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  1. Re: Italian rating predictions Robert Acquafresca-> 88/89 Simon Kjaer-> 87 David Beckham-> 90 Thiago Motta-> 89 Bosko Jankovic-> 88 Alessandro Del Piero-> 93 Carvalha Amauri-> 92 Claudio Marchisio (do you think he can hit 90 some day?)-> 89 (90 next changes I hope ) Vincenzo Iaquinta-> 91 Giorgio Chiellini-> hopefully 93 Marco Marchionni-> 88 I'm Italian and from what I know that should be more or less how it goes. Maybe Del Piero and Beckham +1, but I don't see that coming.
  2. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction Ok thanks for the tip. I'll see if I can get some W in exchange, really need one atm. Ciao
  3. Heitinga Hello, I would like to ask about Heitinga. I now have a team with Chiellini, Pepe, Mertesacker, and Mexes as CBs. I want to sell Heitinga but I want to make sure that he won't rise in the Spanish changes. What do you people think? I know Atletico isn't kown for solidity at the back but I know Heitinga should be talented, so I'm not sure. Thanks in advance.
  4. Re: Italian rating predictions thanks i really need wingers for my teams, thats why i was hoping...
  5. Pepe hello, i think your rating changes are pretty accurate and thorough. what i was wondering, since i am considering buying him, do you think pepe's (udinese) position will change? he plays in the forward 3 in his team, together with di natale and quagliarella I need wingers/side midfielders, and since in the national team he also plays on the side, does anyone think there is a possibility for him to be switched to W/F or someting similar? wingers are rare, especially at good deals like this one. any help/opinions are appreciated. thanks in advance
  6. Re: Best Players For Each Formation who do you think its is better to have on the wings of 4-4-2, 3-4-1-2, 4-5-1 etc. a RM or LM depending on the side or a W? In my experience RM and LM perform much better and score more, if thats true what exactly is the purpose of a W on SM? Example: in my Fiorentina (3-4-1-2) i play with Rosina (W/AM) on the right and Hitzlsperger (CM/LM) on the left. If players lose 2 rating for playing their second position (92-2=90=Rosina) then how come that Hitzlsperger has 8 goals and Rosina 2, with only 2 more matches played? Thanks for the help, I have been having this doubt for a while. By the way, how bad is it to play a AM on the wings? Grazie, ciao
  7. Re: Rate My Youth Squad i have two teams with a nice youth squad; a real madrid and a spartak moska here they are: SPARTAK: defenders: shishkin, 21 88 radu, 21 87 de silvestri, 19 85 hoyte, 17 72 midfielders: rigoni, 17 70 pele, 20 83 dessena, 20 86 hamsik, 20 89 cigarini, 21 88 lulinha, 18 82 giovinco and de ceglie, both 21 and 85 but expecting a rise in italian ratings forwards: rossi, 21 90 pozzi, 21 87 acquafresca, 20 85 balotelli, 18 84 paloschi, 18 80 lanzafame, 21 80 mancini, 17 70 cerci, 20 82 forestieri, 18 77 and my REAL: defenders: marcelo, 19 89 midfielders: nasri, 20 92 cigarini, 21 88 hamsik, 20 89 crosas, 20 82 giovinco, 21 85 drenthe, 21 88 forwards: mancini, 17 70 balotelli, 20 84 higuain, 20 89 of course, some of these players r in my starting team also, especially many for my spartak. to be fair, i have not included 22 year olds, such as sergio ramos, torres, gago for real and torrejon and a few others in my spartak. looking forward to some rating
  8. Re: cassano or rosina? thanks to everyone for your advice. seems ill go for rosina
  9. i need to buy a W/F/AM and i want to know your opinion on which of these 2 players has more chance of growing in the future and thus is a better buy. they are both young italian talents with good shooting and dribbling skills and this leads me to doubt. your opinion is very appreciated. thanks
  10. Re: cash prizes thanks man hope it will help. ciao
  11. Re: Chelsea16's Serie B Rating Changes great work man. i am from and support vicenza and i am very happy that someone pay attention to serie B. many great talents come from there (just consider Golden Ball winners Paolo Rossi and Roberto Baggio both are from Vicenza) and i think this post could help managers get some future stars. again, great work. unfortunately though, i dont have a Gold Account and thus cant manage my home team i hope SM can do some changes and make most teams manageable to everyone, at least in europe and in second leagues of important countries like Italy. peace out
  12. how bad is it to play players out of position? for example, playing a RB as a CB, a LB as a RB, or a CM in CB? etc.. i want to know since i am experiencing quite a few injuries and i wanna know how to play my squad with what i have without risking too much.
  13. help where is this FAQ u are all talking about? a link would be helpful. thx
  14. Re: cash prizes thanx for the help guys. anyways ill finish my first season in a standard setup soon and this will increase my knowledge on the game
  15. i am not new to SM but i havent played long enough to finish a league yet. i'd like to know what are the cash prizes for all four leagues in standard setups (1st 2nd 3rd place) and the prizes for winning a cup. thanks for the help
  16. Re: suspensions ok, but will it reduce their suspension by 1 match at least? thanx again
  17. tactics i think when u manage pretty bad teams (3rd and 4th leagues) that 4-4-2 is the best because it covers overall the need for defense, midfield, and attack. otherwise, in the 2ndand 1st leagues you get the need for more diverse formations also coz u have better players available. for example, i have an udinese and a napoli in two 4th leagues and i play 4-4-2, and theyre doing good, while i have a sao paulo in the first league that is currently third with 4-5-1 AM. my other teams i wont mention
  18. if a player is suspended in a league game, does the suspension count for cup games also? im asking because 2 of my best players got a red card in a league game and i dont know if i can play them in the cup. thankyou all for ur help:)
  19. Re: 3 playersi have questions about remy is 20 yo and rated 81 edgar is 20 yo and 83 gekas is 27 yo and 91 thanx for the replies
  20. i found REMY, loic EDGAR, bruno as free agents in one of my leagues. do you think they will grow and that they will be worth buying? what about GEKAS, theofanis?
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