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  1. Seems they've already started La Liga. Would be absurd if Gladbach didn't get any more rises, however not surprising with the way the review has gone. For Denis Zakaria in particular to miss out is ridiculous. 2000+ minutes in all competitions, the only game he missed was due to a yellow suspension, starter for country where they won four of their six European qualifiers and at a club in the top two in their league, and they're trying to say that isn't worth of a +1 from 88 to 89? Seems ridiculous that they've only touched one Gladbach player but them starting La Liga doesn't make me confident that they'll finish Gladbach off.
  2. I'd say no. Southampton's highest rated players are rated 89, they're 14th in the league and Ward-Prowse's stats aren't spectacular. It is rare for players not at a "top club" in a league to go from 88-90 in one go.
  3. Brandt rise was a pleasant surprise. He's been doing great for Dortmund the last couple of months or so but thought he might be overlooked. Wasn't expecting a +2 for Sancho but with the rises other players have got it is a bit of a shame he didn't get one. If he ends the season on 20+ goals and 20+ assists in all competitions (currently on 12 goals, 13 assists), he'll likely get 92 then.
  4. There were hardly any players reviewed today. Bayern will be finished either tomorrow or the day after.
  5. Agreed. Based on the other reviews he should get a +2 but won't.
  6. Here's my effort on two of your questions. I'm not comfortable enough with my knowledge of the other players to give a verdict: Upamecano is a certainty to rise. Was linked with Arsenal in the summer and a regular in a team top of the league. Just sucks that Konate got injured when he did, as otherwise he would have been a sure rise as well. I would keep. Badiashille is promising and has played regularly for Monaco until he got benched a few games back. Personally I'd keep, taking his age into account but the concern is more on Monaco's end. They're not the same side they were when they had Mbappe. Now they're spending more and, in my opinion, not giving the young purchases enough game time. Nice squad by the way. Jealous of that defence in particular.
  7. It isn't guaranteed but there has been a change of some sort - could be updating one of his details like his position.
  8. Bundesliga then La Liga. I think we've got some SoccerWiki admins on here. If any are reading, the players that get a rating change (along with other edits) are listed on the Recent Changes, right? So if someone isn't on there, then they're not going to get an increase. If that is the case, then it is ludicrous that it appears Denis Zakaria isn't going to rise.
  9. Doesn't look like it any time soon. Started season first choice, picked up an injury and now he's returned he's on the bench and has been an unused sub a few times. That Mkhitaryan is ahead of him in the pecking order is a sign of how far he's fallen.
  10. Really is a poor review. And why did Gagliardini get a -1? He's played about 800 minutes this season with a couple of injuries for a team second in the league. Sensi who has less minutes this season than Gagliardini got a +2 to 90, while Gagliardini drops to 89. If that is enough to bring down a player from 90 to 89, then a lot of players should be in line for decreases from other leagues. Also, Strakosha deserved a rise as a starter for a club third in the league.
  11. @whythedidntbernatrise should be happy this morning.
  12. Axel Disasi also got the +4 to 82, which ultimately I think is a little disappointing. Reims have the joint fewest goals conceded this season along with PSG (on 9, next closest is 15). They're 9th but have played one game fewer than four clubs that are within three points above them, and in terms of minutes played he has played every minute for Reims, and out of all outfield players in Ligue 1, there are only 12 who have played the same or more minutes. I don't have access to Wyscout but this article says he's the top performing Ligue 1 defender on there as well (will take that with a pinch of salt). Guessing at the end of the season he'll get a +1 at most.
  13. Seems they've skipped Disasi completely. No change in rating. Despite over 1,000 minutes. Personally I'd say Elvedi should hit 90. Was a year ago he hit 89 and he's just gone from strength to strength since Rose came in.
  14. @TMCosta I can't see Goretzka getting a +1. He's missed a fair bit of the season so far due to injury.
  15. Bafode Diakite got a +4 from 78 to 82 at bottom club Toulouse when playing 558 minutes in the league. I know he's a teenager and SM like to throw ratings at young players, but do we think the older Axel Disasi (21) - who has played every minute in the league so far (1350) and at a club 11th in the league, will get at least an equal increase? Just been arguing with someone who thinks Disasi is unlikely to even get a +4 to 82.
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