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  1. Re: SM Credits You have been awarded 0 SM Credits for logging in. Every day you login you will receive some SM Credits. 11 Jul at 10:41 GT is this a new feature or the game is trolling me?
  2. Re: transfer ban is permanent? but it keeps blocking you even when you are not using the same comp once you get blocked once with that person I think, I haven't tried to transfer again with my friend to avoid reputation loss but from what I read from complains it seems that not using the same comp anymore doesn't fix it if you get blocked once, hope I'm wrong
  3. Respuesta: to Control one more club Secondly, on how many clubs you can manage (please refer to My Home to see how many clubs you can currently manage). you can find that on "SM reputation" on help section, is that outdated, john?
  4. Respuesta: to Control one more club when do you get the 3th team?
  5. Respuesta: Play SM With Your Friends indeed, I was introduced to the game by a friend on his computer while I was at his house, now we can't transfer, and there is not even a way to say "hey guys, we are not sharing IPs anymore since the first day I logged in, would you please unblock us?"
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    Respuesta: 3-5-2 try using defensive mentality and counter attack if you are not using that yet, also long pass might be an improvement but I haven't tried that yet
  7. Respuesta: transfer ban is permanent? Thanks, guess I can wait one season, hope that's all. Can anyone confirm it? I think it just got blocked, not reversed, but then why to block a loan for an 88 valued guy who hasn't even been used yet? what is the porpuse of loaning then? it's not like there is a way to do "fair" loans, he wanted to avoid paying for a player he won't be using for a while and my team is newer and less developed so, I found the player useful do you need to have an strong team to transfer/loan with strong teams? It has something to do with me being a new player? or the loan itself was odd?
  8. A friend introduced me to the game while I was on his house and showed me how to create and account etc, now we got our transfers banned, my guess it is because I created my account on his computer, because the deal was nothing special, just a loan for a 88 valued guy he wasn't using and he wanted him to avoid losing morale and he believes this guy will gain value eventually and I found him useful, papadopoulus or something like that. I looked for a way to explain it but all I can report is other people cheating... is there any way to fix it? if I create a new account and start all over would that be illegal?
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