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  1. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    So keep all then??

    What about Fernando Meira' date=' Alexei Berezutsky, Tom Cleverley, Dida, Gaetano D'Agostino and Juan Manuel Mata.[/quote']

    Keep Mata for sure. Get rid of Dida asap, and if you need CMs keep D'Agostino until the next Italian changes. I really doubt he'll rise but he can be a backup if you need. Otherwise you can convince some other manager D'Agostino is great and will play on the NT and you might get something good out of it :)

  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Well you'd know' date=' check my Manchester United team in EuroChamp 488.. I want to work on the team, but then the defense needs work on, but i don't want Cambiasso, Scholes, Cana and Lucho Gonzalez, hence why i put them all on the market, but need to find someone to bring in before i sell them. I think 45m was reasonable, but 68m:confused:[/quote']

    Cambiasso can be kept for a while, Scholes and Cana can go (I don't know enough about Lucho Gonzalez)

    Have you tried offering some of the players you want to get rid of in the exchange?

    Also, you should get the 20 something missing millions the other guy wants by selling those 3 players and still be able to keep Cambiasso for your team or better trades....

  3. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    A few players i have' date=' and i'm on unsure oh whether to sell or not, as i never play them and could do with getting rid of my massive squad.. players that i bought ages ago, and have risen.. now im unsure of whether to keep or sell!?


    Diego PEROTTI[/b]

    Ranieri SANDRO

    Alberto BOTIA

    Holger BADSTUBER

    Macedo MICHEL

    Fabian DELPH

    Christoph MORITZ

    Vladimir WEISS

    Leandro CABRERA

    Vito MANNONE

    Gaetano D'AGOSTINO

    Danijel PRANJIC

    Zdravko KUZMANOVIC

    André-Pierre GIGNAC

    Who should is sell and keep!? I don't play any of them :confused:

    Keep the ones in bold for sure.

    The others can be sold for a good backup or money. D'Agostino is older and will not rise anymore IMO, unless something extraordinary happens (him playing great in the WC, unlikely). Especially for him, it would be better to cash now, but that's only my opinion.

  4. Re: Respuesta: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Which 2?





    And who would you sell to sign Sakho?

    Vermaelen' date='Kjaer,Cissokho or any of them?


    Dzagoev will be a star, a more midfield version of Arshavin. In 2-3 years he'll be top class.

    Hamsik has to switch to a bigger team to make the final jump

    Marchisio will keep rising, he's only just begun. Future of the Italian NT midfield, if he won't get injured constantly.

    Don't know too much about Ramires but I hear he's good.

    All in all, depends if you want good players now or in the future.

    Now: Ramires Future: Any of the other 3

    All those three are good, you could sell Kjaer, buy Sakho, and before the next Italian rating changes buy Kjaer again


  5. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Guys' date=' looking for a few prospects for my Liverpool team, i've recently sold a lot of players to sign Sergio Aguero, Ill sell Klose and Pavlyuchenko when there transfer bans are up to raise money then sign prospects, but i can't think of any that will cost below 5m, The likes of...

    Lukaku, Suarez, Hazard, Ljajic, Delac, Sakho, basically the majority of the obvious ones have been taken.

    So could i have some names, and then i can check if they're available or not.

    Thanks for any help in advance:)[/quote']

    Paloschi (F), Bonucci (CB), Ranocchia (CB), Macheda (CF), Neymar (F), Sirigu (GK), Koman (LM), Ramsey (CM), N'gog (CF), Ninis (RM), Poli (CM)

    Other ones, which might be taken though since they're better: Kjaer (CB), Criscito (LB), Moussa Sissoko (DM), Ozil (AM), Marin (W), Perotti (W), Falcao (F), Jovetic (AM), Kroos (AM), Dzagoev (AM), Beck (RB)

    Hope it gelps :D

  6. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Yeah him. Why.. do you think he is worth keeping? He has just risen' date=' but im thinking of cashing in...[/quote']

    Because he is talented, relatively young, and plays in a position where there is often scarcity (LM). Plus, no matter how good your first team is, you will still need subs for your wings on cup games/in case of injury, and as Vargas is a very good level sub with a future ahead of him he should be kept as a backup.

