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  1. Should also be noted that Venk's 31 point haul for Mineiro this turn marks the first positive score turn for the team in SIXTEEN turns! Well done Venk, let's hope you can reverse that pooptip Gozzy left you with asap.
  2. RIVALRIES & RANDOMNESS GAME WORLD ID: 241029 This is a little B-game, thrown together for a bit of random slap and tickle. I wanted to have a set-up where I could build a small club into a huge mega-force, taking as much time as that takes. Taking a feeble fairy and creating a monsterous giant. The teams with the most random names I could find having ravaged through the records on Soccer Wiki have been chosen. The game has no rules or restrictions. 5 Divisions, 100 teams, 3up-3 down, play-offs yada yada... There is probably a big gulf in places between some of the clubs. There is the chance to choose a clearly better club and have an easy ride, or as I have done, choose a very small club with no players registered (chairman will sort that out at game time for that first friendly unfortunately) and very little cash and see what you can make happen. The 'Rivalries' are forced false-derbies I randomly added in to create a bit of interest. For instance I have Boston United, a minnow from England, and have also picked Boston River of off Uruguay. There you have it - They're now bitter rivals because I said so! Division 4 also begins with FIVE teams calling themselves Lions! You get the picture. This is purely for a bit of fun as you'll see when you see the names of the teams involved. After running so many customs in the past that ran their course, I noticed I had 11 empty custom GW slots sitting there. While I don't have the time at this point to run any sequels to any of my more 'A-game' wide-scope events (something I am interested in doing at some point) this one will run itself, has no rules I can't build-in (the only rule I will insist upon is cash only deals) and no one needs to take terribly seriously. It's long term, and as much or as little of a challenge as you care for it to be. The biggest team involved in this is easily Newcastle United. In this alternate reality where they are set to dominate and give us smaller clubs an obvious target to take many season's trying to chase. I'm not interested in coming back here to edit this post with who the managers are, or as teams inevitably get promoted or relegated over the course of the game, or to pick and choose who gets in or doesn't. I will just list everyone of the 100 teams, in alphabetical order, go see the game if you want to see who starts where. It's a free-for-all first come-first served kind of deal. Come and go as you please. As time progresses we'll see who's really up for the long-haul. So to summarize, this game world will be publicly open to anyone, so go take a gander and jump in if anything seems a worthy challenge to you. Bear in mind this will be full 38-game seasons, and it will take a long time to be able to truly challenge at the top of Division 1, unless you're Newcastle United of course. Grrrrrrrrrrr, so here we go. Every team involved listed in alphabetical order. Joy. AFC Leopards AFC United African Warriors All Boys Antigua Barracuda Atlanta Silverbacks Austin Aztex Aiya Napa Black Leopards Blyth Spartans Boston River SC Boston United BSC Old Boys BSC Young Boys Carolina RailHawks Charleston Battery Charlotte Eagles Chicago Fire Churchill Brothers Colorado Rapids Colorado Springs Switchbacks Crusaders Curzon Ashton Dayton Dutch Lions Delhi Dynamos Deportivo Moron Deportivo Wanka Dolphins FC Doxa Doxa Drama FC United of Manchester Finn Harps Forres Mechanics Fort Lauderdale Strikers Go Ahead Eagles Hamrun Spartans Harrisburg City Islanders Heart of Lions Humble Lions Indy Eleven Jacksonville Armada Jeonbuk Motors Jeonnam Dragons Kaizer Chiefs KSK Heist Lamontville Golden Arrows Maidenhead United Metropolitan Police Moroka Swallows Mpumalanga Black Aces Mumbai City Mumbai Tigers Nacka FF Naxxar Lions New York City FC New York Cosmos New York Red Bulls Newcastle Jets Newcastle United Orlando City SC Orlando Pirates Ottawa Fury Pailan Arrows Pittsburgh Riverhounds Pohang Steelers Police FC Police United Pumas Morelos Pumas UNAM Pune City Pune FC Quick Boys Red Star Richmond Kickers Rochester Rhinos Rupel Boom San Antonio Scorpions San Jose Earthquakes Saturn Solihull Moors Sport Boys Staines Town Tampa Bay Rowdies Tonbridge Angels Tulsa Roughnecks Ulsan Dolphins Ulsan Hyundai United Africa Tigers United FC Vauxhaul Motors Virginia Cavalry FC Warri Wolves Warriors FC Waterhouse FC Wellington Phoenix Wilmington Hammerheads Woodlands Wellington Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard Young Africans SC Young Lions So there you go, have at it...
