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  1. Re: Searching for Left Backs Hey thanks! I shortlisted him and he seems a great prospect! He is in an unmanageable team and I can swap him for Dossena
  2. Hello to everyone and sorry if a similar thread has already been made. My search tool is giving me weird stuff. Anyways, I have an Udinese with the following squad: CARRIZO, Juan Pablo Gk 25 89 DOSSENA, Andrea LB/LM 27 89 DE CEGLIE, Paolo LB/LM 22 88 FUCILE, Jorge RB/LB 24 90 ODDO, Massimo RB 32 90 GARAY, Ezequiel CB 22 91 MAGALLON, Jonny CB/RB 27 90 GONZALO, Rodríguez CB 25 90 ZAPATA, Cristian CB 22 90 THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano CB 24 89 DE GUZMAN, Jonathan RM/CM 21 89 MAKOUN, Jean CM/DM 26 91 GAGO, Fernando CM/DM 23 91 MONTOLIVO, Riccardo CM 24 91 MUNTARI, Sulley Ali CM 24 91 HAMSIK, Marek CM/AM 21 90 GIOVINCO, Sebastian AM/Fwd 22 88 TROCHOWSKI, Piotr Wing/AM 25 91 BEN ARFA, Hatem Wing/Fwd 22 89 DI MARIA, Ángel Wing/Fwd 21 88 ROSSI, Giuseppe Fwd/AM 22 91 CASSANO, Antonio Fwd/AM 26 91 ZARATE, Mauro Fwd 22 90 GILARDINO, Alberto CF 26 92 And I am looking to find a LB to replace Dossena after he dropped. Are there LBs rated 88+ who are cheap, possibly young, and with a bright future? I need a good investment to back De Ceglie up and it also has to be swappable for no more than 5-7 mill, as I have 121k and can only get money by selling Dossena. PS: Is Thiago Silva worth keeping or can I cash him for 14mill? Thank you guys, I know balancing price and talent is hard but I really need someone good on my left for my second season in the 1st league.
  3. Re: Sulley Ali Muntari rating? Cool thanks for the replies We shall keep the Sulley
  4. Re: Maniche/Makoun Thanks I'll keep Muntari then
  5. Re: CM/DM Risers How about Muntari? And who would you have between Muntari and Makoun? (Note: Makoun is 1 year older)
  6. Re: Maniche/Makoun I am being offered Makoun + 7mill for Muntari...what should I do?
  7. Re: Sulley Ali Muntari rating? Do you guys think Muntari has a high rise margin in the future? I'm being offered a deal with Lion in exchange for Makoun...they are the same rating and Muntari is 1 year younger...opinions?
  8. Re: I'm Searching your help!! Hello! I will be glad if you fire your Italian Rating Researches, because of their lastest rating update. How can Stankovic (GAMES:29 GOALS:5 ASSISTS:6) be 93?? For example, Adrian Mutu is 94 and played only 19 games and scored 13 goals...in that case Diego Forlan should be a 95,because he played 30 games and scored 27 goals! Rogerio Ceni plays in Sao Paulo (certainly not a top team) and he is rated 92...Christian Abbiati is rated 90 and plays for AC MILAN!!! I don't understand the reasons for this. Fabrizio Miccoli plays for Palermo, he's rated 90 and this season he played 27 games scoring 11 goals. Edinson Cavani is in the same team, he has played 34 games and scored 14 goals...why he is only 89?!?!
  9. Re: Italian rating predictions Well, SM has become unpredictable. I don't know if they did these weird changes on purpose to upset all of our honest predictions... Gila, Kuzmanovic, Giovinco, De Ceglie, and a few others should have risen. Frey, Chiellini, and a bunch of others...overrated. Not that they aren't good, but they haven't reached their rating levels yet. Weird, just weird.
  10. Re: Italian rating predictions SM is strange so these are speculations, some of the just predictions I had made were overturned by the "rating experts"
  11. Re: Italian rating predictions I agree completely. In the first half of the season they were 2nd and he was scoring and making plenty of assists, he should have gone directly to 91 then, as Gorcouff in the French ratings. Imo Cigarini also deserved a raise, Marchetti should have gone to 88, and I don't really see Lavezzi as a 90 anymore though...
  12. Re: Italian rating predictions Panucci will drop. 10% 92 45% 91 45% 90 He has performed as poorly as the team and didnt play that much lately.
  13. Re: Italian rating predictions For Albe92: Per me Cavani va a 89, Amauri invece resta. Non ha i numeri per andare a 93, almeno in questo momento. For Andyowls: Yes, we'll have to wait and see but the team average will drop by a bit (except Motta, who will go to 88) and I fear Mexes will be part of what will be axed
  14. Re: Italian rating predictions Yes but Milan are Milan and I think a little bias persists, especially to Kaka who is in no way a 98. Mexes played horrible and Milan, besides vs. Juventus in the first leg, never took 4 goals in one match. Roma have had more than three matches taking 4, and although they've had injuries this doesn't cover their defenders from drops. Mexes was inconsistent, examples of this are the matches vs. Inter and the penalty he gave away vs. Arsenal I still think there is a higher chance he'll drop
  15. Re: Italian rating predictions He should be, but this year Roma performed poorly as did he. Roma aren't going to make it to the CL (most likely) and that will damage his and the team's reputation. I am sure he won't rise, and I am afraid he has a large chance of dropping. 60%-91 40%-92
  16. Re: Italian rating predictions Well, he has been an excellent player for the league, Uefa Cup, and National Team. He has been injured the last couple of months, and although his team has still performed well, SM take injuries as reasons to decrease rating. As he is 31 and 93, with a possible drop by 1 or (more unlikely) by 2, I am not sure whether 12 million would be a good gamble. If you really need a forward and that is all you can spend take the offer, but if you want to invest on younger players or more constant players you can try: Diego Milito F 93 Negredo CF 89 (young, will rise) Iaquinta F 91 Dzeko CF 89 (young, will rise) Good luck!
  17. Re: Italian rating predictions Will Sissoko rise? He has been one of the few good midfielders for Juve this season but has been injured in the last couple of months. I can't wait until Pato goes up...I have an Inter with Pato, Higuain, Negredo, and Mata...in two weeks I'll be ecstatic
  18. Re: Italian rating predictions Balotelli will rise to 88 at the maximum. Reasons: He scored constantly in the second half, but he still has to come up to higher standards to get to 90. But, if Jovetic is at 88, and Balotelli is definitely better, then he should have 89. Santacroce will stay hopefully. Reasons: Napoli's bad form and results in the second half of the league
  19. Re: Italian rating predictions I doubt it. He doesn't play that much and besides a few assists and a few goals he hasn't risen to 90 standards. Lazio did an average league, they are in the final of Coppa Italia though so I would say 80% stay at 89 and 20% rise to 90.
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