    Fiorentina will only get better and so will he.

  7. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?



    Great to have a backed up opposing opinion. However' date=' as you could have guessed, I disagree on few things.

    If you list all your Milan and Genoa and Fiorentina, and put them aside with the corresponding French clubs, you'll find soon that the French teams like Lille, Toulouse, Lyon, Monaco and Marseille are able to beat them in Europe, as they have done. I understood that Juventus just received some ***-whooping from Bordeaux. Wasn't it so? :P How about Fiorentina and Lyon? :D Only one that went to Italians was Marseille-Milan and that by a little marrgin. Meanwhile Genoa and Lille were sort of equal, both winning once, but I would say that Lille is by far stronger team and only lost to Genoa in middle of what was overly tightly scheduled row of games - they played 7 games in 3 weeks.

    It remains to be seen if Bordeaux is tougher than Inter. It's mere fact that Ligue 1 has become stronger than it used to be while Serie A isn't as strong as it was, and thus Ligue 1 has reached Serie A's level. Note, that in France the level is very equal, already traditionally, so that the mid table clubs are very competitive. For example, Toulouse has been able to do somewhat well in Europe with what is practically a B-squad, while struggling in France. Sochaux, that just lately has risen to 13th place in Ligue 1 table, has players like Dalmat, Faty and Brechet that could as well play for Genoa or Palermo. What has happened is exactly that the French top has reached the Italian top, while the level of lower clubs, the good mid table that occasionally plays in Europe, has for long time been equal between the leagues.

    Pazzini. I don't know him too well, but I just watched series of his goals and most of them were from one or two meters and more strikingly some just bounced in from him and he didn't even shoot at all. Gignac scores a lot of long shots, also free kicks and nice lobs, creates the chances himself (takes the ball from the opponent, makes runs towards net with the ball). Pazzini mostly seems to just stand in front of the goal and the ball accidentally hits him, takes a bounce, or he pokes it awkwardly to the general direction of the unguarded net and voilĂ , it's a goal for him. Or that's what I've seen on videos, wasn't really impressed of his talent. To me it seems that most of the work on most of his goals had been done by a certain Cassano (now, that's a talented player) and when Pazzini had the ball the goal was already pretty sure to happen. So, I just say, that to me it seems that Gignac is more talented and more able to produce the goals himself, despite bad season that he currently has, and Pazzini is more just enjoying the quality of his teams creative player(s). As the guy was asking for who do you think has the most potential, I'd just say Gignac. I'm not sure if any of the three will become a huge player, but what I've seen Gignac seems to be the most likely to be able to do that.

    Also, it should not be overlooked that the former French international strikers chose Gignac to be the top striker of France, over Benzema, Anelka and Henry. There must be something there then.[/quote']

    About the club level, Fiorentina has caught up to Lyon this year, beating them in the CL and qualifying first, although they're not doing too well in the league.

    Inter, I think, is definitely above any French team, as players and game.

    Juve and Milan are not what they used to be, and fresh teams like Bordeaux and Marseille can be on par with them although maybe they might have "weaker" starting 11s based on player quality.

    From there to mid table there are many teams in both leagues with interesting and talented players, young and old, but I feel there might be a little more in Serie A. I don't watch Ligue 1 so this is just an impression, I'm not making any definitive statements.

    Pazzini is a CF, unlike Gignac who is a F/AM. That is the difference. You wouldn't ask Inzaghi to take the ball on the midfield, dribble people, and score with a lob. Even considering that Inzaghi has the technical level of a 16 year old and the positioning of a jaguar, his task is different than that of different attacking players. The same is true also of Pazzini. Inzaghi has never in my memory scored from outside of the box, yet he has scored enormous amounts wherever he played. Gignac, maybe like Cassano, might not score that much but will give assists and GAME to his team.

