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  1. Thank you. Also, there's an issue when looking at each clubs history. When you look at the trophies they've accumulated, it shows your own total rather than theirs.
  2. Yep. My league has been going since 2012 and Redsky (who you quoted) along with Trion who posted just below you have been with the league from the start. Redsky started in Division 2 and Trion started in Division 5 and both have stuck with their respective teams and have been in Division 1 for a number of seasons now which is a great achievement. Since both have been in Division 1 neither have been relegated, which, when you compare their teams to some of the others is amazing. They're both successful in terms of honours, with Redsky being one of the most successful managers and to see both in the bottom three in attendances is scandalous. Like Redsky said to me privately, he'd semi-understand if the algorithm didn't go through each clubs history and check for honours won first, but to have teams that have just been promoted jump over him in terms of stadium capacity is absurd, and West Ham and Wolverhampton having larger attendances despite finishing below Redsky last season was the kicker. There's been no logic in the algorithm at all and it is sad that it has been executed like it has done with seemingly no tests in long running gameworlds where any bugs in the algorithm could have been highlighted and fixed before executing on such a grand scale which has added to negative feedback the devs really wouldn't have wanted at this time. Managers who have been with gameworlds since the beginning through good and bad are the glue that keeps the gameworld together. If they, like Redsky have lost faith and are leaving, it results in the demise of the gameworld as you can be sure that newer managers won't be as loyal and will see the resignations as a sign of the league's decline. From the feedback I've read in this thread there are three things the devs must do as soon as possible to reduce the number of resignations and possibly bring some of the managers who have left back: Bring in an option to use either the new or old interface on a permanent basis. Fix the stadium attendance algorithm and ensure that long serving successful managers don't feel hard done by. Tell us in clear detail the differences between each economy setting so that when the season ends, the owners of each game world know for sure which economy option will be best for the gameworld and won't result in its devastation. For those who agree with everything I've said in this post, please give it a 'like' so the devs can see.
  3. Unfortunate about the lack of replies to my post but could I please get a response to these two questions from a dev?
  4. Hi Steven and Kev, congrats on the 10 years of SM. Here's my feedback. Stuff I like: Addition of more formations, change in player position compatibility and removal of unneeded instructions. There's a big difference in 4231 wide and 4231 narrow so glad to see the difference in formations recognised in the game. Someone in another thread complained about Sergio Agüero not being able to be played in midfield. That's great. He isn't a midfielder so shouldn't be able to be played as one and hopefully as the player positions on Soccer Wiki are updated again, we'll see the remaining 'strange' positions some players can play in go. Revised attendances and stadium building. I really like this even though my fan base is the highest in my game world. I see a fair few complaints from fellow managers about the players I've accumulated over time and hopefully this inclusion will see their finances get stronger too and able to accomodate more players. Economy changes in wages and squad value. My squad wages have doubled from £1.3M to £2.6M and I'm delighted. Hopefully things like this will see a reduction in player hogging and have the talent spread around to more teams in each league. Player concerns not being able to be bought off. Someone in my league had both Buffon and ter Stegen and for a while he kept paying off ter Stegen's concerns until he demanded a wage of over £100k/week and it wasn't feasible for him to continue paying them off. In the end he ended up losing ter Stegen and recently decided to sell Buffon and bring in Handanovic which is his loss overall instead of relying on his young talent. I hated seeing other teams buying off concerns and am glad this has been removed. Players sold to external clubs only having 7 day transfer ban instead of the couple of months it was previously. Should encourage more transfers and over time keep the best players in the league at a number of clubs. No longer being able to set players to unavailable. Certain managers in my league had set all of their players to unavailable under the old SM. Glad to see the change as even if they do end up rejecting any bids in, at least we can put bids in and show them what we're willing to pay if they do change their mind. With the UI, the feedback that had been presented in the test gameworld about the player statistics page has been listened to and the statistics for all seasons can be seen. On Schedule, there being a section specifically for friendlies. Good move. Having the upcoming fixtures separated from the results so I don't have to scroll down a portion of the page to see what the fixtures coming up are. The countdown to the next fixture. Good job. I also like when making in-game tactics you can see the substitutions more clearly. Things I'm not a fan of: The fixtures and results screens still take up so much room. I'd like to see everything on one line ideally, so instead of this I'd like to see something like this: Each row has a height of 30 instead of 50 and the fixture date and competition type is on same row like on old UI so can see five fixtures instead of one in the same amount of space. The computer icon would remain for clubs that have no manager but I don't think seeing the manager on the fixtures and results page is of much importance. The club trophies. While I like the new view, I'd also like a view where we can see which seasons we won each individual trophy. I don't like that there is no space on the tactics page between the starting XI and subs bench but from reading this thread I can see that is being dealt with. I don't like not being able to see the stadia capacities. Bugs: In my league ID 101474 when I click on my squad, it only shows 19 players on the squad page with the likes of Messi, Kompany, Götze, Bale and Özil not visible.Questions With regards to revised attendances and stadium building, any idea of roughly when we will see teams be notified that their stadia is in line for an increase? Before the change my game world was on Normal Economy. Now it is on Poor Economy. Is it possible to make it clearer what the general impact of each economy setting will be on the game world and how the income will change for each team so I can get a rough idea of what setting would be best for my game world when changing the setting next season? Thanks. If I can think of anything else I'll make a new post.