  3. Re: The Fantasy Football League The Season 3 ScoreCard is now complete and fully functional. Shoot me a PM with an email address if you want to take a look, even if you don't want to keep running score all season it will give you the chance to verify any scores you wish too during the season. NOTE: The ScoreCard is produced in Microsoft Excel.
  4. Re: The Fantasy Football League Thought about that from the offset, but it seemed kind of irrelevant as you, as manager, completely control who plays. In the official Fantasy Premier League you're gambling to some degree that your team will actually get minutes on the pitch whereas here it's a sure thing. Therefore we'd just be handing out 22 points for 60+ minutes to every team every match just for putting 11 players on the pitch. This would then be supplemented by adding 3 additional points as you'd be stupid not to bring on substitutes if you'd get points just for bringing them on. It is also a hassle when substitutes are used as it is trying to figure out which players were on the field as goals we conceded. Having people always bringing on subs would make the process of scoring even more tedious and time consuming. Hope that answers why this will not be implemented?
  5. Re: WORLD ICON - The ICON Games Finals You are currently in position 1 in the Custom Game World creation queue. Up to 4 Game Worlds are created every hour between 09:00 and 20:00 Game Time (GT). Nations will be handed out to their relevant managers in due course.
  6. Re: WORLD ICON - The ICON Games Finals ARGENTINA NEW WORLD ICON Rosario Central Manager : Ghora BRAZIL NEW WORLD ICON Corinthians Manager : Gorbash CAMEROON AFRICAN ICON Cotonsport Manager : Hancock CHILE NEW WORLD ICON Colo Colo Manager : sonofpluto GERMANY NORTHERN EUROPEAN ICON Werder Bremen Manager : Noisy HOLLAND NORTHERN EUROPEAN ICON PSV Manager : BroodRoosterNL INDONESIA AUSTRALASIAN ICON Mitra Kukar Manager : Gozzy NIGERIA AFRICAN ICON Enyimba Manager : Matt72 PORTUGAL SOUTHERN EUROPEAN ICON Sporting CP IN HONOR OF Gusma SAUDI ARABIA AUSTRALASIAN ICON Al Wehda Manager : LethalYid UNITED STATES NEW WORLD ICON Seattle Sounders Manager : Duncan URUGUAY NEW WORLD ICON Cerro Largo Manager : ryangal1982 The ICON Games Finals - World ICON will be created within the next week. Please use this thread for all matters relating to the ICON Games.
