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  1. I like your predictions but think +1 right now is too small. Since his last review he played 90 minutes in all three of Dortmund's Champions League knockout games with very good performances at the highest level against one of the best teams in the world in Manchester City, been playing for his country and 800+ minutes in the league, currently having played 2200 minutes all season (season stats are usually taken into account at end of season review) Anyone know who the first player was? Only name that came to mind was Mbappe but he was 18 when he reached 10 Champions League appearances.
  2. One appearance (due to injuries) is not enough otherwise Fred would be a LB.
  3. Despite Dortmund's general underperforming, Bellingham has had a very good season - especially the last few months. Surely in line for a +2? This "New Signing!" tagline is annoying. I've got more posts than people with "League Two Players"!
  4. What a rubbish time for Matheus Nascimento to start getting more games in - once the Brazil review on Soccer Wiki has been done. Does Serie B get reviewed once a year or is it basically ignored?
  5. Yeah, there are loads of changes needed. Eight times this season I came against a team which converted 100% of their shots on target, while I had way more and converted as little as 10%. Just thought of the two that were most urgent to address but the match engine definitely needs refining.
  6. Two of the changes had better be removing the increased bids in the middle of the night as well as making it so teams who have had a player sent off aren't likely to end up winning that match.
  7. Bit weird given Leverkusen signed Fosu-Mensah as well and it feels like they'd still be playing one of the Bender brothers at RB when they turn 40. Unlikely but I hope he gets a small increase when the move happens. Been ages since he last reviewed and he was a constant starter for Celtic so 80 is a bit low, despite how bad their season has gone.
  8. Shaw and Reguilon will both rise. Both Justin and Targett will likely rise to 88/89 respectively by the end of the season - need to take into context that they both started the season at a much lower rating. They'll get their deserved ratings in due course. Tierney along with Saka, Aubameyang and Smith Rowe have contributed massively to Arsenal's good run of form of late. They missed Tierney for the draw against Crystal Palace and all four players for the defeat to Southampton in the cup.
  9. Happy about that. Made sense for him to rise after Coady did - similar importance to respective sides, higher in the league by five points. As for Reguilon being much better and it being a travesty if both rose, statistically in the league this season Tierney has provided 1.3 key passes per 90 minutes compared to 0.8 for Reguilon (despite Tierney playing nearly half the time at CB). If not for the finishing ability of some of his teammates, his assist tally would be higher.
  10. Dest on the bench? He's played 1500 minutes so far this season and with Roberto's injury he's been a starter. There have been players who've played less who have gone to 88. Review isn't even finished yet. I'm sure he'll go down tomorrow. For some reason my players tend to go down (or up) the day after the bulk of a side is reviewed. Which is really annoying when the day the bulk are reviewed is when a match takes place.
  11. Slim chance of Tierney rising if Arsenal continue to win before the Prem review, or does their position/start count too much against him? Been one of their best players, especially since they've gone back to four at the back.
  12. Some real monkey paw stuff there. giving Boateng his deserved rise but removing his ability to play RB. Now hopefully they'll go back, review the rest of the teams they've missed and give Alaba a rise (I know I'm dreaming there).
  13. Really annoys me when they rise one player from a team days before they review the rest of that same team - especially when the rest of the team in all likelihood won't be reviewed before the next SM league game. Just unfair.
  14. Had Pogba since 2012 before selling him earlier this year. Surely he'll be going down in rating soon? Can't live off his international performances forever. Feels like the reviewers will just continue to keep him at his current rating in the hope that he'll move to Real/Juventus in the summer.
  15. Definitely excessive for a forward who scored four league goals last season. Looks like your owners have big aspirations though splashing the cash.
  16. While great they went back to Bayern, it is ridiculous they purposely ignored Alaba who was as instrumental to their success this season as the other deserved risers were. And if the excuse is versatility, then I bet they won't delay to give Fabinho a rise despite not being as deserving of one as Alaba.
  17. Thanks but I know the rules and I know for a fact that Trent Alexander-Arnold met the criteria. He expected to play in 75% of the turns, domestic cup games count towards the percentage and a substitution appearance counts as half. At the time he got the concern, he played in 32.5 games (31 starts, 3 subs) in 36 turns which gives him a turn % of 90, which is 15% over what he needed.
  18. I linked in that post, but a player of mine got a playing concern despite playing well over the needed amount of games. I reported it to SM and they closed the report without explaining why he apparently deserved the concern. Nobody is going to pay Villa's asking price.
  19. Their communication has been terrible, even going back to the last update. We probably won't find out about the update until several weeks after it is live.
  20. Submitted a ticket for the Trent Alexander-Arnold playing concern I mentioned the other day. They simply closed it saying this: [quote]Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have now reviewed this ticket and believe that there is no reported bug. Due to this we are now closing this ticket. [/quote] Would have been nice if they could have elaborated why he got the playing concern when he was way over the minutes needed rather than just sending me a cookie cutter response. Edit: Also I've been on here for years, have over 200 posts and the forum permissions I'm given seems to be reduced every time I log in. Can't insert media in posts, can't insert basic quotes.
  21. Yeah, I hope they go back to Bayern and sort out the players who should have risen but didn't - especially in light of the belated Barca changes. Doubt they will though.
  22. Ouch. Trent got injured in the league to the team I'm pretty likely to be facing in the final as well. I won the league about five turns ago but been playing a strong side since as I wanted to work towards the points record for my league (3 points off with 2 games left).
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