagie him having a good season hed prob go for double,
  6. Re: Next Leagues to be Reviewed you shuldnt have to wait for tips on what players will go up, good managers already know , i have atleast 20 young south amrican players who are nder rated
  7. should there be a limit on how much you bid for free agents? i always miss out on all the good young talents in my gold gameworlds as smaller clubs can always bid more
  8. Re: Lucas moura to PSG 45million euro for an untested 19 year old crazy!!!!!
  9. Re: Youth squad there should be squad limits in soccermanager
  10. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions anyone know when brazilian league will be reviewed?
  11. Re: Goalkeeping Talents mathias cubero-cerra, valentin cojocaru-steaua, nicola leali-juventus all top prospects
  12. Re: Rooney prob stay the same
  13. Re: Ibrahimovic / Nesta theres no reason for ibrahimovic to drop psg will prob win french league and do very well in champions league, nesta should start to freefall playing in a poor league and will prob retire in a year
  14. Re: Why do cheats always win on sm? in 1 of my game worlds 1 manager has atleast 5 teams where he moves cash and players between them, i make double the bids that some of his players sell for, he swaps average players for world class ones, i report all his deals and nothing is done, he even admits he has all these teams so i write a newspaper article telling other managers and he reports me, i then get a warning from sm saying next time i do an article i will be banned for 30 days which is just stupid to me im an honest manager and im now thinking about quitting, im a gold manager aswell so i
  15. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions daggers you clearly havent seen wallace play hes an outstanding talent, hes been in very good form check out his first goal for fluminense also ademilson looks like a clinical finisher for sao paulo 2 goals in a week both good finishes
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