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  1. Re: Macheda worth it? thanks for the reply,so if not macheda,you think sturridge can be worth buying?
  2. Guys Im in kind of competitve world where money plays a big deal,so do you think Macheda is worth buying and think he could rise next rating changes?
  3. Re: RB and LB Azpilicueta and K.Walker will surely rise if they get playtime,also Nagatomo is one of the best Inter players,Danilo is also a good player along with Smalling,all are great talents,and forgot to mention Shaqiri who surely is quality
  4. Re: Armindo Bangna Bruma Just wanted to bring this thread up again cause he was added today,great player ,pick him up.
  5. I need to buy one of them so who do you think is better J.Moutinho or Ramires?
  6. Re: 10K Risers Thanks for the reply,already got Lumu (the only one i got) and Powell is taken ,any more?
  7. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Cluj FTW!!!!!!
  8. Hello guys i would really appreciate if you could list me some obvious 10k risers, Im not really interested in long term contracts just some quick earnings.
  9. Re: Whose worth it! Ty for help,so I'll choose el shaaray ,but do you think Danilo has any chance to increase or has a good future?
  10. Hey guys,I'm in a bit of difficult situation as I have to choose one of these players so who do you think is worth it! Danilo,Luiz Isco,Alarcon El Shaarawy,Stephan Plz help.
  11. Re: Respuesta: Re: Hazard vs Bale
  12. Re: Respuesta: Re: Hazard vs Bale
  13. Hello i really need some help with the following deals : Should i give my J.Boateng who is one of my best players for R.Lukaku (Im buildin a youth team so he should be a very good pick) and should i give my best player F.Ribery for 79 millions?
  14. Re: Help really apreciated! Thank you . Ill def try this
  15. Re: Help really apreciated! I've tried them and they seem to be working since i've won two games in a row im just asking for some more suggestions to choose from or maybe a formation versus unmanaged teams
  16. Re: Worth to buy? No one of these would be in my starting 11 but i would be intrested buying them if they're in for a rise.Also is T.Necid worth it?
  17. Are these players worth buying? J.Alba Benatia Lewandowski O.Giroud J.Lescott A.Kolarov A.Cassano Thanks for help.They are available so who do you think is worth buying?
  18. Hello,I want to swap pedro for a good goalscorer that has the potential to rise.Also do you think pedro will drop?
  19. Re: Help really apreciated! thank you.anyone else?
  20. Re: Help really apreciated! Thanks for the suggestion ill keep it in mind.Anyone else?
  21. Hello,I play at a custom game world and i need some tactical advise since i have a pretty good team but i keep losing from lower rated teams Here is my squad: Casillas Marcelo S.Ramos Vermaelen Pepe M'Bia Lucio Garay X.Alonso N.De Jong Mikel Marchisio R.Meireles Jonathan Dos Santos Milner Ganso Ozil Kaka Di Maria Pedro Ayew V.Moses L.Nani G.Rossi Nilmar Dos Santos I curently play 3-5-2 with S.Ramos,Lucio and Marcelo DEF , Ozil(outside midfielder),Kaka,DiMaria and Nani(outside midfielder) , G.Rossi and Pedro FWD. Help will really be apriciated!!!
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