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  1. Re: Leandro Pimenta - Benfica youth product Another great joke. Sporting is by far the best youth system in portugal in the last couple of years. Every year there's a new "future star", overrated by the media, or not, they just don't stop producing them altough they loose a lot of competitivity with that. Then you have benfica and porto. It's kind of funny the way you're trying to convince people otherwise by bombarding the forum with threads, that compare Porto and Sporting's youth system and leave Benfica behind. As for the fact that we don't produce players in the last 20 years, you have Hugo Leal (what a player, could have had a rui costa type of career if he wasn't stupid leaving to atletico madrid for the money), Edgar (awesome player, departed to soon for spain to play for real madrid), Joao Pereira (will challenge the Rb spot in the national team very soon), Manuel fernandes (What a player!!), Paulo Sousa (Awesome player, not a very good person altough), Jorge Ribeiro (best Portuguese Lb), Ruben Amorim (Very, very regular Player), Miguel Lopes (Will play in your team next season), Rui Costa (better then any player coming out of porto youth system), Maniche (He was a product of our youth system) , and a couple of more that i don't remember right now that had a very solid career in Portugal or around the world. It's a fact that we don't produce as we used to, we were the best in portugal at doing that, and we can thank our dear president vale e azevedo for destoying our youth systam, but now, we are ready again to start producing talents, it's just a matter of waiting for Pimenta, Yartei, Simão, Saná and Nelson Oliveira to grow a little until the end of the season.
  2. who is the better choice for the defense?
  3. Re: German Changes Thanks for the information. and what are your opinion from bordon? and for ernst?
  4. Re: German Changes What about heiko westermann? he will rise? thanks
  5. Re: Mexican ratings what about vuoso from santos laguna? will he increase to 90? and esteban Solari from UNAM?
  6. Re: Spanish Ratings Anyone knows if oscar serrano from racing will hit the 90's?
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings will oscar serrano hit the 90's?
  8. Re: Daniel Bolam's Turkish Rating Predictions Is lincoln going up to 90?
  9. Re: TomOwen's German Rating Changes-Full Report what about kompany? will he go up? thanks
  10. Re: Kyle's Bundesliga 1 rating changes part 1 (Top 9 Teams) what about kompany? what do you think ? thanks
  11. Re: TomOwen's Portugal Rating Changes Predictions
  12. Re: The Random Player Ratings Thread Diego Perez rated at 89 and marko basa rated at 88?
  13. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Will Yobo get to the 90's?
  14. Can anyone tell me if diego perez from monaco will rise to the 90's? He's playing playing all games for monaco and for uruguai national team.
  15. Re: Who will increase to the 90s? Can anyone tell me if diego perez from monaco and zewlakow from olympiacos will rise to the 90's? And what about lichsteiner from lille, will he rise to 89 or 90?
  16. Re: breaking 90 midfielders???? Can anyone tell me if diego perez from monaco will reach the 90's?
  17. Re: argentinean league thread teje, what do you think about augusto fernandez? Do you think he will have his ratings increased? And will be in the argentina squad anytime soon?
  18. Re: TomOwen's French Rating Changes Predictions What about diego perez from monaco? He's 89, playing all games form monaco and for uruguai. Don't you think he will get to the 90's? What do you think about Lichsteiner from lille rated at 88 and marko basa from le mans also rated at 88? Do you think they will get a rise? BTW, will zewlakow from olympiacos rated at 89 get to the 90's?
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