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  1. Re: offical Golf thread Aggghhh - I was right
  2. Re: Who's the best GK? Reina, Valdes, Cech I'd go Valdes simply because he plays for Barca and as it has already been said - he won't drop. Also, someone mentioned that Pinto was playing for a while... He was, in a couple of cup games, he does every season nearly as he is something to do with the government (or something like that anyway) - Political reasons anyway. Buffon - as it's been said will be cheaper Hart - Would get him if you can above all the rest
  3. TheUnited

    Football betting!

    Re: Football betting! Had a big win last night - SKY BET - What If bet - £50 Sheff UTD, Reading and Liverpool all to win - 7/1 Winnings = £400 was sweating until Carroll scored in the 91st minute! Tonight SKY BET - double - £25 Swansea to beat QPR and Arsenal to beat Wolves - £122 return if it comes in
  4. Re: Messi v Ronaldo. Yaaaaaawwwwwwn - Messi all day for me. Both are fantastic no denying however Messi for me.
  5. Re: offical Golf thread And so Rory mucks it up! Mickleson looks good - he won the PAR 3 tournament on the Thursday - Knowone has ever gone on to win the masters after winning the PAR 3 tournament. My money is on Bubba Watson!
  6. Re: offical Golf thread Just to say - Rory in number 2 in the world. Luke Donald in number 1 Although I've just noticed when you posted this he was number 1 haha
  7. Re: offical Golf thread Who's people money on then? Rory? Westwood? Will be close. Tiger at 3+ has a lot to do! Exciting stuff
  8. Re: Messi deal Yep - if you are getting Messi then I would do that deal.
  9. Re: Most likely person to rise to 99 None - none of these players or anyone else you mention other the Ronaldo will hit 99! Why? Because Messi and possibly Ronaldo are in the same league as Pele and Maradona. They are 2 of the best players to have ever lived. Messi probably THE best to have ever lived. For me 99 = special, an elite couple - the best ever. Gotze etc as good as he/they is/are will not be the best or in the top 5 to have ever played the game. The next person to hit 99 will have to be talked about as a possible contender for the best ever.....
  10. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread Until now haha - last min equaliser!!
  11. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread Agreed :rolleyes:
  12. Re: New to the forum You hijacking my thread yea?? ;p
  13. Re: What squad would you take to the Euro's ? Hart Walker Terry Cahill Cole Lennon Parker Gerrard Young Rooney Welbeck Foster another gk - maybe Fielding/Loach Smalling Jones Baines Richards Barry Milner Adam Johnson Lampard Walcott Sturridge Defoe Bent
  14. Re: Npower League 1 and 2 Official Thread Dropping down to the depths of 3rd only to bounce up to second hours after is making me feel sick! Bleugh!!! :rolleyes:
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