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  1. What are you talking about dude? All the teams you mentioned were reviewed at the end of last season! And Benfica is crap, as all Top Portuguese teams at the moment, Primeira Liga is not competitive at all that is why SLB and Porto walk the league and then are a complete disgrace at European competitions. There was nothing wrong about Ajax players review, hell of a season, internally and externally.
  2. Says the guy who is doubting a teams ratings after game... What did you expect? For them to be playing at the same level after losing their two best/most influential players? They are 1st on Eredivisie and were 3rd on their CL group, just one point behind the 1st and 2nd. Stop whining for no reason.
  3. Arsenal logic: Let go Gnabry for 5M€ gets Pepe for 80€ I think Pepe is a very good player, but Gnabry talent was always visible. Nurture the talents you already have and spare yourself a few millions.
  4. Sancho for sure. Felix is a season of top level experience behind Sancho and should not be 90 rated.
  5. The way SM has handled young players lately we will definitely get 90 at the end of the season if he keeps up, i have no doubts about it.
  6. I would do it for Maddison alone. It's a very good deal. It's not like he was MOTM against PSG.
  7. They knew his footballing qualities pretty well when they bought him, he fits pretty well. Dembele problem is not football IQ but his attitude in general and unprofessionalism.
  8. Tolisso is 4th or 5th choice? How did you come to that conclusion? You're right about one thing, Bayern midfield is stacked but that is what is called depth, any club of that dimension needs to have that sort of depth in any position if wants to compete in 3 competitions. The season is long and is Bayern do well and Tolisso doesn't have any Injuries, he can get to 92 at the end of the season with no problem.
  9. To be honest, I think he was doing well in Italy and always had potential, but wasn't hyped, that why Sporting got him and not Juve, Roma, Napoli, Inter, Milan, etc… those teams buy everything that is hyped nowadays, either good or not. I never got impressed with Soler, the very few times that i saw him play, so I would rule him out. Ceballos is not on Bruno Fernande level yet. It would be about personal preference between Ruiz and Fernandes, if you want a more ofensive player go for Fernandes, if you want a more defensive player go for Ruiz. By the way, I think Fernandes would do very well in a Top team, the problem is the club he plays for is asking too much for him.
  10. You can use Akanji as D(RC), he's a better player IRL and has way more chances of increasing than Militão has. That being said, i don't know how long can Akanji keep his DR position, as he doesn't play there anymore.
  11. He was never good enough for top flight, his 50M price tag was simply ridiculous. Get rid of him while someone still values him.
  12. Sancho will definitely get 91, Havertz i don't think so.
  13. LOL, Yes De Jong is a Flop because he was not performing as expected in the first 3 official games of his new team...
  14. No way unless Bayern reaches CL Final or even manages to win it.
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