  7. Re: The ICON Games - World News I just did a search around the ICON GW Sectors. Here are the results of what teams still have managers African ICON Cameroon - Hancock Nigeria - Matt72 (jkerrs) Australasian ICON Indonesia - Gozzy Saudi Arabia - LethalYid New World ICON Argentina - Ghora Brazil - Gorbash Chile - sonofpluto United States - Duncan Uruguay - ryangal1982 Northern European ICON Germany - Noisy Holland - BroodRoosterNL Southern European ICON No one Good showing The GW itself does not even exist anymore! The original plan was to have four qualifiers from each Sector competing in the Final. This made a Division of twenty Nations in a one-season Finals GW where the winner takes all. As we only have eleven Nations that have actually seen it through, regardless of their Sector, I am overruling the rules and putting all eleven of you through to the World ICON Finals Division! Your commitment to actually see the challenge through is to be rewarded with the chance to compete for the overall winner. Thank you and well done to the eleven of you. Obviously there is little point in running a twenty team Finals as first planned. With eleven Nations being confirmed I will add one more to bring it to a round 12 and we will have a 12-team one-season Finals GW where we can all have a crack at winning it. I will be in the process of deciding rules for it. The ratings cap may be lifted to above 80, though with Saudi Arabia and Indonesia's inclusion in the Final 12 I doubt it will get much higher if any. I still want ALL finalists to have a level crack at being able to win this. The twelfth team will be - Portugal. A couple of reasons for this. Gusma (Gaspar Senka) was the first qualifier from the Southern European Sector with Portugal. He had to step down as manager at the end of August 2013 due to a mandatory military draft they do in Estonia where he is from. I see this as probably the best reason that anyone who left actually did leave and he really had no choice whatsoever. We have to have a least one team from the Southern European sector, to have a true 'World' showing in the 'World ICON' Finals. Portugal however will remain managerless for this GW and are only included in tribute to the job Gusma did in getting them there. I (or someone I choose) will go in only to populate the Portuguese team within the rules and depart before Turn 1. World ICON will be created and played out in the next few weeks while I put it all together. If anyone has any questions or comments, leave them here OR PM me and I will get back to you in due course. Thank you to you all and good luck for the World ICON Finals.
  8. Re: The ICON Games - World News How many managers are left in each Sector of this? 5 remain in New World.
  9. Re: The Fantasy Football League My provisional scores place you now just 17 behind Noisy!
  10. Re: The ICON Games - World News I'm going to let it run the full 4 seasons of qualification games as planned. Mainly due to to respect to the guys that have stuck with it and the goal remains the same as organized so your goal remains the same - dependent on your Sectors qualifying rules, you have 1 of 4 chances to qualify for the World ICON. There will only really be a problem if we have less than 4 managers in any sector, to my knowledge this is not the case though it is a tragedy that we are coming very close in many of the Sectors. Unfortunately I think there are no way near enough committed forumers out there these days for an idea the size and scope of this to work and I apologize and applaud the great managers that are sticking it out in the hope of becoming the World ICON. This thing is going to see itself through thanks to the commitment and patience of every one of you and I thank you all. On a side note, cutting it to 3 seasons would give us only 3 qualifying Nations from each Sector, with 5 Sectors that gives us 15 Finalists, there's not a lot that can be done with only 15 teams. The plan was originally for 20 so I'm hoping you will all be okay with that and see this concept through. ________________________________________________________________ Looking forward, the original idea was to have a 1-off season of 20 teams to play out the 'Final' named 'World ICON' in a new Game World set to run for just 1 season and the winner is the winner, done. This concept was introduced before the days of 'Connect Game Worlds', had they of been around at the time, I would almost certainly have said that the World ICON Finals would have been played out on that stage, I may have even devised a way that we could end up with 16 or even 32 Finals qualifiers so as to play it out through a tournament. I will still hold committed to the original idea and make a new Game World if that is what you guys still want to do (as planned it will end at a similar time to the real life World Cup 2014, which was the intention). Another potential 'issue' here is that we would have to rebuild our squads, though that isn't a huge issue. Obviously the schedule in Connect Game Worlds is much faster (either 1 game every day or every other day) so we could get it done much fast if people would rather do that? We would also be able to go straight in with the team we will have just been playing with from our Qualifying Sectors which will be much simpler and offer better continuity. One more thing, in the Finals the rules were never set as, not knowing what Nations we would end up with, I wasn't sure what the ratings cap should be. I am more than happy to raise it, however I would prefer to raise it only high enough so that ALL 20 Nations will still have an equal chance of winning it in terms of ratings. Lifting it entirely would more than likely make certain Nations much higher in quality which was never the intention. I wanted this to be more about the manager than the team. Turns out when you do that, people run off when things aren't going their way. Let me know your thoughts on the above and we'll make it through as best the rest of us want it.
  11. Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect Try this: > Connect Game Worlds in your clubs menu. > Join Connect Game World (blue button) > Friends Game Worlds This will work if Noisy is one of your friends in-game. You could also go to your main 'Home' page and search down through until you see the post that Noisy made a Connect Game World. Might be a bit long winded though.
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