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  1. Personally I don't think either have done enough for +1. Vinicius' "big moment" against Liverpool aside, he's been underwhelming this season and has only really played due to Hazard being Hazard.
  2. I know I'm president of the Bellingham fan club but he's been quality in both games for England. Really should be a starter next week. Henderson should get a -1 purely for pinching that penalty from DCL then missing it 😝
  3. They both had injuries. Sancho played just three fewer games than Haaland.
  4. Sancho deserved a 93 but I said somewhere that if Haaland was going to get a rise to 93, they'd keep Sancho at 92 to differentiate between them. Not fair but that is how it went.
  5. I'm glad about that. In the short term, Konate won't be rising this review as he hardly played since the winter review but in the longer term he'll surely be a starter at Liverpool and should hit 90 by the end of next season if he stays fit. I tend to sign younger players so I'd lean towards Konate, but ultimately it depends if Torres gets a move and to where. Personally wouldn't really consider Tapsoba as he's only being seriously linked with Arsenal.
  6. Bellingham goes to the Euros at the age of 17. Bellingham to 89 crew rise up! @Kieran_S91 I'd love to see that front three (or Grealish instead of Foden) but think Southgate will start with one of Sterling or Rashford. Wish Rashford pulled out like Greenwood did - he also needs a summer of rest.
  7. He has seven appearances there over the last couple of seasons which might be enough to just about keep it but not a guarantee. Would have been interesting to see Sancho against City. Despite the injuries he's not far off last season's stats in all competitions. 19/20: 44 apps, 20 goals, 20 assists 20/21: 36 apps, 16 goals, 19 assists Albeit the stats are now more in the cups than the league.
  8. Personally, I think he's fully deserving given his performances over the last few years and that consistency. For me, he's just as key to Dortmund as Haaland is, perhaps even moreso, and without him - like they were for both games against City - they look much worse off. I think it'll be a bit similar to Dias/Stones in the mid-season review, in that they both did amazing for City but the reviewers wanted to differentiate them so gave Dias the +1 and Stones nothing. Can see Haaland getting +1 to 93 and Sancho the 'Stones' treatment.
  9. My feeling too. 88 with a chance of 89 (89 being more likely if Reyna goes up to 88 as he's kinda stalled a bit since the last review). Four players off the top of my head who went from 86 => 89: De Ligt, Skriniar, Kroos and Sane. De Ligt and Skriniar rose to 89 mid season then 91 at the end but I think Bellingham can be compared a bit to Kroos and Sane (helps they played in same league): Not played as much in the league as them but season is still ongoing - can play a max of around 1800 minutes there. Done great in the cups and the Champions League especially. Kroos and Sane's national team minutes were purely friendlies while Bellingham has played a WC qualifier. His age and Dortmund's poor league form might count against him when it comes to the review but think his performances and the level they were at (Champions League) negates that.
  10. I like your predictions but think +1 right now is too small. Since his last review he played 90 minutes in all three of Dortmund's Champions League knockout games with very good performances at the highest level against one of the best teams in the world in Manchester City, been playing for his country and 800+ minutes in the league, currently having played 2200 minutes all season (season stats are usually taken into account at end of season review) Anyone know who the first player was? Only name that came to mind was Mbappe but he was 18 when he reached 10 Champions League appearances.
  11. One appearance (due to injuries) is not enough otherwise Fred would be a LB.
  12. Despite Dortmund's general underperforming, Bellingham has had a very good season - especially the last few months. Surely in line for a +2? This "New Signing!" tagline is annoying. I've got more posts than people with "League Two Players"!
  13. What a rubbish time for Matheus Nascimento to start getting more games in - once the Brazil review on Soccer Wiki has been done. Does Serie B get reviewed once a year or is it basically ignored?
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