  5. When I go on Team > Schedule and click on one of the "20:00", the Match Preview screen layout looks a bit messed up. Screenshot link. If you look to the right of where "Previous Meetings" is, the formatting for the rest of the information is messed up and off screen. I'm not a big fan of how much space the Fixtures take up on a Schedule. Is there any possibility of adding an option in for an alternate, more streamlined view like there is currently with all information - fixture date, team name etc - on one line? Just to give people a choice of whether to stick with new view or see things more streamlined. On Team > Squad, when I click on a player's name and click on Statistics, the colour for the numbers is the same colour as the background so you can't read the numbers. Screenshot link. Also, regarding the player page, are we going to be able to see stats from previous seasons? I'm really not a fan of how that looks now and again prefer the current way of seeing down a list of previous seasons at a glance and knowing how many appearances or goals a player has had in his time at the club. Is the 2D pitch view from SM 2016 going to be added to Worlds at any point in the future?
  6. The loan wages change done months ago (having it so the parent club pays half the wages) and the changes here that concerns can't be bought off are huge steps in the right direction, I just honestly feel that the good done in those two things are undone by hindering newer clubs with the fee and wage changes. If you're adamant on the wage increases, then at the least there should be the ability for clubs with smaller stadia to increase their stadium capacity
  7. And I speak as someone who manages the club with the largest stadium capacity in my league (Manchester United - under our squad cap we've implemented, I can have up to 45 players). The massive increase in wages won't affect those with the largest capacities - Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United etc. But they will be detrimental to everybody else and will just make things worse and see more people leave struggling leagues. At least with squad caps, it makes things fairer while not making managers feel like they've been screwed over and unable to bring in players.
  8. After looking around for a bit, I think the proposed changes will do more damage than good. Most leagues are struggling to retain members and rapidly increasing the wages and making it harder for newer managers to buy players is just going to be more of a hindrance. There are two things I can think of to improve manager retention: 1. squad caps, so that new managers aren't unable to buy talent due to the top teams hogging them all (my game world has squad caps of 45-60 depending on stadium size and it works well) 2. improving the match engine Having it so that a club's balance affects how much they can bid, only benefits the richest and best teams and just discourages new players.
  9. I agree. Prior to the squad cap implementation in my league, certain teams were keeping players and not selling any but now there are a lot more deals being done between teams in the league and is breathing life back into things. I agree with Redsky that something needs to be done about the rating system. Shame its not being discussed until September but I hope the rest of the main five leagues are done in the near future as it stopping after the German review is weird.
  10. Yeah, I agree. Maybe options for squad size caps depending on stadium capacity. League I'm in has it and it works well. 37 clubs in league, all managers relatively content and the talent isn't as concentrated to one or two clubs as the cap varies from 45 to 60. Capacity of 10k-20k = 60 ¦ 20k-30k = 55 ¦ 30k-40k = 50 ¦ 40k+ = 45. I'm in the 45 category, and though it was hard for me to begin with (had around 75 players when we implemented it so had to sell nearly half my squad), it hasn't been that much of an issue and has seen a rennaisance in the league as there was a spell where there were just around 20 teams full and now it is nearly double that.
  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Ricardo Rodriguez - 91 Heung-Min Son - 90 Tin Jedvaj - 87 Thoughts?
  12. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - 12/13 Winter Predictions Up! - by BRNL||-
  13. I think it should be the case that if a manager leaves a team briefly for whatever reason and rejoins before a new manager takes over, that the managerial record should continue and not restart if it is the case that a game hasn't been played between the two time the person left and the time they rejoined. Last night I had an issue with one of the people in the gameworld I own, in that they quit out of frustration with the lack of rating reviews lately. I talked to them to persuade them to return, and in solidarity I quit my team too. After everything was resolved (just a few hours later) I applied for my club again and got the position back. A consequence of all this though is that now I'm no longer listed on the best current game world managers list due to the brief departure. 357 games over two years in charge of the club: http://cl.ly/Z9qC/Image%202015-01-02%20at%204.23.00%20pm.png And managerial history for the team: http://cl.ly/Z9fy/Image%202015-01-02%20at%204.24.26%20pm.png I left and rejoined on the same day, so I assume when the next league game is played it'll count me as being a new manager instead of the same despite there being no real gap in management.
  14. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Sad to see no rise for McCarthy. Excellent season for him.
  15. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 I've not seen much of him but from the bits I have seen, and what I've heard, he hasn't been playing that well this season and not well enough to rise to 91.
  16. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Shawcross is 88 as well.
  17. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Exactly. +2 would make him 91 as he's 89 rated right now. I think he deserves it but he's most likely to get a +1 now and probably another +1 at the end of the season.
  18. Re: Game World News Feed - updated I agree with that. It'd look better. As for the icons, if they really want to keep them I had a look at resizing them in Photoshop and they all look fine 40x40 (they're currently 60x60). They're smaller but not too small, and it would probably annoy people a bit less. I do think they definitely need to have that symbol saying the number of comments as the "write a comment" bit takes up just too much space and can be best served in that lightbox. Combining both the Club Messages and News Feed via tabs like someone else suggested would save a lot of space as well.
  19. Re: The New Players Thread I echo the others. This is a fantastic thread and you've done a brilliant job. Please continue.
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