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  1. Wasn't it reviewed in April or was that just a partial review? Notes I have say Belgium review was done in April so there's still another eight months to go until next one.
  2. From 76 to 88 in one season. Konate went from 83 to 88 and had played 1400 more minutes for a team that qualified for the Champions League, whereas Roma only just qualified for the Europa, and in the months since his previous rise, Zaniolo had one goal. Rise to 86 would have been fairer but guess the hype the attacking players get results in quicker rises for them these days.
  3. I think the ratings are about right, Mane and Salah are better players, but he could still rise tomorrow I suppose. Good to see Eriksen got a +1, van Dijk's +2 wasn't a surprise to me, and Zouma was reviewed with Chelsea after all.
  4. Croatia (Jun) Norway (Jul) Sweden (Jul) Denmark (Jul) Scotland (Jul) Were the five leagues last year, but there's still Japan, Greece and South Korea who should have been reviewed before the big five but weren't, so they're way overdue.
  5. No +1 for Shaw either. Ridiculous. Yet Rashford rises.
  6. So seriously, no rise for Zouma? Or is he going to be done when Chelsea are reviewed?
  7. I think it is ridiculous that Konate wasn't nominated when you see the number of players there who haven't even broken through into the first teams yet.
  8. I can't see it happening as he's 85 rated and that is (or was, haven't followed the Championship review for a while) the rating cap for Championship clubs. He did have a phenomenal season so might be the exception.
  9. Pretty poor going. 3000 minutes for a team that had the joint second best defensive record in the entire league - Lille conceded 33 goals, both PSG and Nice on 35, then the other teams conceded 41+. Scoring was their problem with just 30 goals all season. Saint-Maximin contributed to 11 of these (6 goals, 5 assists) and got an increase to 89.
  10. Personally I'd say Rodriguez. Linked with Napoli, so no real scope for a rating increase there. Pogba will likely go to Real Madrid and has better chance of rising long term, plus he's nearly two years younger.
  11. I wouldn't read much into it personally. Brandt got edited and didn't get a rise. For league reviews, they seem to edit pretty much every player in the squad whether they get a rise or not. SW only really becomes useful for predicting rises like the Ajax bunch when they're edited outside of their designated review period.
  12. Eh, Brandt deserved 91 even more than Gnabry and the latter got it but not the former. Gnabry (from 89 to 91 in 3 months): Brandt (nothing):
  13. And as if by magic, both rose today 😎
  14. I reckon Mazraoui will increase in a day or two. His entry on soccerwiki was edited a few days ago and the others who were edited either increased today or a few days ago (bar Tagliafico).
  15. Lower rated but I'd say Leipzig's Upamecano and Ibrahima Konate would be good investments long term too. Konate's looked impressive today in the cup final against Bayern and last time he played Bayern too. With his performances this season I really think he should get more than a +2.
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