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  1. No +1 for Shaw either. Ridiculous. Yet Rashford rises.
  2. So seriously, no rise for Zouma? Or is he going to be done when Chelsea are reviewed?
  3. I think it is ridiculous that Konate wasn't nominated when you see the number of players there who haven't even broken through into the first teams yet.
  4. I can't see it happening as he's 85 rated and that is (or was, haven't followed the Championship review for a while) the rating cap for Championship clubs. He did have a phenomenal season so might be the exception.
  5. Pretty poor going. 3000 minutes for a team that had the joint second best defensive record in the entire league - Lille conceded 33 goals, both PSG and Nice on 35, then the other teams conceded 41+. Scoring was their problem with just 30 goals all season. Saint-Maximin contributed to 11 of these (6 goals, 5 assists) and got an increase to 89.
  6. Personally I'd say Rodriguez. Linked with Napoli, so no real scope for a rating increase there. Pogba will likely go to Real Madrid and has better chance of rising long term, plus he's nearly two years younger.
  7. I wouldn't read much into it personally. Brandt got edited and didn't get a rise. For league reviews, they seem to edit pretty much every player in the squad whether they get a rise or not. SW only really becomes useful for predicting rises like the Ajax bunch when they're edited outside of their designated review period.
  8. Eh, Brandt deserved 91 even more than Gnabry and the latter got it but not the former. Gnabry (from 89 to 91 in 3 months): Brandt (nothing):
  9. And as if by magic, both rose today 😎
  10. I reckon Mazraoui will increase in a day or two. His entry on soccerwiki was edited a few days ago and the others who were edited either increased today or a few days ago (bar Tagliafico).
  11. Lower rated but I'd say Leipzig's Upamecano and Ibrahima Konate would be good investments long term too. Konate's looked impressive today in the cup final against Bayern and last time he played Bayern too. With his performances this season I really think he should get more than a +2.
  12. I don't. For the second half of the season he didn't play that much - especially once Kompany was back. For the last four league matches he played a grand total of 8 minutes, he didn't play a single minute in the knockout stages of the Champions League and it seems City are likely to bring in another CB to partner Laporte.
  13. Brazil doesn't get reviewed that often. Brazil's previous reviews June 2016 April 2017 December 2017 October 2018 Brazil likely won't be reviewed until at some point in the last five months of the year. There are other leagues which have been waiting longer since their last review: South Korea & Japan - March 2018 Greece - May 2018 Croatia - June 2018 Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland & Poland - July 2018 After the big five are done, I expect most of those leagues will be done before Brazil is reviewed again.
  14. Cup final is this weekend so I imagine it'll be after that. SM are a few leagues behind but I can't imagine them holding off doing the big five for much longer. Czech (ongoing) > Switzerland > Germany is my guess/hope.
  15. Chance of Brandt to 91? Similarities between his season and Goretzka's at Schalke last season when he helped them qualify for the Champions League before moving to a bigger club. Last season Goretzka had 4 goals and 4 assists in 1981 minutes and got a rise to 91. This season Brandt has 7 goals and 14 assists in 2675 minutes, and created more chances (86) than any other player in the Bundesliga. Bosz coming in and the position shift has done him wonders.
  16. Shockig treatment if true that they banned you. I had that bug a year ago and mailed them, though my experience was different in that they responded within a few days and sorted it out. 14 May 2018 14:54:58 Hi Damien, We are aware of this problem and are currently working on it, but thank you for bringing it to our attention. Regards Soccer Manager You said 10 May 2018 20:44:22 Area of operation affected: Match Day Club Affected: The Red Cafe League 6017 (Manchester United) For my away game against Barnsley I had the following subs: https://i.imgur.com/YtqdaY4.png When I came to watch the game and see the post match report, it put Mbappe (18) at defensive mid instead of up front: https://i.imgur.com/RP01zYe.png I ended up losing the game.
  17. I don't think Sane will but the others have a good chance.
  18. Ukraine and Austria are next. Then it is either any of the below five: Czech Republic Greece Japan South Korea Switzerland or they'll go to the big five. Bundesliga was the first of the big five to be reviewed the past few years and that finishes on the 18th May so I don't expect the big five reviews to be starting before then. Eredivisie was done in Jan. That league is only reviewed once a year.
  19. There are a few leagues that haven't been reviewed in over a year, but if I were to guess, they'll do the reviews for the big five once the league season is over towards the end of May. For the last couple of years, Germany has been the first to be reviewed in the summer review and their season ends around the 18th I think, so Bundesliga review could start in the last week or two of May.
  20. No, I just posted them in alphabetical order. In terms of when they were last reviewed, here are the dates (year 2018): South Korea (Mar) Japan (Mar) Belgium (Apr) Ukraine (Apr) Austria (Apr) Switzerland (Apr) Czech Republic (May) Greece (May) Russia was reviewed more recently (in April) than South Korea and Japan though. My guess is it could be Belgium/Ukraine/Austria next but the order isn't really something that can be predicted 100%
  21. Currently Russia. Next country could be any of: Austria Belgium Czech Republic Greece Japan South Korea Switzerland Ukraine
  22. I don't watch most of them but Strakosha should rise. Can't see Under rising as he only gets a few minutes as a sub under Ranieri. I would say there's a decent chance of him moving clubs in the summer so would keep.
  23. Gnabry getting the random rise treatment. I think two players who were stiffed a bit in the December review - Matteo Guendouzi and Ibrahima Konate in particular - should also get this treatment with Guendouzi going up to 85/86 and Konate to 87 then another small rise in the end of season review. Tyler Adams was unlucky to miss out on the USA review so he's another that could do with a quick rise, and Zagadou has done great with maybe his injury counting against him when the last review happened. France have so many talents coming through - especially at centre back. No idea how Zouma ended up being called and not Laporte or Lenglet.
  24. Nice rises for Piatek, Sancho and Vinicius. Guessing so that at the end of the season the first two can hit 90 and Vinicius 88/89 if they all continue to do well.
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