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  1. Re: Not guaranteed to rise..? He's a lot overrated because of his good performance versous Man.U,but he isnt that great and certainly doesnt deserve to rise
  2. Re: So many better than Neymar true...Herpes is ovbiously a 12 year old filling the forums with rubbish
  3. Re: Which players will rise? Thanks Well he doesnt deserve his 92 either
  4. Re: BIG NAMES - Rating Changes Lol no chance of muller and sturridge rising
  5. Re: BIG NAMES - Rating Changes hmm do you think 90/91 is possoble at the end of season?
  6. Re: BIG NAMES - Rating Changes Guys how much do you think Tello is gonna rise?He has been starting games and his performance is great.
  7. Re: Higuain, Benzema and Aguero For me defo Aguero.He can surely hit 95 while the others wont,Benzema isnt what he used to be and im not a fan of Higuian either
  8. Re: Falcao to 94? Dont rly think he'll ever hit 94 at Atletico but there was a 70m euro transfer rumour in summer,i dont know how it will turn out but still hes 96 potential
  9. Re: Di Maria or Hazard....? Maybe they will be who knows?Cazorla was average 4 years ago and now some people suggest he should be rated 94-95 in a couple of months.(Which i find ridiculous but still),well to end this topic im not a fan of hazard either but saying hes not going to have a great carrer this early,and after some good performances with Chelsea,and extraordinaries with Lille is dumb.
  10. Re: Di Maria or Hazard....? I saw them all playing and i can surely say Hazard has probably the same potential with them.Only time can tell so dont come into quick conclusions that hes not going to be quality.Also ur talking about hazards oppositions at young player of the year,like they're 30 year olds,dude they are all still youngsters and not having done anything by now doesnt mean something...
  11. Re: Di Maria or Hazard....? He has the potential to be up there in a FEW YEARS,I didnt say now.Besides exept ozil i dont remember anyone from the players listed being recognised at 21 years old.Also the teams you stated Di maria actually did something arent big either,so if you wont mention hazards appearances against lower rated teams ,you should do the same with di maria
  12. Re: Di Maria or Hazard....? You cant judge 2 players only from stats.Hazard has won several crucial penalties that gave Chelsea importand wins,without him they surely wouldnt been 1st or even 4th IMO,whilst Di maria hasnt done anything special this season and hes probably not even going to be a regular,so no way hes going to ever hit 94 IMO while hazard can surely go past that over the years
  13. Re: james rodriguez Most probably hes gonna rise,I dont see why not since Neymar went to 91....
  14. Re: Matija Nastasic or Kyriakos Papadopoulos? Nastasic for me as i dont find papadopoulos that good.Hermann is rly good from what ive heard and should rise next rating changes,since your in a competitive GW i suggest you surely buy him
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... So your entitled to your own opinion and dont want someone to critisize it which i completely agree but then YOU critisize others opinion by calling it pathetic?
  16. Re: Khedira or Mascherano! Keep Mascherano,i dont think Khedira would be ever nearly as good as him
  17. Re: Di Maria or Hazard....? Hazard defo...
  18. Re: Young best gks:) ???? suuuuure....
  19. Re: Young best gks:) ???? 22 years old FOR A GOALKEEPER isnt youth?
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