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  1. Re: Counter formations Well the 4-2-3-1 formation may be very strong, but one thing a team needs is good full backs to make it strong. Worse if the person uses counter attacks, because it leaves it vulnarable to flank attacks. I am playing a 5-3-2 formation. Absolutely No Forward runs! Tempo... fast Attacking style... mixed Game style... attacking Passing... mixed Men Behind ball... yes Tackling... Normal Counterattack... may vary, but better not to as your team may fluff many chances, unless the team is very efficient (score alot). Use Target Man... Yes Use playmaker... Yes NB: 1
  2. Re: Tactical Help with 4-3-3 Formation Needed. Please note... I am not looking to play 4-3-3 wingers. I play 4-3-3 Flat. Can somebody help me please.
  3. Please tell me how to make a 4-3-3 formation work (NOT 4-3-3Wingers!). Any tips would be usefull e.g. playing styles, key positions, tactical advantages and disadvantages, e.t.c. All helpfull tips are greatly apreciated as I have never tried this formation.
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