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  1. Yeah, they've moved on to Italy. Very rare that players go from 87 to 90 - especially in the winter review. More likely to hit 89 then maybe 90 in the summer
  2. The decision to drop only Boateng and not Hummels too still looking stupid with Hummels continuing to be on the bench for a game that could decide whether they finish top or second in their group.
  3. They should be on it by Friday/Saturday. Seems they've really neglected Gladbach. Two rating changes then they moved on.
  4. Hummels somehow avoids the drop on a day where barely any players are reviewed. Guess we'll be waiting until the end of the season for a Kimmich rise - and he still probably won't get it. Nice to see the rise for Elvedi though. Been a constant in the BMG side.
  5. I think Laporte has a small chance of a +2 this review. Otherwise it'll be Skriniar followed by Sule or Lucas. Gimenez has injury problems and with the competition at Atleti I'm not sure he'll be a certain starter for a while.
  6. What does this bit mean? If you mean he needs to be a first team regular, he is. He was called up for France last national break but ended up going home with injury. I agree with you about United in 8th being a big issue.
  7. I think Vinicius will get a small rise. Not played much but has four assists for them - second only to Bale at the time of this tweet. Of course, the quality of the opposition he has faced is much lower and has barely played in the league but think his Castilla minutes added to his first team stuff will get him to 84/85 at a push.
  8. I remember Kimmich being there a few weeks ago. Guess he was removed due to Bayern's position? Guess it depends how he is in midfield. I can see the temptation but think in the right hands Martial's rating could be right up there. Jorginho followed by Witsel then Martial a distant last due to United's position IMO.
  9. I can't see Martial rising this season with the position United are at in the league. Bit harsh as he has scored against every single one of the current top 7 teams he has faced this season (with the exception of Spurs as he wasn't selected for that match). Number of top 7 teams scored against this season: 5 - Martial 3 - Aubameyang 2 - Hazard, Kane, Lacazette, Sterling 1 - Mitrovic, Wilson 0 - Aguero, Mane, Murray, Richarlison, Salah, Sane, Sigurdsson I'd say Dembele is way more likely to rise despite playing less and scoring fewer goals because Barcelona are top and not 8th like United.
  10. Was like this last year with one league being done in a timely manner then them dragging others out for ages.
  11. Can't see him rising given the Championship rating cap.
  12. Looking like Boateng is pretty certain to drop. My current CB options are: Ramos (32/95), Boateng (30/94), Stones (24/90), Christensen (22/90), Elvedi (22/88), Zouma (24/88), M. Sarr (19/87), Retsos (20/87), Lyanco (21/82), Mavropanos (20/82). Retsos, Lyanco and Mavropanos have been injured fairly often and don't seem to be in their teams' plans at the moment. Zouma is Zouma and Christensen is frozen out at Chelsea so I need a decent replacement - preferably one capable of hitting 94 in the future. My team currently is: De Gea (28/95) Kimmich (23/92) Ramos (32/95) Boateng (30/94) Alaba (26/93) Eriksen (26/93) Pogba (25/93) Mbappe (19/92) Kroos (28/95) Isco (26/93) Griezmann (27/95) I've got Sterling and Dele Alli too so am comfortable throwing Isco in the mix with Boateng to get a CB of a decent age with a good future. My game world is pretty competitive so it'll be tough getting a replacement - any 2 or 3 name recommendations?
  13. It varies. Winter 2016 France (Dec) Italy (Dec) Germany (Dec) England (Dec) Spain (Jan) Winter 2017 France (Nov) Germany (Nov) Italy (Nov) England (Nov) Spain (Dec) Probably will be the Winter 2017 order again but can't be certain.
  14. They've finished reviewing Serbia then? Armin Djerlek has played over 1,000 minutes since being added to the system and got nothing. Wouldn't be as annoying if the league wasn't reviewed once per year.
  15. Partizan's Markovic got a random rise a couple of days ago but Djerlek just got a position change today and no rise despite not being reviewed in about a year. Soccerwiki are reviewing Scotland now. Guessing +1 for Tierney then that is his limit at Celtic.
  16. Keita had zero chance. He's 91 rated already and Leipzig finished sixth.
  17. I'd probably go for Cancelo if Roberto is going to be seen as the main right back for Barca next season.
  18. Glad to see they stuck to dropping Bale and didn't let his goals in the last few weeks including off the bench in the final sway them. Good to see them dropping Benzema too. SM showing a lot of balls this review - well overdue. Quite a few good rises for Valencia players. I'll be surprised if Oblak doesn't rise tomorrow as well as ter Stegen, Umtiti and Roberto.
  19. Guessing/hoping Valencia isn't done? Mina hasn't had a rise for two years and scored 15 goals this season. Looking at the ratings done for them so far it only seems to be youth players who have changed up until now.
  20. As far as I know from what has been said previously, the characteristics on soccerwiki don't have an impact in the game and a soccerwiki admin said that voting on the ratings on there doesn't do a thing as the votes aren't stored or something like that. As for why they don't seem to make updates anymore (other than the horrid redesign a few years ago), they seem to be just concentrating on stuff that will make them more money - like the single player, the app game and now this crypto version they're releasing soon.
  21. Tricky given so many of them are backups and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Ruben Dias and Luiz Felipe are the only two who are starters. Gaya has signed a long contract at Valencia so will be tough for Lato to play many games, while it looks like Sarr will be backup for Nice again as they're signing Christophe Herelle.
  22. Ibrahima Sissoko (Strasbourg - though he only moved there recently so explains why he's only been reviewed now) and Moussa Diaby (PSG). Person in my league sold Diaby the day before he risen because he hadn't gone up in the Ligue 1 review. Seems he ended up being reviewed along with Italy instead as he was on loan to a club there. Thomas Delaney got a rise too. He recently moved to Dortmund.
  23. Mbappe with a belated rise to 92 along with a couple of other Ligue 1 players rising belatedly so there's hope for some waiting for x player to rise in the Premier League review who hasn't.
  24. Wasn't going to happen. I do feel he should have got the +1 to 92 in December though as his stats were insane. Courtois hasn't been great this season and Chelsea didn't even finish in top four. Provided Oblak goes up to 94 and Alisson and ter Stegen rise I think the goalkeeper ratings are about right with Ederson a bit low at 91 but he started the season 88 rated and isn't the Brazil #1 so a rise from 88 to 92 in one season might be a bit much. As for Jesus I guess him being a starter for Brazil has helped. I don't think he's played enough to get 92 but can see why they did it.
  25. For me it would be a joke if he got 92 in this review. He hasn't played enough or got the stats that City's starters Sane and Sterling have. City keep being linked with attackers so not sure where Bernardo Silva will get the minutes needed to rise to 93-94 long term.
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