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  1. Re: Soldado or Llorente? Thanks for the reply, some helpful information. Soldado recently renewed his contract at Valencia so hes getting Champions League football for another season. Llorente on the other hand, will be leaving Bilbao after refusing to sign a new contract. He wants to progress and Juventus are leading the race. He is also Manchester Uniteds "plan B" should they fail to sign Van Persie. That said, i feel Llorente has more future potential and a bid is now in place.
  2. So, here we have two very similar players statistically and position wise; Roberto Soldado: 91, CF, Plays for Valencia Fernando Llorente: 91, CF, Plays for Bilbao I can grab one of these if im quick and could do with a replacement for an ageing front line. Im not really familiar with either of these or Spanish football in general, so i thought here would be the place to come. In terms of potential? Could either of them rise this coming season? Could either fall? Transfer interest and moves to bigger clubs? Cheers!
  3. Re: Subotic, Coentrao or Sahin? Everything is a risk in theory isnt it, at least i think these players will hold their rating at least I can get Sahin also, but ill have to let go of either Miralem Pjanic or Ever Banega. I seem to be over-loaded with wingers at the moment and Pjanic has picked up a level 2 concern for lack of games, im tempted to let him go and land Sahin as he will get more game time.. What is the potential of Pjanic of Roma? am i likely to regret letting him go? or should i loose Ever Banega? Cheers guys, you've been a great help so far.
  4. Re: Subotic, Coentrao or Sahin? Great, so all of them (in time) would make great investments? A much bigger team than me bid an amount that was out of my budget for Subotic unfortunately, for now i have Coentrao coming in for the base price of 15.5. What could be good news however, the deal is nearly complete and Sahin is still up for grabs, so i may just end up with both
  5. Re: Subotic, Coentrao or Sahin? Do you think the potential is there for them all to rise to 92 sooner or later?
  6. Re: Subotic, Coentrao or Sahin? Cheers dude it's good to finally post. Also thanks for the comment. Iv heard some good things about Subotic, such as Fergie being after him for a season or two and other high profile rumors as well as taking 2 titles with Dortmund. Only really a casual SM player if im honest and although i know a little about the football world, i know nothing compared to the majority here so everything is welcomed I like the idea of Coentrao playing LB/DM however, playing a 3-5-2 he can fit into one of 4 positions within my current set-up. As left-back he supersedes both S
  7. So, two of these are from Madrid and the other from Dortmund. All are relatively young and have a decent amount of potential, but each have had different seasons and im wondering if in your eyes one rises above the rest? Arsenal just lost their manager and all of these players are up for grabs. I sold M'Bia (CB/DM) to free some cash, so a similar player to fill a similar gap is needed. Subotic - Only CB, But the youngest of the bunch with a great future. Coentrao - LB/DM, Versatile position, plays at Madrid but is second choice to Marcello. Sahin - CM/DM, Will fill the holding role yet wo
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