    The difference lies in what the player has to do...obviously Forwards need much more technique than other positions, but they also need to do different things. And for being "just" a CF, Pazzini has a pretty good amount of technique. He has scored some bicycle kicks and nice headers as well as shots from far and tap-ins; Gignac might have done differently but in the end you have to see what is the role of each player.

  8. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Well' date=' Gignac hasn't been scoring much this season. Still should be a starter for France though. Becuase of not scoring much this season (so far) some people think he is new Elmander, meaning a one season wonder. I personally doubt that and still rank him high. He does get a lot of scoring chances, shoots a lot, just doesn't score actually. He has started to produce more places for others now, which is good (assisted all three goals in last game). Toulouse buying a new forward might help too, as the responsibility will be shared and he will have some more direct support.

    One must not overlook the fact that he won the scoring title in France last year without having much support in attack. Toulouse's midfield is very defensive and the lateral players haven't been of top quality. Machado, who is more productive, has suffered injuries this season. Tabanou, also a skilled individual, is still very young and hasn't been so good under the pressure - plus he plays all the time for les bleuets, which tires him as well. Braaten, Sirieix and seemingly Devaux too, aren't really top of ligue 1 quality. So Toulouse simply lacks a productive player on right flank (and I suppose that Kazim Kazim guy will occupy a right wing forward position). It's not only that Gignac has a lot of pressure when the scoring lies solely on his shoulders, but also that in lack of direct support he doesn't get so many good scoring chances as he is lonely in attack and constantly marked. Last season he scored a lot of goals from what were not good scoring chances. Now, add to this, that he seemingly doesn't have as much efficiency in front of the net as last season, and it is no wonder he doesn't repeat his scoring. It is not easy task.

    So, I do think highly of Gignac, he is fast, strong, athletic forward, good in duels, has very good shot on right foot, decent finishing on left one as well, superb in air. It is likely that he'll move to a bigger club soon, and England would be not only possible, but also recommendable, because the pacy, physical game would suit him fine.

    However, I cannot rank these guys, because I know so very little of Pazzini and Lavezzi. I think Lavezzi is sort of similar case to Gignac, in that there was huge hype about him just last season and now he isn't doing much anything at all. I would like to remark, that despite the huge hype on Lavezzi, he never did anything as special as Gignac last season and Serie A today isn't tougher than Ligue 1, so, I would perhaps rank Gignac higher. He is also younger than Lavezzi, isn't he? Well, anyway, they're almost the same age, doesn't change a lot. Lavezzi seems, from what I have seen, somewhat same type of player as Gignac, although I do assume Gignac is physically stronger of these two. Technically there's no big difference between these two.

    Pazzini has been big this season, but isn't he a simple scoring forward, a target man? He might become a sort of Gignac for Italy then, but I do feel that Gignac is better all around player, more complete. Hard to say though, I don't really know much about Pazzini. Pazzini just seems to me to be mostly a lucky stand-in-front-of-the-goal-and-poke-the-balls-in, so I don't see any huge potential there, and that kind of player can easily see a dry season as well, if just his teammates are unable to produce all those easy chances. Currently he has a sort of constant Christmas in Sampdoria.

    Now, as neither of these guys seem to me to be a Pato or Benzema type of technically super talented players, but rather belong to the same category of physical fast forwards with decent skill and good finishing with Gignac, I would say that Gignac is the most proven of the three, and I personally am most sure about his potential to make it real high on international level.[/quote']

    Good analysis, but I would disagree with you on a couple of things. First of all, Serie A is harder than Ligue 1. Teams are much more defensive and scoring is rather complicated, since clubs think more about not being scored on rather than scoring themselves. Especially for forwards, that is an important fact to look at. It is also more competitive, besides for the first place in which Inter undoubtedly has a pretty large gap over competitors. But if you put side-by-side the teams from the first to the 8th or 9th positions - Milan, Roma, Napoli, Palermo, Juventus, Fiorentina, Cagliari, Genoa - you find that they all have talented players, some of them a good playing style, and are all competing for the CL and Europa League positions. I think this and other factors put the Italian League ahead of the French one.

