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  1. Different people have different experiences with the same players. I had Messi for 14 seasons and he never had a season where he scored less than 15 goals. I sell him to someone and in two of the next three seasons Messi got 7 or fewer goals. I've had both Martial and Pulisic. Don't have Martial anymore but his stats went from one goal/assist every two games in his first few seasons to one goal/assist every five in his fifth in the league. Pulisic now for me has 14 combined goals and assists in 23 goals in all competitions. Both players have been backup for me. I just sign players based on how they're doing in real life and if they're struggling in my system I change the tactics. Martial is a certainty to hit 91 this coming review so he's the safe bet.
  2. Best transfer: Mbappe when someone had renamed an old/retired player. When the transfer was reversed I was dreading that I'd end up missing out on the actual Mbappe but thankfully my league honoured the initial transfer and let me have a free run. Nowadays, it is pretty much impossible to have a free run at any player as at least three or four teams end up bidding on new players in my league. In terms of player swaps with managed clubs there are a few. Getting Antoine Griezmann in 2014 for £12M and Lars Bender Getting Raheem Sterling in 2015 for Alexandre Lacazette and Andre Gomes Getting Toni Kroos, David Alaba and Joshua Kimmich in 2017 for Lionel Messi, Serge Aurier and Marco Benassi (just exchanged Kimmich for Alexander-Arnold and Bellingham so hopefully that is another deal that will go well) Getting Christian Pulisic in 2019 for Sergi Roberto (still early days on this one but signs look promising) Worst transfer: Swapping Cristiano Ronaldo for Luke Shaw in 2014. I had Messi at the time and Ronaldo's stats were terrible so thought I'd try and get my leftback sorted for a decade. Couldn't have gone worse really but I did use Shaw in part exchange with a few other rejects for Jadon Sancho so kinda worked in the long run.
  3. A slim chance of Tierney rising at end of season despite lack of minutes? Rahul has Chambers rising +1 and Tierney's minutes in all competitions isn't that far behind with him likely to start most of their remaining games. Seems to have done really well since returning from injury.
  4. Alphonso Davies is the obvious one but he's probably taken. Nordi Mukiele should rise too along with Jules Kounde but the latter plays at CB pretty much all the time now.
  5. Goretzka and Brandt have been really good for their respective teams especially since the restart. I think both should have a chance of +1 if not now then in the midseason review for next season if they keep it up.
  6. Don't get why he didn't appear on the soccerwiki pages though. Similarly, Bellegarde was on the edited pages but didn't get a rating/position change
  7. I was just using Maja as an example of a player who rose from 82 to higher lower in the league and with fewer minutes. I know the review is done based on league table, and I know what the schedule tends to be, but the soccerwiki recent changes database usually indicates which player pages have been edited (could be rating, position whatever) a few days in advance. A number of Reims players were edited a couple of days ago, and I expect at least some of them to get an increase when the updates happen. No sign of Disasi among them.
  8. Josh Maja has played just over 700 minutes in Ligue 1 for a side that finished 12th in the league, has played 140 minutes out of a possible 990 since the last review and has gone up from 82 to 83. Axel Disasi, meanwhile has played 2430 minutes in Ligue 1 for a side that finished 6th in the league, has played 990 minutes out of a possible 1080 since the last review (literally missing just one game), has been a key player in Ligue 1's best defence (21 goals conceded, next best is tied between Rennes and PSG on 24) and yet in the Soccerwiki Recent Changes pages (32 pages, they've already looked at a number of Reims players on the 19th and have moved on from that club), there has been no sign of his page being edited. They've well and truly moved on from Reims so looks like he's sticking at 82. Ridiculous.
  9. Has to be the red card thing, but it is very close between that and the max bidding value changing in the middle of bidding wars. Both should hopefully be able to be fixed this year if the focus group mention them. The UI is still a huge issue for many, but I don't find that as big an issue as stuff in the code of the game. Think the biggest problem everyone had with the UI was they put it upon us without really taking feedback on board.
  10. Thanks. That sounds really promising.
  11. That would be fantastic if true though I remain sceptical that anything will end up happening. Worlds has been neglected for the last four years (most recent update on change log is from November 2016) and has been completely ignored while the development team have moved on to the single player version, apps and then crypto currency. If the multiplayer version hadn't kicked off like it had, the opportunities for the expansions into other realms wouldn't be there. There are still bugs that have either been in the game for years, or been there from the start like teams with players getting sent off being way more likely to win/get a result. Don't know if anyone here has experienced it but it has happened 90% of the time in games for everyone in my league for years compared to the team with 11 men getting a result. Edit: Also hope the group mention the max value for players changing in bidding wars an hour or so before bids are accepted. That ends up punishing those who actively scout players and rewards those who bid last minute which is unfair. So many times, people in my game world bid on a player newly added to the database, only for their value to change at 5am or some stupid time and the early bidders being unable to come on in time to change their bids whereas those who bid later take advantage. Would like to see the value changing eradicated completely. Quality of life change could be option for squad caps depending on league and squad capacity. My league has done something like that but we have to enforce it ourselves and it works well for us to avoid player hoarding. Also for an automatic comment thread to be created after match days (saying stuff like "Turn 06 discussion") so people can chat about the results in there instead of making individual comments which could spoil the results for some people before they watch the games.
  12. Seems they've already started La Liga. Would be absurd if Gladbach didn't get any more rises, however not surprising with the way the review has gone. For Denis Zakaria in particular to miss out is ridiculous. 2000+ minutes in all competitions, the only game he missed was due to a yellow suspension, starter for country where they won four of their six European qualifiers and at a club in the top two in their league, and they're trying to say that isn't worth of a +1 from 88 to 89? Seems ridiculous that they've only touched one Gladbach player but them starting La Liga doesn't make me confident that they'll finish Gladbach off.
  13. I'd say no. Southampton's highest rated players are rated 89, they're 14th in the league and Ward-Prowse's stats aren't spectacular. It is rare for players not at a "top club" in a league to go from 88-90 in one go.
  14. Brandt rise was a pleasant surprise. He's been doing great for Dortmund the last couple of months or so but thought he might be overlooked. Wasn't expecting a +2 for Sancho but with the rises other players have got it is a bit of a shame he didn't get one. If he ends the season on 20+ goals and 20+ assists in all competitions (currently on 12 goals, 13 assists), he'll likely get 92 then.
  15. There were hardly any players reviewed today. Bayern will be finished either tomorrow or the day after.
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