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  1. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Still he is not performing as a 91 rated player. The most he will be in the near future is 90.
  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Melo won't rise this time but he might in the future. If you have replacements for Totti and need midfielders then I would say this deal is good. With the money you can buy Hulk, Cavani, or other young forwards.
  3. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Neither will rise or drop, and I also personally rate Evra higher; however, until now, both have 9 games and 1 assist in the EPL, but Cole has 2 goals too. If they are in managed teams you could put a bid for both and see if one is accepted; if they are in unmanaged teams I guess I'd go for Evra.
  4. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Tiago 89/90 Palacio 89/90 Paloschi ->86 The other 2 I don't know
  5. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Boateng, Subotic, Evans Gk: Viviano, Consigli
  6. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Sell: Quaresma, Del Piero, Gattuso, Cicinho
  7. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Get Santon, he's younger and already playing for NT and club. He will end the year at 88/89 nearly for sure, and he has the advantage of playing 2 roles (RB/LB) instead of just one like Insua.
  8. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hello, I have a team with the following defenders: Maicon Chivu Cordoba Pique Godin Arbeloa Criscito Maxwell Samuel And the following midfielders: Stankovic Muntari Mohammed Sissoko Cambiasso Marchisio I am negotiating a deal with another manager which involves: Kallstrom + 3 mill = Stankovic Lucio = Cordoba I am aware that Stankovic might rise and Cordoba might drop, so should I go through with the deal? I am undecided because clearly Lucio would be a good addition to my team, but I also doubt that letting Stankovic go would be good. Opinions? Also, will Godin drop? Villarreal are horrible right now...
  9. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Keep Samuel, as already said, he might even rise. Criscito will rise (if not now in the future) and he's a great LB, so keep/get him. Molinaro will only go down, either sell him or don't buy him!
  10. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I would add that it depends between Mascherano and Robben; it depends what player he needs. CMs/DMs are easier to come by than wingers, so Robben would be a good pick if you play the most common 4 or 5 man midfield formations...he won't drop and again, wingers are rare, good wingers even more!
  11. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Sorry I misread what you said; I guess I overlooked the "half" part to the dozen. Toni isn't scoring (or playing) and I don't see how he could make it to the team...hopefully Pazzini will be there, if not Cassano. And Balotelli can play F/W much better than Quagliarella, and I would hope he made it there, but he won't be. I admit I'm judging based on potential; but there has already been evidence of what he can do. In his first season he scored 2 vs. Juve in Coppa Italia in one match, and he went on to score 3 decisive goals in the league that allowed Inter to win another title. Last year he played quite well and was the most dangerous player at San Siro vs. ManU, before Mou changed his position and he didn't do too well afterwards. Besides that, I gave some stats and he can provide both goals and assists, which is what he has done and will hopefully keep on doing. So I would say my judgement is 50/50 between potential and (thus far relatively small, but look at his age) achievement. Still respect your opinion though, don't take me wrong.
  12. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings I agree on those besides the technical one. However, you have to realize that Balotelli has an 18 year old's body and when he grows up he will be a monster, and he will also improve his team game skills. Give him 3 years and he will be flying up the 92s!
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