    Pazzini isn't just a stand-in-front-of-goal player; he is not an Inzaghi. He can score from outside of the box and has good technique with both feet, as well as a powerful surgical header. True, he depends on other people's assists, but how many CFs don't? People like Eto'o, Adebayor, Drogba need balls given to them for most goals they score, they don't just put it in by themselves as others would (Messi, Ibrahimovic, Tevez, ecc.). Sampdoria has had a slump in the latter months of this season, but Pazzini still manages to put balls in the net. Watch the highlights of England-Italy U21 3-3 at Wembley to see his talent!

    I have never seen Gignac play but, also since he's a F/Am and not just CF, I assume he plays differently than Pazzini. He should be more similar to Lavezzi who, although good, I think is overrated. He's quick and technical, but I don't find him anything except maybe above average. So I can't really comment on this list because I haven't seen Gignac, but I wouldn't be so swift in saying he's better than Pazzini. As the latter will probably rise these changes, he's also one to look out for in the future.

    Other than that, again you did a nice job summarising and I hope to have said something else useful to the person who was inquiring about these three.


  9. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    I can't think of any 90s who are going up' date=' but how about Thiago Silva? He is 89 who will rise to 90 and maybe 91. Kjaer will rise from 87 to 89, Kolarov will also probably rise but I don't think he'll go to 90. Criscito is a great young left back also. A definate future Italy key player. He has maybe a 40% chance of a rise to 90 but is a long-term 93+ for sure.[/quote']

    But Criscito might change to LM/LB, so be careful

    Thiago Silva agreed though, he's talented

    For the future: Santon, Ranocchia, Bonucci

  10. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Diego won't drop. He and the whole squad of Juve has had a poor season but he won't drop. In my opinion he is better than Sneijder on his day.

    Diego Ribas da Cunha: 18 games, 3 goals, 4 assists in Serie A.

    Juventus is 5th.

    Obviously Diego is not fulfilling his 94 potential and is not performing to the standards he had shown in the past. He was supposed to be the quality man for Juve but instead he has disappointed many Juve fans since he seems to find no purpose on the pitch, either as an assist man, as a central midfielder, or as a scorer. His stats aren't enough for his rating, he will drop at least by one.

    If you really want to bring Sneijder into this...12 games, 4 goals, 4 assists, in other words 1 assist and 1 goal every 3 games...compare to Diego who has 1 goal every 6 games and 1 assist evey 4 point something games...

    Sneijder is the most important midfielder for Italy's No.1 team and performs amazingly in all competitions, having even scored and done great plays to bring Inter to the 1/8 finals of the CL. On the other hand, Diego couldn't help Juve from dropping to the Europa League...

    Sneijder is playing like a 94 player should be: center of the team, always a starter, crucial in cups and league.

    Diego is playing like a person who lost their role in the game, and besides a few incidents, he hasn't left any mark on the season thus far, both in Europe and in Italy. Ergo, Diego will drop, Sneijder will stay.

    And by this I am not saying Diego doesn't have quality; he does, he has shown it. But he isn't finding his job at Juve, and he will take damage because of this. In the summer I would've liked to see Diego at Inter, but now I can only say the real deal has been Sneijder.

    Sorry, but unless you give some arguments, I believe that I am correct in asserting the fact that Diego will drop.

  11. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Van Nisterooy is set to drop to a 93 and i am sure diego will stay (he will definately rise in the future)' date=' so in other words GOOD DEAL.

