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  1. Re: Who should i buy? Thanks that'll do for now guys appreciate it, man u - rep for you, gizb i already gave u rep for another thread
  2. Hi, I have £500mill + to spend, what youngsters would you recommend, (need to get better youngsters instead of sitting with the 500.. )
  3. Re: Job offers Some people might take about 10 mins rejecting because of slow comp, imo its a great idea..
  4. Re: monopoball!!!! Omg i had 3 cups going round once and landed on taxman again!!!
  5. Re: monopoball!!!! I keep landing on the taxman takes all your money! Well anoying!
  6. Re: new setup 2 Maybe if we can get this started tonight? looking forward already to buying players/selling
  7. Re: new setup 2 I thought it was my eyes i was gonna blame to.
  8. Re: new setup 2 Oh well, Man u good for me, Got best player in SM Ronaldo EDIT: Milan, read wrong
  9. Re: new setup 2 Thanks wee sparky
  10. Re: 5 players wtih better ratings? With the most rating you mean, mine are my Barca with: 1 - messi - 97 2 - P. Cech 96 along with others at 96 like puyol terry eto 3 - Fabregas essien and Riquelme at 95 4 - Diego, Kanoute - 94 5 - Then Juan 93 Theres my highest players.. Think this is what ya mean :cool:
  11. Re: new setup 2 Can I have milan please
  12. Re: Jewiss Team Delivery I'll rep you if you get me a Barca
  13. Re: Do I get a PS3 or an Xbox 360? Got ps3 but how do you know what channel it goes onto, to play a game :S:confused:
  14. Re: Do I get a PS3 or an Xbox 360? I don't like the controls on xbox controller, totally not used to it though.. Too late now:mad: ps3 was £400
  15. Re: Do I get a PS3 or an Xbox 360? Hope mine doesn't get faulty i.e reading disk errors freezing or i'll be
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