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  1. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Hey guys, top work so far. I'm looking some advice regarding these players I have in my team as I am not a avid watcher of Serie A football. J Vergara (78) L Cavanda (85) O Wallace (80) P Obiang (88) M Kovacic (87) F Jorginho (87) A Florecnzi (89) N Leali (85) B Cristante (78) M Niang (86) S El Shaarawy (90) L Insigne (89) L Muriel (88) Any certain risers/droppers? Any players I should never sell or do you have any other players I should be looking out for? Thanks in advance,
  2. I have a dilemma and I need some expertise. I currently have minus figures in my finances and a manager has put in an offer for a external unmanaged player that I reallllyyy want in the last few minutes. Now I have transfer listed a few players in the last few mins in an effort of gathering enough cash ASAP so I can buy this player as SM won't let me bid or PX as I have no funds. Now how long does it take for the external unmanaged side to accept the bid and how long does it take for a external unmanaged side to buy my player? Will I have enough time to hijack this deal? Thanks in advance,
  3. Falcao (94) - FC Zlatan (96) - AM,FC Reus (93) - AM, F(RLC) Who would you purchase out of these three and why? I currently have LEWANDOWSKI, Hulk, Lavezzi and Martinez but will sell one or two of these players to bring in one or two of these players. Who would you sell out of these two and why? My gut instinct tells me Lavezzi. I have £22mil to spend at the minute. Thanks in advance,
  4. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? It would help me free up 60k per week in wages and of course I could use the 18m for youth players as most of the 91+ players are now taken. But do you think Lavezzi is a safe 92? I noticed he has been in and out of the team this year at PSG.
  5. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Lavezzi? Is he a safe 92? I have just received an offer of 18mil for him in my game and I have other options such as LEWANDOWSKI, HULK, JOVETIĆ, EL SHAARAWY, MARTÍNEZ, INSIGNE and MURIEL. Thanks in advance
  6. LAVEZZI, Ezequiel (92) I understand he's not keeping his place anymore, I have had a bid of 18mil for him (hes rated 13.7mil). Is it time to sell? I have other players such as HULK (91), MURIEL(88), INSIGNE, Lorenzo (89), MARTÍNEZ, Jackson (90), JOVETIĆ, Stevan (91), LEWANDOWSKI, Robert (94) in my team. Or is there somebody I should be looking to offload instead? Thanks in advance,
  7. Re: Wellington Nem - Drop/Stay/Rise? Repped, thanks guys.
  8. Re: Wellington Nem - Drop/Stay/Rise? Cheers for the reply. Is there any reason as to why he hasn't had much game time this year?
  9. Whats the deal? I notice he hasn't had much game time this year. Any advice about whether to sell or keep him? Thanks in advance
  10. Re: Neymar, Isco, Lamela, Oscar, Gündogan, Schürle Isco Neymar Gundogan Lamela/Oscar both equal Schurle
  11. I have the chance to buy one of these players. Which would you go for and why? Thanks.
  12. Re: any young leftbacks who r definite risers? Digne (Starter at Lille at 18 years old) bertrand ( getting mins at chelsea and now in the england setup)
  13. These players have become available at a unmanaged side. As they have 22 players overall I can only purchase one. Who would you choose? Thanks in advance,
  14. Re: Samuele Longo Santon has "failed big time"....?? You clearly have not been watching any of Newcastle's games this year. Can you specify how Santon has failed?
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