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  1. To spite me for mentioning the lack of increases to Fluminese players and saying that Martinelli was specifically my player when someone asked.
  2. Well, I mentioned nine players weeks ago. Five of them have got their rises, three haven't and one still hasn't been added to the database. Marcos Felipe (25/75) - 4320 minutes - rose to 82 Matheus Martinelli (20/75) - 3569 minutes Luccas Claro (29/82) - 3420 minutes - rose to 84 Yago Felipe (26/82) - 3398 minutes - rose to 83 Luiz Henrique (20/76) - 2414 minutes - rose to 80 Caio Paulista (23/80) - 2219 minutes Lucas Calegari (19/78) - 2045 minutes - rose to 83 Andre Trindade (20/73) - 1315 minutes Gabriel Teixeira (not even in DB) - 2073 minutes
  3. Good to see they have gone back to Fluminese but there had better be more increases over the next few days as there are still some that have been missed.
  4. ~33 mins is way too premature for a position change like that in my opinion and though I don't have access to the Spanish league in the wiki discord I very much doubt that a wiki admin played a part in the change and it was more than likely just a regular person who had him in their league, put him in the edit and the top dog approved the change. We've had a fair bit of discussion on the merits of when to add/remove positions on the discord but judging from what happened with the Fluminese review not happening being brought up there and nothing being done about it, I don't think whoever makes the final decision on edits actually looks at the discord - or if they do they don't agree that players should play in a particular position for more than a handful of minutes to merit the change.
  5. I've got one player - Martinelli - but it isn't just about him. Some of their lower rated players and minutes played in all competitions since February: Marcos Felipe (25/75) - 4320 Matheus Martinelli (20/75) - 3569 Luccas Claro (29/82) - 3420 Yago Felipe (26/82) - 3398 Luiz Henrique (20/76) - 2414 Caio Paulista (23/80) - 2219 Lucas Calegari (19/78) - 2045 Andre Trindade (20/73) - 1315 Gabriel Teixeira (not even in DB) - 2073
  6. While nice for whoever has Joe Scally to get a rise after a whopping four months and eight games played since his last review, there's still a Brazilian team (Fluminese) who have been left out with players who have literally thousands of minutes since their last review being ignored. There are at least four there with 2000-4300 or so minutes played since their last review yet their ratings range from 75-78 but as they don't play at a top five league they'll probably be ignored until Brazil's next review and won't even get a bigger rise to make up for it.
  7. Don't know about the others but Serrano is on SM. I managed to get both him and Williams at Athletic in the space of a couple of bidding wars
  8. Yeah it seems it is now sorted. Lost 4:1 in the cup and most of my players showing at 70% fitness for tomorrow's league game.
  9. Yeah, Steven was on briefly when I made that comment and tagged him but went soon after. I didn't think it'd be a simple fix but hoped that by tagging there'd have been some way of delaying the fixtures on the backend as it was quite a considerable amount of time that people weren't able to access before the games were played, but no luck there. Though I've still not been able to access the site, I've seen the mail notification that usually indicates something happened shortly after the games were due to be played last night. The discord is for people helping update SoccerWiki on the whole though there are some people who are there just to ask about when updates for the main game are happening and are removed for that reason. If there's something to share on game updates, Steven shares it freely so doesn't need to be badgered but from the last update a few months ago it sounded like the changes were going to be quite big so if they're happening this year I wouldn't be surprised if it was the last month or two of the year.
  10. I've got the same problem. Got a match in about an hour (Cup) so the fitness of my players is going to be screwed as I can't set team.
  11. Wasn't expecting that much of a raise for Joao Gomes with the minutes he's played. Guessing Matheus Martinelli should get a bigger rise with him playing double the number of minutes (1223 minutes in Serie A compared to 530, and 2939 total minutes compared to 1475 minutes) despite Fluminese's position in the league.
  12. While the quote in the first tweet is true, the other tweets are nonsense. indykaila isn't a journalist (genuinely) and just tweets clickbait.
  13. Official Euro team of the tournament: Donnarumma (22); Walker (31), Bonucci (34), Maguire (28), Spinazzola (28); Højbjerg (25), Jorginho (29), Pedri (18); Chiesa (23), Lukaku (28), Sterling (26)
  14. Is ridiculous how much football Pedri has played this season. I think Spain played the most minutes in the Euros due to going to extra time three times, so a max possible 630 minutes played and Pedri has played 629 of them. Added to 3,526 for Barcelona this season and he's going to the Olympics. He still managed to put in performances like that at the Euros at just 18-years-old. 100% pass completion in the first 90 minutes against Italy. Doubt he'll get a post-Euros +1 (though with people saying that Foden should have got one if he had played often for England throughout the tournament, which he hasn't, I'd argue Pedri's done enough - I think only Laporte from outfield players played more minutes for Spain and he's a centreback) but he has got a promising future ahead of him provided the ridiculous amount of football he's played this season doesn't ruin him. If anyone is in a gameworld where he's free, snap him up.
  15. Here's an actual heatmap: Like Mele said he does play often from the left. The De Bruyne change is ridiculous. He's now the joint-third best centre forward on SM despite hardly playing as one
  16. What a performance from Pedri. 60+ games this season for club and country, 4000 minutes and still manages to play like that for country for 120 minutes.
  17. I doubt it. SM have been pretty ruthless when it comes to injuries this review. Wouldn't be hugely surprised if Van Dijk gets a -1 even.
  18. Strange but true fact: England have a 100% win rate in major tournaments when Jude Bellingham plays.
  19. Personally I don't think either have done enough for +1. Vinicius' "big moment" against Liverpool aside, he's been underwhelming this season and has only really played due to Hazard being Hazard.
  20. I know I'm president of the Bellingham fan club but he's been quality in both games for England. Really should be a starter next week. Henderson should get a -1 purely for pinching that penalty from DCL then missing it 😝
  21. They both had injuries. Sancho played just three fewer games than Haaland.
  22. Sancho deserved a 93 but I said somewhere that if Haaland was going to get a rise to 93, they'd keep Sancho at 92 to differentiate between them. Not fair but that is how it went.
  23. I'm glad about that. In the short term, Konate won't be rising this review as he hardly played since the winter review but in the longer term he'll surely be a starter at Liverpool and should hit 90 by the end of next season if he stays fit. I tend to sign younger players so I'd lean towards Konate, but ultimately it depends if Torres gets a move and to where. Personally wouldn't really consider Tapsoba as he's only being seriously linked with Arsenal.
  24. Bellingham goes to the Euros at the age of 17. Bellingham to 89 crew rise up! @Kieran_S91 I'd love to see that front three (or Grealish instead of Foden) but think Southgate will start with one of Sterling or Rashford. Wish Rashford pulled out like Greenwood did - he also needs a summer of rest.
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