    Hope i helped[/quote']

    Diego will drop, he's been inconclusive for Juve. -1 at the very least. Go for Sneijder instead, if you can. Reliable CM/AM.

  12. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    I have a complete real madrid squad and i want to get rid of kaka who do you think i should trade him for? Pato' date=' Rooney, Torres, Aguero, Tevez, Gomez, Fabregas, Diego, David Silva, ?? Who will be better this year ? :D I really want to hear some of your opinions because i really can't decide who to get[/quote']

    I would try to get Rooney, Fabregas, and as second choices David Silva, Higuain, maybe Tevez...

  13. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Just had a bid for Pato accepted. I am giving away Mutu and Trochowski for him. What do you think?

    It's a good deal. He won't rise (or drop) these changes but he is only 20 so he has his life ahead of him to reach higher ratings :P

    I got Pato for my Fiorentina for Mutu + 10 million (he was still 90 back then) and then he rose to 92...so it was a worthwhile investment. Do yours too!

  14. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    I'm thinking of buying Walter Samuel in my set where is worth 13.4million' date=' my current CB's are:


    [*]MAXWELL, Scherer LB/LM 28 92

    [*]BRUNO ALVES, Eduardo CB 28 92

    [*]ESCUDE, Julien CB/LB 30 92

    [*]GAMBERINI, Alessandro CB 28 91

    [*]CHYGRYNSKIY, Dmytro CB 23 90

    Is he worth getting for Maxwell or Escude?

    Thanks for any help.

    You could also sell CHYGRYNSKIY because he has been playing awfully and leaving huge gaps in the Barca defence.

  15. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Yes' date=' he is in for a drop.

    He is not playing many games and he was injured in the beginning of the season.

    If i was you, i would sell him, he is just an average player;)

    This time, maybe he won't rise because right now is not scoring any goals, but he is really talented and can be a future 94+.[/quote']

    Thanks! I also think Negredo is a very good player although 94 may be a bit much for him :)

  16. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    got a chance to sign Juan of Roma' date=' I know he might drop, but is he worth a gamble?[/quote']

    No, he will drop by 1 or 2, as Roma is not brilliant in defense and he is missing many games. Also, he is old. Not worth it :)

    Lucio is something else, though. If you can, get him

  17. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    He's definitely not rising..

    If you can get him for a low price then do it' date=' he is really talented..[/quote']

    If you have to invest in young players, I would not recommend Giovinco; he is potentially good but only in the longer term. Better prospects for the near future include Perotti, Marchisio, Dzagoev, Koman, Ranocchia just to give you a few names in different positions so you can get an idea.

  18. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Is Luca Toni's rating just going to sink downwords?

    He will probably return to Italy in the January transfer period, but he will never regain his former form (in my opinion). He will drop slowly (or suddenly, depending what happens to him.

    You can sell him now (if you have him) or just avoid buying him.

  19. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    guys' date=' giovinco? if i want to sell?

    he is 6mil.... how much should i offer to another manager?[/quote']

    keep him until the Italian ratings, if he doesn't rise sell him. You can get some useful money/trade out of him. he isn't playing much in Juve and although he is young he can be switched for more promising players.

  20. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?

    Guys' date=' i need a future 90+ DM and ST, they need to rise within the next 3 months my teams pritty weak in them area's at the moment as Banega and Suarez who i both have on loan are keeping the team's play off hopes alive, the last game of the season is on wendesday and i dont see myself getting Banega and Suarez coming back to me on loan next season, so i need to look else were, i have 28.6m to spend and then im going to sell McGeady, but then im going to be looking at a move for Arshavin (witch will mean ill need more money, but this is a different story) Could someone fill me in on some other future 90's? that could rise to 90's within the same time period that i wanted the DM and ST to rise in (within 3 months)

    Help will be apriciated:)[/quote']

    Marchisio for 90s these rating changes.

    For future ones: Moussa Sissoko, Stevan Jovetic, Mario Balotelli

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