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  1. No, I just posted them in alphabetical order. In terms of when they were last reviewed, here are the dates (year 2018): South Korea (Mar) Japan (Mar) Belgium (Apr) Ukraine (Apr) Austria (Apr) Switzerland (Apr) Czech Republic (May) Greece (May) Russia was reviewed more recently (in April) than South Korea and Japan though. My guess is it could be Belgium/Ukraine/Austria next but the order isn't really something that can be predicted 100%
  2. Currently Russia. Next country could be any of: Austria Belgium Czech Republic Greece Japan South Korea Switzerland Ukraine
  3. I don't watch most of them but Strakosha should rise. Can't see Under rising as he only gets a few minutes as a sub under Ranieri. I would say there's a decent chance of him moving clubs in the summer so would keep.
  4. Gnabry getting the random rise treatment. I think two players who were stiffed a bit in the December review - Matteo Guendouzi and Ibrahima Konate in particular - should also get this treatment with Guendouzi going up to 85/86 and Konate to 87 then another small rise in the end of season review. Tyler Adams was unlucky to miss out on the USA review so he's another that could do with a quick rise, and Zagadou has done great with maybe his injury counting against him when the last review happened. France have so many talents coming through - especially at centre back. No idea how Zouma ended up being called and not Laporte or Lenglet.
  5. Nice rises for Piatek, Sancho and Vinicius. Guessing so that at the end of the season the first two can hit 90 and Vinicius 88/89 if they all continue to do well.
  6. I've not watched it but I remember the general attitude from the devs when the "new" interface was being forced upon us and they weren't really listening to feedback. To this day I wager more people use the old interface from the active players. If the multiplayer version had never kicked off, then they likely wouldn't have been able to launch the single player, the mobile version and now the crypto. For the past three years, the multiplayer game and these forums have been kept alive mostly from this thread. We don't see the devs on the board and it is pretty sad how they've neglected us. They've been working on SM for at least 15 years so you'd figure that there would be love from them for the product somewhere and it isn't purely about the cash but their actions suggest otherwise.
  7. Nice to see Brandt got the position change.
  8. He definitely played deeper at times. Look at his heatmap: Guess will see how it continues but for me there isn't a massive amount of difference between 4141 and 433 in that he would still be dropping into midfield even if he was higher up but from that heatmap it looks like a lot of his touches were deep.
  9. Thoughts on Brandt getting position change to be able to play in M(C) as well? Bosz has played him in midfield the last few games and he's been killing it. A goal and two assists now before half time.
  10. Injuries are his main problem. Needs to stay fit in order to get a +1.
  11. They've done no real significant changes to the multiplayer game in 4+ years other than the UI "downgrade". Since then they've been mainly concentrating on the single player version, the mobile football clash game for money and now this crypto thing. Not expecting a great deal but the odd little qualify of life update or something would be appreciated such as options for teams in a league to have a fixed player limit to reduce hogging, can't sign higher than x age etc. In the game world I've got, we have come up with an 'FFP' to try and make things fairer to smaller clubs but with admins having zero power at all over the game worlds they own, you're ending up relying on the good faith of those in the league. All it takes is one person to ruin everything. Can understand SM don't want admins to be power hungry, but there could be ways to introduce restrictions for leagues to ensure a bit more fairness. As for walking away, what SM has in their favour at the moment is there isn't a real viable alternative at the moment. What we like about the game (as frustrating at the match engine is at times) is the scouting and getting real world players which are continually updated. I don't think there's another web multiplayer game out there with mechanics close enough - they mostly use fake names/pictures to avoid legal issues.
  12. I disagree personally. Might be too soon for Sane (didn't go to WC) but would be fair for Sterling. Sterling should have got to 92 about six months before he did, and when he did rise with Sane, Jesus somehow got a rise as well which still makes no sense at all to me. Sterling (92) at City: 55 goals, 58 assists, 167 apps Sane (92) at City: 33 goals, 36 assists, 112 apps Mane (93) at Liverpool: 42 goals, 20 assists, 99 apps
  13. Will be ridiculous if those two and Bernardo don't increase. As they haven't moved on to Liverpool yet it looks like there's a chance more will be reviewed tomorrow.
  14. Told you they were done with Spurs. When your expectations and hopes of the review system couldn't go any lower, then they review just five City youth players. At this rate City will either not be done tomorrow or they'll miss someone obvious off. @The punch was just a tiny bit out when he predicted City would have been reached by the 27th December.
  15. They've already started moving on to City. Looks like they're done with Spurs.
  16. No chance. United review started yesterday and ended today. The only reason I can think as to why Lingard got an increase over Dembele, Martial and Rashford is because he was a starter at the World Cup. Still think Dembele and Martial should have risen though based on their performances for their clubs. Weird that SM seem to be mostly placing so much importance on the World Cup ahead of club form. The way this review has gone, it now wouldn't surprise me if Kane got to 95. If he does increase then I think Eriksen and Son should too. Personally, I wouldn't increase Kane unless he won some silverware, but then I suppose Griezmann got to 95 mid-season before winning something.
  17. I doubt United is finished. My guess is rest of United (Sanchez drop) and Arsenal tomorrow.
  18. So you're saying because he has had fewer minutes he hasn't been as good or is less deserving than them of a rise? You can't have watched him enough if you're saying Martial hasn't been that good overall. He is more of a moments player but he has done so much more than score 8 goals and has been one of our best players so far this season. Without the contributions (particularly against those above us in the table), Mourinho would have probably been sacked a month ago. He has created plenty of chances that should have been converted but weren't, and as they haven't been, he hasn't got an assist despite winning the penalty Pogba converted a while back and laying plenty of chances on a plate. Against Cardiff alone he set up five chances (the most of anyone on either team) and though we beat Huddersfield, we did miss him. What he has done for us should be enough, but I can see him not getting it purely because of where we are in the table.
  19. I agree with what Yuasa said with the exception of Shaw getting 89 and not 90.
  20. You're optimistic if you think they'll have got to City by the 27th.
  21. No rise for Vinicius Jr in the predictions but since he was last reviewed he has played: 976 minutes Brazil Serie A (4 goals, 3 assists) 359 minutes Libertadores (2 goals) 168 minutes Copa del Rey (1 goal, 3 assists) 118 minutes Champions League (1 assist) 57 minutes La Liga (1 assist) So is there no chance purely because he's barely played in La Liga and the minutes in Brazil aren't counted?
  22. Jesus was very lucky to get 92 last season. He is very young though so I'd keep and can see him possibly getting another undeserved rise in future. For me he's not on the level of Sterling or Sane yet.
  23. Cengiz Under should go to 89, right? Roma's league form hasn't been great but he's a regular and although I know CL form isn't what they mostly look at when doing reviews, he does have 3 goals and 2 assists for them in that competition.
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