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    Jack la Faina got a reaction from Damian in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
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    Jack la Faina got a reaction from Caleb in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    It's a good deal. He won't rise (or drop) these changes but he is only 20 so he has his life ahead of him to reach higher ratings
    I got Pato for my Fiorentina for Mutu + 10 million (he was still 90 back then) and then he rose to 92...so it was a worthwhile investment. Do yours too!
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    Jack la Faina got a reaction from stones in Playing players in their second position   
    Re: Playing players in their second position
    Personally I use a -2 rating rule in playing people in their secondary position. For example, if I have to choose who to use for my right midfield position and I have Dani Alves RB/RM @ 94 and Robben at W/F @ 93
    Dani Alves = 94 - 2 = 92
    Robben = 93 - 0 = 93
    So I'd play Robben, and I do the same for other positions. That's my reasoning, I guess other people have different ones
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    Jack la Faina got a reaction from Lensois in Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?   
    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    He won't drop IMO but he won't rise either, you should sell him/swap him for other players in his position. For example, Andreas Beck.
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    Jack la Faina got a reaction from lewisd91 in CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings   
    Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings
    Tiago 89/90
    Palacio 89/90
    Paloschi ->86
    The other 2 I don't know
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    Jack la Faina got a reaction from mr liucci in CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings   
    Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings
    Sorry I misread what you said; I guess I overlooked the "half" part to the dozen.
    Toni isn't scoring (or playing) and I don't see how he could make it to the team...hopefully Pazzini will be there, if not Cassano. And Balotelli can play F/W much better than Quagliarella, and I would hope he made it there, but he won't be.
    I admit I'm judging based on potential; but there has already been evidence of what he can do. In his first season he scored 2 vs. Juve in Coppa Italia in one match, and he went on to score 3 decisive goals in the league that allowed Inter to win another title. Last year he played quite well and was the most dangerous player at San Siro vs. ManU, before Mou changed his position and he didn't do too well afterwards. Besides that, I gave some stats and he can provide both goals and assists, which is what he has done and will hopefully keep on doing. So I would say my judgement is 50/50 between potential and (thus far relatively small, but look at his age) achievement.
    Still respect your opinion though, don't take me wrong.
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    Jack la Faina got a reaction from mr liucci in Esteban cambiasso. Over rated?   
    Re: Esteban cambiasso. Over rated?
    Cambiasso is to Inter what Lampard is to Chelsea. He might not score as much but he is a wall in the midfield. The Italian league lost splendor, but it is still competitive and certainly superior to the French and German ones. La Liga and EPL only have more money.
    If he had a true playmaker alongside him, like Mascherano has Gerrard or Iniesta has Xavi, you would see the importance and talent of this player.
    That's Inter's largest problem; they lack a playmaker.
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    Jack la Faina reacted to Smartdoc in EPL v La Liga v Serie A V Bundesliga - the big statistical analysis according to SM   
    The rating changes are now over for the major European leagues. The usual disgruntlement regarding various players rating ensued. This in turn lead to the age old arguments about which league is better than which. Some of the usual discussion points emerged:

    EPL is over-rated
    Serie A is under-rated
    Certain teams are over-rated
    The mid-table teams in La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga are better than the EPL mid-table teams
    etc etc

    I decided to challenge these and have a bit of fun by looking at the best starting XI of the supposed best four leagues in Europe (apologies to French and Russian league advocates but went with Bundesliga ahead of you ). The formations used do not necessarily resemble the formation in real-life in all cases I might add, but are based on the best possible team SM rating-wise. To add some spice, I set up the comparison to put teams like-for-like based on their current position in their respective league i.e. I compared the team leading in the EPL with those leading La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga - then the 4 2nd place teams in all the leagues and so on. Sounds complicated but it will become a little clearer below. As stated, I looked at the average of the best possible starting line-up as according to SM ratings. Off course this is not the whole picture, and shows no representation of the squad overall which obviously would be a more accurate picture. But it's an interesting comparison nonetheless. To the results:
