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  1. Re: Getting rid of Azpilicueta thanks for the replies guys ,so ill keep him and see what happens...
  2. Re: Getting rid of Azpilicueta So you think hes gonna get playtime at chelsea?
  3. Re: Getting rid of Azpilicueta Like who?(defender)
  4. With Azpi not getting ANY playtime i think its the right time to swap him before its too late.Who would you suggest swaping him for?
  5. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Dortmund far better than City,Hart too good.
  6. Re: Falcao, Ibrahimović or Higuain? Ibra is alot better than them,but i would get Falcao because of Ibra age
  7. Re: suarez or rossi?? Suarez and Reus are alot better than rossi
  8. Re: Riferimento: oxlade chamberlin or el shaarawy
  9. Re: long time youth players Keep Musonda he looks class
  10. Re: Riferimento: oxlade chamberlin or el shaarawy
  11. Re: Does anyone know any big droppers lol Eto has chances to drop by -3 ,but he will probably be hard to get
  12. Re: AngusPAOK Graphics|OPEN Hey man,could you tell me what programm your using?
  13. Re: my youth team These are the obvius players you should def keep Varane Raphael Cuenca Isaac Ocampos Lucas Araujo Sergio Sterling Raheem Hazard Thorgan
  14. Re: Shaqiri or alaba?? I would swap him for welbeck,good player but the others are better.
  15. Re: Varane , natsasic , ruiz and papadopolous 1) Varane 2) Ruiz 3) Papadopolos Dont really know anything about natsasic
  16. Re: Jon AURTENETXE, Kyriakos PAPADOPOULOS or DEDE? Your opinion,but i bet hes never gonna pass 91 even if he reaches there something really hard to happen
  17. Re: Best summer signing? 2012/13 Ill have to go with RVP,Hazard hasnt yet really proved himself.
  18. Re: kaka for £47,000,000 Depends on what you can get but it surely is good a deal for Kaka
  20. Re: Its a toughy.... willian looks pretty good and a lot of teams are after him,no chance of rising thought if he doesnt move
  21. Guys do you think A.Carrol is worth buyin?or i should better go for Ben Afra?
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