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  1. I have Higuian, Benzema, suarez... whom should i give to get bale.. straight swap.. i guess suarez is currently better than higuian and benzema.. so between benzema and higuian make a choice ..
  2. i have Neymar.. i can get gotze by giving neymar + cash... should i do the deal?
  3. Re: GoalKeeper statistics exceptions dont count mate.. goals/assist for a goalkeeper is equal to goal/assists for torres ( if u understand what i mean )
  4. Re: GoalKeeper statistics yes that will also do.. what i mean is, they should add stats which are realted to a goalkeeper.. definately goals/assists stats for a goalkeeper is irrelevent
  5. I am not sure whether this has been suggested before, so i am suggesting it now. I guess we should tweak with the statistics shown for Goal keepers. instead of goals scored or assists , it would be much more helpful if the stats are on percentage of successful saves made , penalties saved ratio or something on this lines.. Clearly a stat showing about goals/assists for a goalkeeper isnt any helpful or relevent.. its better if SM shows the stats which are concerned with the position of a Goalkeeper.
  6. i have busquet(94) , i recieved an offer for him which includes sneijder(94) + de jong(92).. should i accept the deal.. ??
  7. I want to know how much good higuian is in SM.. does he scores a lot or assist a lot or is just a useless 94.. please answer on basis of SM prformance not real life matches.. i know tactics and formations play a lot on how a player performs but generally how good is higuian is in SM
  8. hi, i have three transfers to ask for :- 1. my van der vaart+ lennon for de rossi 94 2. my modric for van persie.. 3. my m'vila + kjaer for alexis sanchez please help..
  9. hi, i have three transfers to ask for :- 1. my van der vaart+ lennon for de rossi 94 2. my modric for van persie.. 3. my m'vila+kjaer for alexis sanchez please help..
  10. Re: Montolivo + el sharawy for my DE JONG.. urgent i have toure, strootman,sissoko as replacement of DM..
  11. should i sell my de jong 92 for montolivo plus el sharawy ??
  12. Should i sell my de jong 92 for montolivo 91 plus el shaarawy 19/86.. need help please urgent.
  13. i have dzeko.. should i swap him for iker munian(19/90)...??
  14. should i trade my m'vila for neymar?
  15. i have offered these two players for muller.. is it good.. considering muller and m'vila are of same age and muller is already 93.. should i do the deal?
  16. Re: Riferimento: Di maria + greizmann for robben then i should do the deal cause i have robben and i will be getting this two players ..
  17. i have been offered di maria and antoine greizmann for robben.. should i do the deal?
  18. in my gw, i have robben.. should i trade him for di maria? plus is mvilla for neymar a good deal? i have mvilla
  19. i play a very important match againt a milan side away. he mainly uses 4231 attacking, hard tackling, through the centre. .. he has players like buffon, lahm, nesta, sakho,coentrao, kaka,inler,hamsik,farfan,bale, gomez, love.. i am planning to play 451 , and have players like casillas, arbeloa,cheillini,luiz,dominguez, busquets,bastian,robben, benzema, suarez, ibrahimovic, mvilla and barry. also ganso and ramsey ... should i go for 451 everythng deault against 4231 away from home.. or should i try something else.. please help..
  20. Re: Youth talents yups though most of the names are known, still few new names would help.. thanks
  21. Re: Youth talents no one knows about this youths?
  22. Re: looking for an AM true, hope the manager wont back off ..
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