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  1. Re: TomOwen's Turkish Rating Changes Predictions I dont know if it is just me but with next weeks ratings (Week 10/12: Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Malta & Turkey.) i do believe that turkey is the only one with a half decent league. israel is ok but i expect most changes from turkey so cheers guys for the tips. keep up the good work, iv already bought alot of the turkey players that have been mentioned.
  2. Re: INSUA, Emiliano well thats more or less all that i know about him but thanks for the reply. i think he is one to watch. lets hope it all goes in the right direction for him then a lot of us could make some good profit!!!
  3. Hi guys, i have been checking the search option and there is a little about this guy but not enough. INSUA, Emiliano, Argentinian LB 19 @ 76 He looks pretty good to me and im just wandering if you think he is any good or if he might rise at some point. Any feedback would be great. Cheers
  4. Re: Players 82-85 and on the rise Hi guys, Serbian RAJKOVIC, Slobodan CB/LB 18 83 He was mentioned in RYAN2007 previous post and i am just wandering how he is performing and if he may be a condidate for a decent rise sometime soon?
  5. Re: Turkish Riser..? bought the player yesterday and got him today so im hoping for a decent rise. looking good though
  6. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread hi, i missed all of the first weeks epl changes. Im just wandering who you guys think will increase next week?
  7. Re: PS3 and PSP Hi just wandering if anyone knows anything about the grand turismo for the psp??? its been on and off for a few years now and it was reported to come out this year but still no release date. Can anyone enlighten me?
  8. Re: Bestpay's French rating change forecasts - 37 players i can agree with that, however so far so good the players iv bought for my lower teams have had a nice rise. cheers guys for the tips
  9. Re: Replacment for G. Neville Iv heared about a lot of talk about Bosingwa, i have him in my everton team. SM value is £7.9m
  10. Re: Best Young Players All Over Thats not a bad amount of detail you got there i like it, how many of these guys can you find or is it just the one???
  11. Re: Last minute : before french ratings changes ok cheers, i had seen that they came on w/c 7/01/08 and was un sure when i was able to view these. Cheers mate hopefully i wont of wasted my cash on dud players
  12. Re: Last minute : before french ratings changes hi guys, i have not been on the forum too long and im still getting used to the player rating changes and how i can benifit most from these changes. However, i have been going through these posts and bought a few of the players mentioned who i thought would get the best benifit and biggest ratings change. None of the players i have bought have gone up yet and i am unsure whether that is because i have bought bad players or if the changes dont take place for a while eg rating changes take place 07/01/08 and we dont see the effects until mid or e
  13. Re: Why Manchester Utd will win the league this season Liverpool : people have been saying for years that liverpool are a side that only compete for the CL and i do think this year that they have tried to compete for the premiership aswell. At the start of the year they had spent a lot of money and their team looked impressive and still do. Torres is amazing and gerrard is still top man in their side. However i blame all the problems totally at rafa. He has been irresponsible and pushed the limits of the chairmen. his side have had a few bad results added on top of this and have slowly droppe
  14. Re: Fernando Torres Hi, i read a thread not so long ago and it said that it takes about 18month for the correct peak ratings to come through, i do think a 94 would be about right for now but a jump to 96 is a bit extreme. He has to work at it and keep performing how he is now to get that rating.
  15. Re: Which RB to sign Cheers for the options. i got bosingwa for the 6mill and andy johnson and it went through today. his first game is today so hope it goes well. cheers guys
  16. Re: Which RB to sign Iv decided to give £6mil and Andy Johnson who my chairman values at £11mil. FC porto manager had Bosingwa at £15mill so i got it over £17mill. See if this is accepted. Ill let you know if it has been
  17. Re: Which RB to sign totally agree with Adamski, I have not gone for Chimbonda yet as the Tottenham manager has not been on since 18/12. Ill go take a look at all the options and let you know what i decided. I can cope with getting a young 70 rated defender for now if his rating goes up soon. Ill post back let you know what i find
  18. Re: Which RB to sign i cant really afford any of the defenders but i think if i throw in another player i think i can afford chimbonda. Cheers for the help
  19. Hi, i have just taken over everton and i am happy with the formation and players except the RB. I only have 6mill to spend and i know that wont get me much but im looking for someone that has lots of experience but wont retire when i buy him or someone who might go up in to the 90's in the future. Can anyone help with suggestions. Cheers
  20. Re: Ze Roberto guti is a good player but i thought he kind of dropped of the face of the earth. Ambrosini is a little bit pricey as i dont have much and would like some left just in case i need some short term transfer. Cheers for the advise.
  21. Hi guys im looking for a cheap midfielder and i found Ze Roberto 92 at 33yo and £5mill by the chairman. I used to rate him as one of the best midfielders about 6-8 years ago. Im just wandering if he is worth the plunge or if there is another decent midfielder for around 5-6mill. Im happy to go with either the older guys or someone who is coming through the ranks. Please advise. Cheers guys
  22. Hi i am just wandering when exactly new championships that are made by soccermanager are made. I would like to know to get the best possible oppertunity at getting a good team as when i log on, all the good teams have been taken and i get left with the bad bits
  23. Re: Most Overated Player i think the problem with gerrard is this: he is in a team with next to no talent apart from torres and i have to admit that a player like gerrard and torres will stand out no matter what performance they produce but if you play him alongside the greatest that football and england can produce then it kind of shows that he isnt what id call world class. he hasnt had a good game for england since the 5-1 hammering of germany and i think if you put the aging paul scholes in the middle of liverpool i do think he would still be able to do the same job.
  24. Re: Most Overated Player i disagree i think wright phillips is very good, i agree he isnt the best at crossing but his agility is next to none and for someone so small he gets round people with ease. I think gerrard is overrated as although he is carrying liverpool 99% of the time he is one of the most inconsistent players in the world. When he is on form he is worthy of his rating but when he is off he makes division 3 players look good. Rooney is the worst buy in Manchester uniteds history. He has 1 good game per 20 games which is ridiculous.
  25. Re: Roy Beerens Cheers guys they are both very helpful, some rep your way. ill consider buying him. Thanks again.
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