    League Pos......Order of teams as according average of best possible starting line-up
    1......................Barcelona (94.36) > Manchester U (94.09) > Inter Milan (93.54) > Wolfsburg (89.09)
    2......................Real Madrid (93.63) > Liverpool (93.18) > AC Milan (93.09) > Bayern Munich (92.45)
    3......................Chelsea (93.92) > Juventus (92.27) > Sevilla (91.00) > VfB Stuttgart (89.73)
    4......................Arsenal (92.45) > Atletico Madrid (91.45) > Fiorentina (90.82) > Hertha Berlin (88.54)
    5......................Valencia (91.18) > Everton (89.82) > Genoa (89.00) > Borrusia Dortmund (87.93)
    6......................Roma (91.91) > Villareal (91.09) > Hamburg (89.63) > Aston Villa (89.6)
    7......................Palermo (88.91) > Deportivo LA Coruna (88.45) > Fulham (87.63) > Hoffenheim (87.54)
    8......................Tottenham (89.91) > Schalke (89.82) > Udinese (89.45) > Malaga (87.00)
    9......................Bayer Leverkusen (89.45) > West Ham (88.18) > Real Mallorca (88.09) > Cagliari (87.09)
    10.....................Werder Bremen (90.36) > Manchester C (89.91) > Lazio (89.09) > Almeria (87.73)
    11.....................Atletic Bilbao (88.27) > Atalanta (87.73) > Hannover (87.18) > Stoke (85.73)
    12.....................Racing Santander (88.54) > Sampdoria (88.27) > Wigan (87.64) > Fc Koln (86.82)
    13.....................Napoli (88.63) > Bolton (87.73) > Eintracht Frankfurt (87.45) > Real Valladolid (86.82)
    14.....................Portsmouth (88.73) > Espanyol (88.45) > Siena (87.09) > VfL Bochum (86.63)
    15.....................Real Betis (88.45) > Blackburn (87.82) > Catania (87.00) > Borussia Moenchengladbach (86.18)
    16.....................Getafe (87.73) > Sunderland (87.00) > Chievo (86.54) > Arminia Bielefeld (85.82)
    17.....................Torino (87.18) > Hull (86.09) > Energie Cottbus (85.91) > Sporting Gijon (85.82)
    18.....................Newcastle (88.00) > Osasuna (87.18) > Bologna (86.36) > Karlsruhe (86.18)
    19.....................Middlesborough (86.73) > Reggina (86.00) > Numancia (85.18)
    20.....................Recreativo Huelva (86.63) > Lecce (86.09) > West Brom (86.00)
    Note there is no German side in the last two comparisons as the Bundesliga only comprises 18 teams
    The way to look at this is to imagine each set of four teams (and in the last two three teasm) and imagine they were in a mini-league on their own. The placings represent how SM would have them finish in their mini-league as going by ratings. For example picking on the 11th placed sides, SM suugest a mini league between Atletic Bilbao, Stoke, Atalanta and Hannover would finish like this
    1. At Bilbao
    2. Atalanta
    3. Hannover
    4. Stoke
    Whilst a case could be made for a few finishing differently, I would suggest the vast majority of the mini-leagues seem quite accurate . But I leave you to discuss the comparisons.
    How about the comparisons overall? Well, allocating a points system according to these mini-leagues whereby the best side in terms of average rating is awarded 4pts, the next 3pts and so on, should in theory give us a nice comparison. So in the above example, At Bilbao would get 4pts for La Liga, Atalants 3pts for Serie A, Hannover 2pts for the Bundesliga and Stoke 1pt for the EPL. Totalling the points for all the 20 mini-leagues (1pt awarded for Bundesliga in the bottom two comparisons despite no team), the final table looks like this:
    La Liga.......57pts
    Serie A.......52pts
    So, despite the calls that one league is way over-rated or another is way under-rated, the leagues according to starting line-up at least are relatively even barring the Bundesliga when comparing these 4 leagues. This would seem to suggest that although the upper sides in the EPL and La Liga are rated higher by SM, the mid-table sides in Serie A are rated higher than their counterparts in the other leagues. However, someone could argue this may be due to false positions of some of the sides this year. Well the overall average starting line-up for the sides in the various leagues is as follows:
    La Liga.........88.86
    Serie A.........88.81
    Now, Im not here to debate whether the gap should be larger or smaller, but what this does show, is that when you compare the quality of starting line-up in the league as a whole, the leagues are a lot closer than when comparing the top sides alone. It shows SM rates them realtively evenly and no league is extremely over-rated over another. It also seems to dispel the myth that SM does not rate the mid-table sides of the Bundesliga and Serie A fairly in comparison to La Liga and the EPL as it's clear it's the ratings of these sides which closes the gap on the EPL and La Liga in terms of average rating.
    Everyone will draw their own conclusions and will no doubt dispute soem of the comparisons and continue to suggest certain teams and/or players are over-rated based on their experiences. However, my overall conclusion based on this analysis (prompted by the various calls of unfair ratings), is that in general SM has it near enough spot-on (barrign a few individual ratings which will always be disputed)
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