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  1. Respuesta: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i prefer Grosskuertz, he plays in the german champ, and do it well
  2. Respuesta: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... kieran gibbs absoluttely, no doubt
  3. Respuesta: Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? if you put all your squad maybe can make some better advise, but that is my opinion. sold out: valencia, destro, borini and maybe alaba (if you get alba) buy: insigne (rise +2), verratti, gundogan (or one of them), hazard, gotze,ozil (or two of them), martinez, subotic (one of them), falcao, montoya, alba (must)
  4. i need some help with him. what i have to do? sell or keep? thanks
  5. Respuesta: Neuer or Hart Neuer i think. strong chances to get the league, and always figth on the top of europe
  6. Respuesta: argentina new players Colon Lucas Mugni Caire Curuchet
  7. Respuesta: Re: argentina new players my opinion: he will be a riser, a lot of chances to play in some medium league of europe very soon
  8. Respuesta: Re: argentina new players he is good, but only for some rise (small). He palys in a team who fight to keep in first division. If you have Ftacla, keep him, if you can buy, do it, but, to me he isnt a future star.
  9. I am of Argentine and want to leave them some players who are outlined in the country. They are young, cheap and have a great future Velez Sarsfield Agustin Allione Brian Ferreira Lucas Romero Gino Peruzzi Racing Club Luciano Vietto Adrian Centurion Boca Juniors Leandro Paredes Cristian Alverez
  10. Respuesta: Varane , natsasic , ruiz and papadopolous papadopulos varane nastasic ruiz
  11. Respuesta: Predictions for player rating changes there is some of my predictions
  12. Respuesta: How much should I bid for these players. i think this players are the most important of these list, you must try to buy all of them
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