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  1. Should also be noted that Venk's 31 point haul for Mineiro this turn marks the first positive score turn for the team in SIXTEEN turns! Well done Venk, let's hope you can reverse that pooptip Gozzy left you with asap.
  2. RIVALRIES & RANDOMNESS GAME WORLD ID: 241029 This is a little B-game, thrown together for a bit of random slap and tickle. I wanted to have a set-up where I could build a small club into a huge mega-force, taking as much time as that takes. Taking a feeble fairy and creating a monsterous giant. The teams with the most random names I could find having ravaged through the records on Soccer Wiki have been chosen. The game has no rules or restrictions. 5 Divisions, 100 teams, 3up-3 down, play-offs yada yada... There is probably a big gulf in places between some of the clubs. There is the
  3. Re: The Fantasy Football League The Season 3 ScoreCard is now complete and fully functional. Shoot me a PM with an email address if you want to take a look, even if you don't want to keep running score all season it will give you the chance to verify any scores you wish too during the season. NOTE: The ScoreCard is produced in Microsoft Excel.
  4. Re: The Fantasy Football League Thought about that from the offset, but it seemed kind of irrelevant as you, as manager, completely control who plays. In the official Fantasy Premier League you're gambling to some degree that your team will actually get minutes on the pitch whereas here it's a sure thing. Therefore we'd just be handing out 22 points for 60+ minutes to every team every match just for putting 11 players on the pitch. This would then be supplemented by adding 3 additional points as you'd be stupid not to bring on substitutes if you'd get points just for bringing them on. It
  5. Re: WORLD ICON - The ICON Games Finals You are currently in position 1 in the Custom Game World creation queue. Up to 4 Game Worlds are created every hour between 09:00 and 20:00 Game Time (GT). Nations will be handed out to their relevant managers in due course.
  6. Re: WORLD ICON - The ICON Games Finals ARGENTINA NEW WORLD ICON Rosario Central Manager : Ghora BRAZIL NEW WORLD ICON Corinthians Manager : Gorbash CAMEROON AFRICAN ICON Cotonsport Manager : Hancock CHILE NEW WORLD ICON Colo Colo Manager : sonofpluto GERMANY NORTHERN EUROPEAN ICON Werder Bremen Manager : Noisy HOLLAND NORTHERN EUROPEAN ICON PSV Manager : BroodRoosterNL INDONESIA AUSTRALASIAN ICON Mitra Kukar Manager : Gozzy NIGERIA AFRICAN ICON Enyimba Manager : Matt72 PORTUGAL SOUTHERN EUROPEAN ICON Sporting CP IN HONOR OF Gusma SAUD
  7. Re: The ICON Games - World News I just did a search around the ICON GW Sectors. Here are the results of what teams still have managers African ICON Cameroon - Hancock Nigeria - Matt72 (jkerrs) Australasian ICON Indonesia - Gozzy Saudi Arabia - LethalYid New World ICON Argentina - Ghora Brazil - Gorbash Chile - sonofpluto United States - Duncan Uruguay - ryangal1982 Northern European ICON Germany - Noisy Holland - BroodRoosterNL Southern European ICON No one Good showing The GW itself does not even exist anymore! The original plan was to have four qualifiers from each Sec
  8. Re: The ICON Games - World News How many managers are left in each Sector of this? 5 remain in New World.
  9. Re: The Fantasy Football League My provisional scores place you now just 17 behind Noisy!
  10. Re: The ICON Games - World News I'm going to let it run the full 4 seasons of qualification games as planned. Mainly due to to respect to the guys that have stuck with it and the goal remains the same as organized so your goal remains the same - dependent on your Sectors qualifying rules, you have 1 of 4 chances to qualify for the World ICON. There will only really be a problem if we have less than 4 managers in any sector, to my knowledge this is not the case though it is a tragedy that we are coming very close in many of the Sectors. Unfortunately I think there are no way near enough comm
  11. Re: Forumer's Top Team Connect Try this: > Connect Game Worlds in your clubs menu. > Join Connect Game World (blue button) > Friends Game Worlds This will work if Noisy is one of your friends in-game. You could also go to your main 'Home' page and search down through until you see the post that Noisy made a Connect Game World. Might be a bit long winded though.
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